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Bai Ruoqi felt extremely anxious and her heart was flustered but she could not say anything at all.

Huang Yueli’s ambiguous threat made her feel a deep sense of fear and trepidation.

Because the unknown always made one’s imagination go wild; the more she tried to think of what could happen the more frightened she felt.

Bai Ruoqi’s cut of a sorry figure finally disappeared from the large Palace doors.

Huang Yueli let out a long breath and felt her mood feel much lighter.

Bai Ruoqi’s fate could be almost certain. She had dug herself this pit and jumped into it on her own. It was all self-inflicted. If she didn’t try to bring such harm to her, she herself wouldn’t have gotten into this state today. This was revenge for the original owner of this body!

Of course Huang Yueli could also directly kill Bai Ruoqi off easily. With her current strength, it was an easy feat.

However, Huang Yueli had always felt that such an ending was more befitting of her.

For most people, living with such a bleak and dark future was even more painful than death itself. This was especially true for such an arrogant person like Bai Ruoqi!

The Emperor looked at Bai Ruoqi’s back.

In the past, his impression of that girl had always been good. She had portrayed herself to be a talented outstanding individual who had a gentle and endearing disposition. She was someone in the younger generation whom he had appreciated.

Who would have thought that in less than a day, she was revealed to be a hysterical, poisonous hearted and vicious crazy girl?

The Emperor shook his head and his gaze returned to Bai Ruoli.

“We had all witnessed here today, that Bai Ruoli’s mind is unsound and no longer suitable to be the Crown Prince’s Consort. The words from before are no longer valid. However, the promise between us and Master Bai must still be fulfilled. Li’er girl’s outstanding talent is naturally to be paired with our kingdom’s most gifted son.”

After saying this, the Emperor paused for a moment.

The Crown Prince was extremely delighted

Finally! At long last! He had waited for this moment!

After today, he would have the most talented beauty as his fiancee!

How glorious was this? At Celestial Light Academy, even the number one core disciple, didn’t even dare dream of pursuing a goddess of the Sixth Rank!

What’s more, this little girl not only had a sensible personality, in appearance wise, she was very high on the rankings. Adding on to the fact that she was head over heels in love with him since childhood days, as long as he whispered some sweet nothings to her, she’d be captivated easily.

To even have such a great stroke of luck, this showed that the heavens really blessed him! He was destined to be a Master in his generation!

He drew the envious gazes from other princes and all around.

What kind of dog shit luck did this Crown Prince have?

Wasn’t that Third Miss too naive and innocent as well? She actually was willing to marry the Crown Prince? Did she know what it meant to be talented? Did she know that she could marry a man that was thousands of times stronger than the Crown Prince?

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Although the several princes were all filled with jealousy and their inner world had crumbled and almost went mad, no one dared to stand out to voice their opinion.

Afterall, the Crown Prince was still more powerful than them, if they were to rile things up, he would definitely retaliate and they did not have the strength to oppose him.

Moreover, even if the Crown Prince was out of the picture, they had no way to chase Bai Ruoli. This, in turn, would lead to their South Yue losing a Sixth Ranked Genius and they would definitely be bearing the brunt of it from the Emperor.

The several princes did not dare to stand out and stole glances at one another, watching carefully if there would be an idiot amongst them to actually stand out and advise Bai Ruoli to not agree so easily to this marriage!

This would not only ruin the Crown Prince’s grand plan and they did not have to bear the consequence of doing it themselves.

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Chapter 290