Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 320

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“Stand closer, there are too many people over there…Don’t let them squeeze you.”

The first part of his sentence was directed at the girl in red however by the second half of it, he had already turned to Huang Yueli and pulled her closer to him.

The sunshine youth’s mouth was frozen in an ‘O’ shape.

This person that was talking so gently and affectionately to the young lady beside him, was it really his usually aloof and cold Senior Brother ?!

There were hoards of girls who liked this Senior Brother of his, countless daughters of the large sects were all smitten by him but he did not even care to cast them a single glance. They were all ignored by him and he had even thought that perhaps this Senior Brother of his did not like girls!

But now… what was going on?

Where did this lovely young lady beside him pop up from? She doesn’t look like she has even reached the marriageable age yet?

The mild reaction of the youth who was filled with curiosity hugely differed from the girl in red beside him.

“What? Senior Brother, you’ve got to be kidding! How could she be your fiancée? How could it be possible for you to attract butterflies outside? What about my sister?”

“What has this got to do with Fei’er?

Li Moying’s expression sank.

“But…But…. this girl is not worthy of you! She’s still only in the first realm? Such a weak…”

“Shut up!”

This time, Li Moying was really angry and the tone of his words were extremely cold.

“Murong Ni, I’m warning you! Li’er is my fiancee, I would not let anyone besmirch her! You’re usually stubborn and have your whims, but in front of your future sister-in-law, you’d better show some respect, otherwise, you can go back to the sect right now!”


Murong Ni’s eyes widened pitifully as drops of tears started rolling down.

Never had she expected that Li Moying would be so fierce and so cold towards her!

Although Senior Brother was usually cold, but the most he ever did was to ignore people, he had never been so fierce before! And he’s so scary when he’s fierce, from the bottom of her heart it gave rise to a chill.

The tall youth saw that the situation wasn’t too good and he immediately tried to pacify things.

“Oh, Senior Brother, don’t be angry, you know our Junior Sister’s temper, she’s used to saying things on impulse, there’s no bad intentions!”

Li Moying’s gaze remained cold.

Although was never a good tempered person, however he would never argue with an ignorant girl, but Murong Ni had besmirched his little fox whom he held so dear to his heart, this was touching his inverse scales!

The tall youth wiped off his cold sweat and stepped forward in front of Murong Ni.

He smiled brightly towards Huang Yueli and said, “Hello Sister-in-law, let me introduce myself, I am Luo Jiyun, amongst us fellow disciples, I’m the fifth, it’s nice to meet you. That…. Junior Sister has been spoilt by our Master since young, she doesn’t know how to speak well, please don’t bother about it… but it’s truly because we’re all too surprised, Senior Brother has never paid attention to any ladies before and he suddenly brought you long today and even said that you’re his fiancee!”

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “Don’t call me sister-in-law, we’re not married yet!”

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Luo Jiyun was taken back by surprise and was once again tongue-tied.

Li Moying was really too lethal, whichever lady who managed to catch his glance would be smitten by him for a few days, inciting deep jealousy from the others.

If any of them were to be acknowledged as his fiancee, wouldn’t she be happy until she fainted?

Who knew that this fiancee of his seems that she doesn’t even put it to her heart…?

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Chapter 320