Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 314

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Some others even yelled out in excitement.

“Big Brother Guard, I’m not the same as those others who have no eyes! I did not offend Third Miss but I just want to pay my respects to our South Yue’s number one genius. I am here to offer gifts to Third Miss!”

“Yes, please let us in Big Brother!”

The guard was already at his limit and was just about to close the door when Cai Wei peeked out from behind. Once the people saw her, they swarmed over to her and she was immediately surrounded.

“Isn’t this Miss Cai Wei? Miss Cai Wei, this box of jewelry is for you! Please say something nice for me in front of Third Miss!”

“Miss Cai Wei is actually at the first level of the Qi Profound Realm! No wonder you’re the person by Third Miss’ side! Such talent… really impressive!”

All kinds of flattery started to clamour around her.

Cai Wei was not used to such a situation and with a pale face, she stood there stunned, not knowing how to react.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Seeing such a scene, these should be the people who have heard of her greatness yesterday and hurried over first thing in the morning to flatter her!

She had revealed her talent, such an outcome of people trying to flatter her was within her predictions.

However, she had not expected that these people were so fervent that they even seeked out Cai Wei and had even called her ‘Miss Cai Wei’.

Looking at these people, Huang Yueli could clearly remember that among those that had called her ‘Miss’, several of them had previously bullied Bai Ruoli and even hit Cai Wei!

Hearing the laughter of Huang Yueli, Cai Wei immediately looked and shouted out, “Third Miss, you are back!”

As if there was a large clap of thunder, the moment everyone heard this, everyone turned around and rushed towards Huang Yueli.

“Miss Bai, you are back!”

“We have all been waiting…”

“Miss Bai is really a phoenix among all dragons and phoenixes, the air you exude is…”

The corner of Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched as she looked at Cai Wei: “You…! This stupid girl! Don’t you know how to think? Why did you have to be so loud and brought all these people over?!”

How could she return home with all this fanfare?

If she had known earlier, she would have snuck through the back door!

“Li’er, what’s wrong? Standing here without moving, do you mean that you want this Lord to send you in?”

At this time, a deep voice came from behind.

Immediately after, a powerful arm encircled her waist.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

“His Royal Highness Prince Yu!”

“It’s His Royal Highness!”

Li Moying lowered his head and gave an intimate kiss on the head of the woman in his embrace as he teased with light laughter, “Little Li’er, so many people are surrounding you, tell me, are they bullying you? Whoever is disrespectful to you, let this Lord know!”

Once his words landed, again as if a clap of thunder, everyone scattered immediately.

Everyone retreated back quickly, with this retreat, each person took at least ten steps back.

Of course everyone had also heard about Prince Yu’s achievements.

Compared to Huang Yueli as a genius cultivator, Prince Yu’s talent was simply shocking to the point that brought them terror!

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Towards Huang Yueli, they still dared to try their luck to bridge some connections and hound her. But facing the Prince Yu who could even defeat the Imperial Tutor in one move….. No one dared to muster their guts to face him, lest it displeases him and they dig their own graves instead.

Huang Yueli turned and scowled at him when she saw him smile leisurely and staring at her in such a teasing manner.

She scoffed at him.

Show off!

Sooner or later, she would become as powerful as him! Hmph!

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Chapter 314