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Since this little fox was already not courteous with her words but perhaps he was “letting his imagination run wild” because when he heard it again, they didn’t seem to have the previous unbearable heartache.

Because now, he could already feel that something…has changed.


The night was dark.

South Yue Palace.

“Mojun…My son.. How could you been so deeply injured? What’s your Mother to do?”

The Empress was crying by his side.

The Crown Prince was lying motionless on his bed, his eyes were dull and listless, his heart felt empty and dead.

He could feel that the profound qi in his own body was slowly dissipating, in just a night, he had fallen from a Seventh Stage Defensive Profound Realm to a Fifth Stage!

If he could not be healed in time, he was afraid he would be turned into a waste and had no more chance in continuing his cultivation!

“Enough! Stop crying! What have you become? In front of your son, what’s with all this crying?!”

The Emperor strode in in anger and bellowed when he saw this sight.

The Empress immediately screamed back, “So what if I cry? Now that Your Majesty has such a powerful Second Prince by your side, there’s no longer a need to care about Mojun? Is that right? Li Moying is so malicious, he had injured Mojun to such a state, yet Your Majesty is not the least concerned?”

When the Emperor heard her words, he was even angrier.

“Why am I not concerned? Well, this matter was first brought upon by Mojun himself! He wanted to challenge his own brother and he lost at that! It’s he himself who was too weak. He was too arrogant and wanted to humiliate Moying! He thought he had the upper hand and wanted to bully him but lost instead. How is it Moying’s fault? He was obviously the strong trying to bully the weak! Shouldn’t he reflect on himself?”

The Empress screamed back even louder this time round.

“Anyway, Your Majesty’s heart had always been that little slut and her bastard child, isn’t that so? Now that he can cultivate, Your Majesty must be so happy, can’t wait to depose the Crown Prince’s title and pass it to that bastard? As for my poor Mojun, if he dies, that would be less of an eyesore, isn’t it?”


The Emperor heard her provocative drivel that he lost all reason and raised his hands and with a loud resounding ‘Pa’ sound, he had slapped her resplendently across her face.

The Empress was stunned.

She held her swollen cheek and stared at him incredulously.

That year, the Empress’ Father was also a fourth realm expert, in the South Yue Kingdom, he had an unmovable position in the kingdom, South Yue Kingdom’s General! Most of the military commanders had all trained under him, that was why in the Imperial Harem, she had always been fearless and even arbitrarily killed and suppressed other princes!

The Emperor had no ways to control her and could only keep silent.

But today, he had actually hit her! This was the first time he dared to fight back!


The Emperor gnashed his teeth and sad, “Empress, you are the Mother of the Kingdom! Please don’t speak like a shrew, speaking such vulgar words! If you don’t know basic courtesy and shame, Zhen can look for someone else to sit in this position!”

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The Emperor had actually spoken of deposing the Empress!

The Empress suddenly recalled that her father had passed away the year before and she had not been so rampant and arrogant as the past.

She actually still had the Crown Prince that she could rely on, With his strength and talent that was far beyond all the other princes, her position as the Empress was supposed to be very stable.

However, that hateful Li Moying who was the bastard son of that slut suddenly became more powerful than her son!

The Emperor looked at her coldly, “After Mingfei passed away, you had said before that you would take Moying as your own, if not for him divulging those horrendous events, Zhen will still not know that you are such a blackhearted woman! You’ve actually taught Mojun to harm his own brother! You’re more vicious than a snake!”

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Chapter 312