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The Emperor was different from the Imperial Tutor, no matter what, Li Moying was his son. Moreover he was the son of his most beloved woman.

Although he had intentionally hurt the Crown Prince and had incurred the Emperor’s wrath, he would still not condemn him so easily, what’s more put him to death.

However the strength of the Imperial Tutor was stronger than that of the Emperor, who was only at the Third Degree Profound Realm. His own cultivation was not enough to stop him.

Seeing that the fist of the Imperial Tutor had many after images as he punched directly towards Li Moying, the entire hall was filled with screams and exclamations.

However, the person who was at the centre of it all did not seem to care and his gaze carried a hint of disdain.

“Scram!” He spat out a word coldly.

His cold and indifferent voice resounded throughout the entire hall, a burst of profound qi burst forth and swept out.

The Imperial Tutor only heard a loud bang in his ear and he felt dizzy as he felt his consciousness go blur. He was then flung away by the aftershock.

Lucky for the Imperial Tutor, he still had quite a bit of battle experience and so he could still put up some defence last minute. So instead of flying out like a broken kite similarly to the Crown Prince, he was only flung backwards and as he tried to stabilize himself, in his trail was only a path of destruction followed. Left along his trail were two deep cracks on the ground. Only after the momentum finally dissipated did he finally come to a complete stop.

The Imperial Tutor’s face was flushed red, and he just barely managed to swallow back the fresh blood that rushed up his throat. His eyes were filled with horror!

How could this be?

He was an expert that was a fourth degree at the fifth level! There was barely anyone in the entire South Yue that could rival him! For the first time in decades, he had been defeated. However, the most humiliating thing was that his opponent hadn’t even dealt a move and had only used a word to coerce him into such a state.

How high was Li Moying’s cultivation?! Wasn’t his age similar to the Crown Prince? And didn’t he have a weak constitution since young?

Li Moying stepped forward and slowly walked over to the Crown Prince.

The entire hall was silent to the point that even a pin drop could be heard. No one dared to make a single sound. Only Li Moying’s footsteps resounded in the vast hall and each step slowly and deliberately echoed through the entire banquet hall.

Li Moying had showed that his strength was simply outrageous and unbelievable. With his public display of might, everyone felt themselves to be small and insignificant and no one dared to move.

Li Moying stopped in front of the Crown Prince.

At this moment, the Crown Prince had alway regained his consciousness and had witnessed the scene of Li Moying sending the Imperial Tutor flying back.

Now the Crown Prince was no longer as arrogant as before, since his meridians had all been injured, he was a crumpled heap on the floor as if he was just a lump of mud. Only his eyes were open wide, almost to the point as if they were falling out. They stared in shock and terror as Li Moying approached.

Li Moying frostily said, “Such a cruel person who even wants his own brother’s life is even lower than pig or a dog? Well, I concur with this statement of yours Imperial Tutor! That year, on the ninth day of winter, the high and almighty Crown Prince had kicked his weak and trash of a brother into a frozen pond. Is that considered wanting his own brother’s life? Or perhaps making his brother who had a weak constitution kneel under the blazing hot sun until he collapses? Does that only then mean that he is lower than a pig or a dog?”

His face was eerily calm.

However, those that heard it all revealed an expression of horror.

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What Li Moying said… wasn’t it referring to the Crown Prince bullying him when they were young?

Did it mean that under that majestic kind mask the Crown Prince wore, beneath it all was the true face of a twisted person who bullied his own brother in such extreme and cruel means? And that time, they were only six years of age and his younger brother was weak and sick since he was a child?

However looking at the icy and solemn expression on that handsome face, a lot of people could not help but believe his words.

Because, with the strength that Li Moying revealed today, showed them that there was no need for him to lie!

Even the Emperor was stunned silly when he heard the proclamation. “… You.. Moying.. is what you said.. true?”

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Chapter 299