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Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s the place?”

“It’s in the Dark Moon Forest.”

When she heard the place, she was drawn into deep contemplation yet again.

The Soaring Heavens Continent was divided into four heavenly domains, with the Sky Emperor City as the heart of it. Each heavenly domain’s perimeter was lined with extreme dangers and only the safer regions was where the humans had built their cities upon. Among them, the South Sky Region had the Dark Moon Forest , the North Sky Region had the Northern Ice fields, the West Sky Region had the Flowing Sand Desert while the East Sky Region was surrounded by the East Ocean.

Amongst them, the Dark Moon Forest and the East Ocean were blessed with abundance.

The Dark Moon Forest was home to a large variety of exotic Magical Beasts. In addition, it had a huge network of spirit jade veins running beneath it. So for Li Moying to find one that had the Profound Lunar Jade was not unusual.

This also explained everything. Why did he, a genius level expert, actually came back to South Yue Kingdom.

Li Moying saw that she had remained silent the entire time and probed, “I was worried that you do not know the crafting method of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, so I had even specially seeked out a manual scroll from Sky Cloud City.”

Saying which, he pulled out a thin scroll and handed it to her.

Huang Yueli took it and flipped through it and after a long pause, she shook her head.

“This manual doesn’t teach you how to refine the Profound Lunar Jade to it’s maximum efficiency. Even if it’s been successfully crafted, according to this method, it would at best be a Fourth Tier Armament and there’ll be lots of wastage of good materials.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Li Moying raised his eyebrows.

Huang Yueli opened a small compartment in the carriage and from within, she took out a brush. She started scribbling on the scroll as a flurry of brushstrokes started changing the entirety of the contents and she finally passed it back to Li Moying.

“According to my method, there’s a chance to raise the level of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror to the fifth tier. In this way, the effect of nourishing the spirit can be increased by more than three times! However, the materials that you provide me must also be changed. This over here, that one there… there’s no need for these…Well, you’ll need to top up quite a few materials to the fifth grade instead. Whatever is needed, I’ve written them all down!”

Li Moying lowered his head and studied the revised scroll in his hands.There really was a lot of revisions scribbled on it and quite an addition to the list of materials as well.

The handwriting of Huang Yueli, was like her in person, elegant and graceful. He couldn’t take his eyes away for some time.

Li Moying chortled, “Little Li’er, you really have this gift to be able to bring me surprises time and time again! Are you saying that now you are actually able to craft fifth tier armaments? And this method for crafting the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror! Initially, I was still worried that you did not know how to craft it, who knows not only are you able to, you can even improve on it! I really wonder, how could you have hidden yourself so deep? You’re a demon level genius that just appeared out of nowhere and what’s your Master’s background?”

“Cough…” Huang Yueli looked at him awkwardly.

She had just realised, yet again she had unknowingly divulged her own secret to this man! If it was not for his reminder, she wouldn’t even have realised it herself.

Only the heavens knew that Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Armament Master had always been known to be a very cautious person.

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Why was it everytime she faced this man, it was as if she had been possessed?

“Don’t worry, whatever you do not wish to talk about, I wouldn’t probe. It’s never too late to wait for the day for you to reveal it to me yourself.”

Li Moying looked helplessly at her dazed expression, at least he had gained a little more confidence back.

Although this little thing had always prided herself to make him angry, but at least, she had trusted him from the depths of her heart. This could also be counted as a baby step of progress?

He laughed to himself bitterly, his life had always been shrouded with peach blossoms. He had always been chased by countless daughters of heaven, but for his little fox, he was reduced to such a tragic state and had to even resort to petty tactics…but he had also fallen willingly…

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Chapter 306