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However, Huang Yueli remained placid and smiled.

“Well, I’m not you, that’s why there’s no reason for me to go back.”

“You!” Murong Ni burst out in anger.

Huang Yueli chuckled and said, “You’re so eager to chase me away, is it because…you also like Li Moying?”

Murong Ni stiffened the moment she heard this and her expression became a bit unnatural as she denied, “Wh..What are you saying? Senior Brother is my future Brother-in-law, don’t … don’t sprout nonsense!”

“Oh? Is this really nonsense?”

Huang Yueli gave her a meaningful smile, this arrogant little girl had not even noticed that her heart’s desire was explicitly clear but she thought that she had hidden it very well.

“Actually, your sister is stronger than you only in terms of talent, just because of this, you don’t dare to fight with her? In fact, in your heart you’ve long been secretly in love with Li Moying but you’re afraid that your sister would be angry so you dare not say it out?”

“You…you… what ridiculous jabber are you sprouting? Stop slandering me!”

“Oh? Slander? Then please enlighten me on why you are so agitated when Li Moying has a fiancée? He’s not even married to your sister yet! Why is it whenever you look at him, it’s with an affectionate gaze, but you look at me so fiercely? It’s obvious jealousy!”

Murong Ni shrieked and vehemently denied when Huang Yueli had hit her emotions spot on.

“Shut up! You’re just speaking nonsense! There’s no such thing!”

“Haha, alright,if you say there isn’t then there isn’t.”

Huang Yueli smiled and added another spoonful of oil to the fire.

“You wouldn’t be naive enough to think that your sister doesn’t know that you have a crush on her sweetheart, right? Let me tell you, you are too obvious, it’s written all over your face and anyone with eyes can see it! Looks like you are a trivial existence to your sister, she doesn’t even put you in her eye as competition that’s why she just closes one eye. But looking at the way Li Moying’s attitude towards you, simply treating you as a fly!”

“You…no! There’s no way my Sister will do this to me! And who are you calling a fly? You are the fly! I’m gonna kill you!”

When Murong Ni heard her words, there was a chill in her heart.

These few years, under the guise of her sister’s name, to chase away all the women who were hovering around Li Moying.

But the main notion behind all these was because she was jealous!

In fact, the person she was most jealous of was her sister, but unfortunately, she was much more talented than she was.

So using her sister’s name, she had been going around and ‘helping her sister’, using her sister’s name to wreck havoc and thus she could push all the blame onto her sister. Once words of Murong Fei’s reputation of being extremely jealous spreads around, Senior Brother would in turn come to hate her and she could then use this chance to gain his favour instead!

Who knew that just with a few words, she had been completely exposed by this damn girl in front of her.

Murong Ni flew into a rage and with the flick of her finger, she pulled out a nine segment whip and lashed it in the direction of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes as her gaze got colder. She pressed a button to activate the weapon that was hidden in her sleeves, in a split second, eighteen flying daggers swiftly formed a dagger array and flew out in the speed of light towards Murong Ni!

At the same time, she nimbly twisted her body and dodged to the side.

However, no matter what, Murong Ni was a Fourth Realm cultivator and in terms of speed, she was naturally much faster than her.

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She had just managed to avoid her vitals, but she was unable to fully dodge the whip and it rushed towards her arm.

Just at this moment, in a flash—

“Murong Ni, how dare you! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Li Moying’s hurried and and angry voice sounded from behind her.

The next moment, Huang Yueli’s waist was pulled lightly and she was immediately brought to the side and had narrowly avoided the whip.

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Chapter 325