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Although she had no doubts about Li Moying’s strength, however, the place they were going to was after all, the treacherous Dark Moon Forest which was a marked out danger zone.

Moreover her own cultivation was only at the Qi Profound Realm, in other words, she was deadweight. If she were to completely rely on Li Moying for protection, that would be too unrealistic.

Therefore, she had to seize every moment she had and made lots of small gadgets, in case of emergency.

“Li’er, today…you look even more beautiful than usual.”

When she went into the carriage, Li Moying slowly and deliberately looked at her from head to toe, he then touched his chin and smiled.

For convenience of movement, Huang Yueli had donned on a horse riding attire, wore a pair of boots and tied her up, exuding a heroic and upright aura.

Especially when she raised her chin up in defiance, his heart almost missed a beat.

Huang Yueli gave him a condescending glance, “What do you mean? Usually …I’m not beautiful…?”

“Li’er…you’re actually so unconfident? Or else, let me take a good look to see which part of you isn’t beautiful?”

“Pa-” Huang Yueli smacked him his mouth, clearing away all the senseless words that were about to follow.

“You’re not allowed to come so close to me! I woke up too early today, I’m only half-awake, let me sleep a bit more!”

She went over to the corner of the carriage and closed her eyes.

Li Moying chuckled as he shook his head, they haven’t met for three days and this little fox had gained back her arrogance, but he found it endearing.

Anyway, from today, little fox was going to travel together with him and they would be in Dark Moon Forest for a few days. As time passes, the relationship between the two of them would surely make new progress.

Huang Yueli’s eyes were closed but she could still feel the passionate gaze of Li Moying.

Truth be told, sometimes, she really did not know how to deal with him. She always felt her resistance to him becoming weaker and weaker… And her guilt towards Mu Chengying got more and more…

Li Moying did not disturb her again and took out a book to read.

In less than an hour, the carriage arrived at its destination.

South Yue was closest to the edge of the Dark Moon Forest. From the capital to the forest was only a distance of a mere three hundred miles. However, for the ordinary cultivator, it would take them several hours to reach.

They reached so fast because the carriage was pulled by Fifth Tier Magical Beast, the Flowing Cloud Colt and his carriage also had been imbued with the wind attribute.

The carriage came to a complete stop and Li Moying came out first and turned back to support Huang Yueli, but his hand was empty.

Huang Yueli did not wait and jumped off herself.

She looked up and took in this sight, the towering trees shot through the clouds, blocking out the sun. Deep and mysterious, a place filled with danger and a myriad of Magical Beasts.

No one knows for sure, how big Dark Moon Forest really was or how many Magical Beasts lived inside it.

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This place was fraught with danger but it was also a treasure trove brimming with many opportunities.

A trace of nostalgia flashed through her eyes.

In her previous life, she had been to Dark Moon Forest many times, but most of the time, she came alone.

At the edge of Dark Moon Forest, there are hundreds of entrances and each was manned by an official from the South Sky Region.

The entrance that they stood in front of was considerably large and it was bustling with activity as carriages after carriages came and went.

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Chapter 318