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Bai Ruoqi tried to struggle free a few times but with the Golden Scaled Guards restraining her pulse, she felt weak and was unable to resist further.

The Golden Scaled Guards dragged her past Huang Yueli.

Bai Ruoqi stared at her heinously, her expression as if she couldn’t wait to swallow her whole.

Huang Yueli only looked back at that bloodied face in amusement, her eyes filled with mirth.

She raised her hands slightly, “Big Brother Guards, can you please wait a moment? I would like to speak a few words with my sister.”

The guards immediately stopped when they heard her.

She was no longer the waste and good-for-nothing miss! She was now a genius of six grade rank! In this world where the strong were revered, she now held power and prestige and immediately gained the respect of all. The reputation and status was now one of the top in this continent.

The Golden Scaled Guards’ respect and obedience were from the depths of their heart.

Bai Ruoqi glared back and gnashed her teeth. “Little Slut! What else do you want? I’m telling you, don’t think that this matter is over! Just wait and see! I won’t let you off so easily!”

One Golden Scaled Guard snapped, “Shut up!” He was just about to seal her voice as his fingers deftly moved above her mute acupuncture point.

Was this woman crazy? She had already been sentenced to jail and yet her mouth was running amok and calling such a genius such a degragoratory name? And even blabbering such words of arrogance with no sense of remorse?

However, Huang Yueli raised her hands to stop him.

Her lips curled up slightly as she leaned forward and whispered into Bai Ruoqi’s ear, “Second Sister, did you want to say that the wounds on your face are only superficial wounds, as long as you have a third tier Beauty Pill, your face can be restored? Although your internal injury seem serious, they are in actual fact not, all because I am but only in the Qi Profound Realm. All you need is to spend some time to properly recuperate and you’ll recover in no time.. By that time after you’ve recovered, you can continue cultivating and scheming against me?”

Having the thoughts in her heart said aloud, Bai Ruoqi only revealed a cold smile.

“Hahaha! Yes, you’re right! I won’t give up so easily! You only have a few days to remain so proud!”

“Tsk tsk tsk…Such a shame… Second Sister, you won’t have such a day!” Huang Yueli responded curtly with a sweet smile.

Bai Ruoqi looked at the beautiful smile that blossomed on the hateful girl’s face, although it looked sweet and gentle, she could only feel the coldness from it. She didn’t know why but she had an ominous premonition.

Huang Yueli said softly: “Well, the day that Second Sister gets out of jail, you can go and try…See if there’s anyone in South Yue who can treat your face! As for your internal injuries…. I’m afraid they won’t be cured so easily….!”

“What do you mean?!”

Huang Yueli laughed and did not explain further.

The attacks that she had dealt Bai Ruoqi with were not simply a copied version of the Frost Thorns! She had added her own little twist to it.

Frankly speaking, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just that her special constitution and ability to manipulate all the elements of the profound qi made such wounds especially difficult to heal.

Unless the Bai Family can find an Alchemist or any Divine Doctors who were also similarly blessed and had mastered all the elements, otherwise, it would take a few years for Bai Ruoqi’s injury to heal.

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There were several injuries on her face, but she could always wear a mask or veil to cover it. The tricky part was her internal injuries. As long as it rained, her whole body would be assaulted by an unbearable stinging pain!

Bai Ruoqi looked at the deep smile of Huang Yueli and subconsciously felt that things were not too good.

She screamed out uncontrollably, “Bai Ruoli! What the hell did you do?! Say it! What the hell did you do?! You…!” * cough cough*

Her sudden outcry once again garnered the attention of everyone in the hall.

The Golden Scaled Guards did not dare tarry any further as one quickly sealed Bai Ruoqi’s voice by tapping on her mute acupuncture point. They quickly apologized to Huang Yueli and dragged Bai Ruoqi away.

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Chapter 289