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Li Moying solemnly replied, “These materials are very common..not a problem there.. Some herbs on the list are more rare, however with my connections, it should take no longer than a few days to gather them. But….Why do you want so many Magical Beast Cores for? Nine Fifth grade Magical Beast Cores, four Sixth Grade Magical Beast Cores…and they all have to be of the fire attribute as well. To attain these items…even for a sixth degree cultivator, it’s a hefty sum!”

Huang Yueli groaned and lamented, “So even for the high and almighty Thousand Treasure Pavilion owner, Your Highness Prince Yu, is unable to produce a Sixth Grade Magical Beast Core? I’m already being very polite here. Originally, I had wanted to write down a Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core but thinking about it, you’ll definitely not be able to attain one so I’ve even taken extra consideration and did not write it down.”

“You still need a Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core?” Li Moying was shocked.

Huang Yueli nodded her head thoughtfully, “Yes, I’ve got an important use for it!”

All these materials that she had requested for were all taken from the records of the ‘Nine Phoenix Transformations’. These were essential for breakthrough to the next realm.

The materials needed were plentiful and diverse. Hoever, the hardest part of it all, was that it needed so many high grade Magical Beast Cores! These were simply items that even if one had wealth, they might not be able to attain.

Since Li Moying wanted her to craft for him a fifth grade armament, she might as well make use of this opportunity and pass on the most daunting task to him.

Afterall, with one look, this man’s background was powerful, he definitely had avenues to get these items. Moreover, the fees to engage the expertise of an Armament Master to customise an armament was also high, this was what she called – a fair trade!

At most…she received a little bit more….

However, she was still had some conscientiousness and had removed the most expensive and the most difficult item on the list, the Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core.

Seventh Grade Magical Beast Cores were scarce and extremely rare, and the price was also staggering. The price of one was more than tens of times of one sixth Grade Magical Beast Core.

To slay one Seventh Grade Magical Beast was extremely difficult, even if a cultivator was at the Eighth Realm. Not all cultivators at the Eighth Realm might be able to accomplish it.

Li Moying was only twenty years old and his wealth accumulated might not be enough to get a Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core.

Huang Yueli simply did not want to make things too difficult for him and she was planning to head over to Sky Cloud City in the future. When she’s there, she wreck her brains to think of a way to earn money to buy one.

Li Moying held the two lists and scrutinised them carefully, to the point that even Huang Yueli was feeling slightly impatient.

“I say, Your Highness, are you done looking at them? Are you agreeable?”

Li Moying didn’t reply a he reached out for the brush and wrote something on the paper.

Huang Yueli twisted her lips, this man was such a miser! He was even bargaining? How could he be so stingy? In her past life, those that had commissioned her to personally craft armaments for them were even willing to pay a hundred times more! And whether she accepted it or not was another story, it depended entirely on her mood!

After he finished writing, he folded the paper and placed it in her hands.

“Alright, it’s a deal!”

“What’s a deal? I haven’t even agreed to it yet!”

Huang Yueli unfolded the paper in a fluster and quickly scanned for the parts he had edited out.

Who knew, the moment she saw it, she was immediately dumbstruck.

On that piece of paper, there wasn’t anything that was edited out, but an addition of a small sentence.

At the bottom of the list, Li Moying had added in: Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core.

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“Yo..You….? You want to help me find a Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core?”

Huang Yueli’s eyes were wide open as she stared at him incredulously, unable to believe what was happening.

Li Moying chuckled, “Why? Didn’t you say that you wanted it?”

“Bu..but…you’re really able to get our hands on one?!”

Li Moying replied, “The rest of the items aren’t hard to find, I’ll be able to deliver them to you within ten days. As for the Seventh Grade Magical Beast Core, the time taken for that would be longer, I’ll try my best to get it for you as soon as I can.”

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Chapter 308