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When Li Moying heard Murong Ni’s words were getting more and more presumptuous, he wrinkled his brows and his gaze turned cold.

Although he did not interrupt them, however the surrounding atmosphere seemed to have dipped.

Murong Ni was startled for a moment as she sneaked a glance at him. She was instantly reminded of the day’s matter of having almost being sent back and she did not dare continue on the banter any further but instead started staring at Huang Yueli begrudgingly.

“Hmph! Although Senior Brother is on your side, I’m not going to bicker with you any further. However, I am the Array Master here, if you continue to insult my work, I will not be nice anymore!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t even be bothered with her.

She started walking along the perimeter of the camp and studied the array that Murong Ni had laid out. She then bent down and picked up a crystal and tossed it aside.

“Hey! What are you doing?! You dare to break my array!”

Murong Ni ‘s eyes flared wide open, never would she have imagined that not only did this country bumpkin actually insult her skills, she even went a step further and touched it! She was so mad that she almost forgot to stop her. Immediately after, she dashed over to stop her.

But alas, Huang Yueli was too fast. By this time, she had already tossed aside several crystals and had removed a few patterns.

Murong Ni yelled loudly, “What the hell are you doing? Stop! You hear me? Move aside! This is the array that I had painstakingly laid out, you’re ruining everything!!! If a huge drove of Magical Beasts come and attack us later at night, are you able to bear that responsibility? Your cultivation is already so poor, you’re already dragging our hind legs and now you’re even adding on our burden of creating extra trouble? Senior Brother! You’re just going to stand aside and let her continue to put everyone in harm’s way?”

When Huang Yueli heard Murong Ni mention Li Moying, her hands froze for a moment as she turned her head to glance at the man who had remained silent this entire time.

“Li Moying, do you also think that I am putting everyone in danger?”

A gentle smile blossomed on his face as he looked at her in deep faith. “Of course I believe in you, whatever you want to do, just do it!”

When Huang Yueli heard the reply she was very satisfied with, she unknowingly rewarded that man with a huge smile before she lowered her head down and continued fiddling with the array.

This time, Murong Ni truly believed that her Senior Brother had been bewitched!

What potion that that fox demoness give him? How was it that whatever she said, Senior Brother would believe her unconditionally?

He even let her break the array that she had painstakingly laid out!

Murong Ni was feeling very anxious at the moment and was just about to rush over to stop that damn girl!

However, Luo Jiyun was faster as he took one step forward and blocked her way.

Murong Ni huffed angrily, “Fifth Brother, why have you been at odds with me the entire day? Move aside quickly! If the array is really broken by that damn girl who does not know death, we’ll be meeting with droves of Magical Beasts tonight! This zone here is where the Magical Beasts like to prowl at night!”

Luo Jiyun shook his head and sighed.

When a woman becomes jealous, they lose all their rationality. Moreover towards their rival in love, no matter what, everything would always look unfavorable in their eyes, completely overlooking the point of being objective.

Looking at how this Junior Sister of his was usually very clever, how did she regress to such a state today?

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With one look, one could already determine that the sister-in-law that Senior Brother had brought along was very intelligent and had a good disposition. She wouldn’t speak without thinking things through.

Moreover, his Senior Brother was not someone that would lose all rationality when he saw a beautiful woman, since he trusts sister-in-law so much, it should be because she had proven her strength and vision before.

Since she had determined that something was wrong with the array, it proves that she had seen areas where there were problems.

There was also something that he had just noticed.

Murong Ni had never said before how many tier her array was but his sister-in-law had just glanced casually and had already proclaimed it to be a third tier array!

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Chapter 333