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This idiot of a Crown Prince actually dared to use a sword and wanted to stab his little fox!!! He actually dared to hurt her?!

He was truly seeking death!

If the Crown Prince only directed his attacks to Li Moying, he would not have been so mad. He would only have thought of him as a stupid and ridiculous fool.

However, he actually wanted to attack his little fox!

He had totally crossed the bottom line of Li Moying.

Even though he was absolutely certain that he could protect his little fox from harm, he was still furious.

Even if it was just the slightest thought of hurting his little fox, it was taboo! Moreover the Crown Prince had attacked with full force!

Li Moying shifted his body slightly and made sure that Huang Yueli was safely behind him as he stood in front of her like a towering shield.The Crown Prince eye’s lit up, thinking that Li Moying had already fallen for his trap. He valiantly rushed forward and stabbed right towards his back.

The tip of the sword successfully connected to Li Moying’s back, but…he couldn’t stab it in.

The Crown Prince immediately added more strength to his hands but it was all to no avail. It was as if he was stabbing a copper wall. His defence was impenetrable.

The next moment, the Crown Prince felt a strong and powerful profound qi surge in from the sword and it quickly enveloped his arms and what he felt next was as if his chest was lit on fire!

The Crown Prince was caught unprepared and he had absolutely not time to defend. His entire person was blown back.


Only after a few moments did the Crown Prince land heavily against the large sturdy door.

“Your Highness!”

“Oh my!!! Quick! Save him!”

The change was too abrupt, the Crown Prince couldn’t react in time to the sudden attack. He was still in the midst of his attack when he was suddenly blown away! Just within that split second, the outcome of the duel had been determined! Even the Golden Scaled Guards couldn’t react in time!

It was not until he was spitting blood vehemently onto the ground did the crowd then react. However, it was all too late.

The entire hall was now filled with screams.

“Heavens! How could this happen?”

“The Crown Prince couldn’t even take a single stroke from Prince Yu? And he’s even seriously injured?!”

“B..But don’t you think that Prince Yu’s hand was a little too heavy, I mean…look at the state the Crown Prince is in! I don’t think he’s able to even move now, that’s his own blood brother!”

The entire banquet hall went silent after Li Moying gave a cold glance around.

After seeing such outstanding prowess and strength, who dared to speak nonsense in his presence?

The Emperor, Empress and the Imperial Tutor were especially shocked. The colour drained from their faces and without any regards for ceremonies, they rushed to the side of the Crown Prince.

When the Empress saw the state the Crown Prince was in, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

The Crown Prince’s sword, the Brilliant Sword, was a third tier armament and was forged by a famed weaponsmith, it was exceptionally strong and sharp.

At this time, the famed sword which had been hit by Li Moying’s profound qi suddenly cracked and split into twenty over shards and they all flew into the Crown Prince’s body. Unfortunately, each and every one of them pierced the Crown Prince’s meridians.

The biggest piece had embedded itself into his dantian.

The Crown Prince was covered in blood and had already lost all consciousness. After being stabbed by the shards, his entire body started twitching involuntarily.

With one glance at the Crown Prince, the main Imperial Physician’s expression turned extremely ugly. He quickly assessed hs condition and checked the Crown Prince thoroughly, but his expression grew more grim and his head kept shaking.

“Speak! How’s my Imperial Son’s condition? Stop shaking your head! Quickly, say it!” The Empress pressed for an answer in a shaky voice.

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The Imperial Physician said, “Esteemed Emperor, Empress, the Crown Prince’s life is not any danger…”

The Empress sighed with relief when she heard that. “There’s no danger to his life. Why didn’t you say so earlier! This scared the life out of me!”


The Empress’ heart tightened at this moment…

“What else is there? Quickly, spit it out!”

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Chapter 297