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Chapter 319: “She is My Fiancée (2)”

The place was packed with a diverse group of people, some were there to do business, some were there to commission people to help them, various mercenary groups and a lot of students from all the famed academies who were there on missions to gain experience.

It resembled a large marketplace.

Huang Yueli had yet to stand properly, when a middle aged man came up to her to sell his services.

“Little girl, you are also here to explore Dark Moon Forest? You are so young and yet you want to enter such a dangerous place? You can even lose your life in there! Did your academy give you a mission to hunt down a magical beast to gain experience? Well, don’t be afraid, you can hire our Four Seas Mercenary Group. We can help you beat that magical beast until it’s half dead and you can just finish it off! As for the price…”

Seeing that Huang Yueli looked like a rich household’s precious treasured daughter and with her young age, it should be her first time out. He deduced that she was here to gain some experience and should be stupid and rich, so why not come try to cheat some money?

Huang Yueli didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as such an absurd speech and she was just about to speak out when Li Moying’s hand rested on her shoulders and coldly said, “We don’t need it! Stop harassing my fiancée !”

Li Moying’s eyes glanced at the man from top to bottom and the man shuddered.

Just one look at his imposing mannerism….and he knew that this was a real master!

He quickly retreated back into the crowd and disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

Li Moying leaned over and hooked his arms round her waist as he brought her into his arms.

“Li’er, I took my eyes away for just a short while and you’ve been approached already. This really makes one worry! It’s very crowded here, I think it’s better to follow me closely and don’t run about on your own.”

He advised her ‘sincerely’ and tightened his arms around her.

Huang Yueli was so mad that her tongue was knotted and could only glare fiercely at him.

Li Moying smiled wickedly, his little fox was really adorable!

“Senior Brother!” You’re finally here, Fifth Brother and I have been waiting for such a …long…who is she??”

Suddenly, a young girl’s voice sounded from behind.

From the beginning, the voice was sweet and melodious, tinged with a hint of arrogance but the moment when she saw Huang Yueli, her voice had totally changed.

Both of them turned around and saw that several people stood behind them.

Among them, she had seen three of the men before, they were Li Moying’s personal guards, Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San*.

These guards were ranked by their strength, so these should be the strongest three.

In addition, there was a young man and lady.

The man looked to be about seventeen years old and he was tall and handsome. His smile was like the sunshine and he looked like a good tempered youth. The girl beside him looked younger, at most sixteen years old. She was a rare beauty with a small and delicate pretty face. She was dressed in red and looked very haughty.

At this moment, the girl was staring at Huang Yueli in a rude manner and asked in an ill-mannered tone, “Senior Brother, who is she?!”

Li Moying frowned and his voice was frosty, “Little Ni, you’d better talk more politely! Li’r is my fiancée, your future Senior Sister-in-law!”

“What?! Fiancée??” The girl in red opened her eyes wide, unable to believe her ears.

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Huang Yueli furrowed her brows, at first she had still wanted to clarify her relationship with Li Moying but when she saw that girl’s haughty and arrogant demeanor, she kept quiet.

It looks like this girl had her eyes on Li Moying!

She didn’t know why but her heart suddenly felt very stifled and she felt very unhappy!

Li Moying’s hand slowly reached out and removed a petal that had been blown by the wind and was stuck onto Huang Yueli’s hair pin.

*They are actually named in order with Mo being their surnames and the following would be in numbers accordingly, Mo Yi being number one, Mo Er number two, Mo San number three, Mo Si number four. Remember Mo Qi? He’s number seven.

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Chapter 319