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After the Imperial Tutor said that, the entire surroundings went quiet.

“The Imperial Tutor’s direct disciple? Moreover the successor of his inheritance?”

“Wouldn’t that mean the future Imperial Tutor?”

“Bai Ruoli is really too lucky!”

The Imperial Tutor had lived for over three hundred years and he had always been one of the highest respected figures in South Yue. Not only did he have a prestigious reputation but his wealth was also quite astounding.

Therefore when he had mentioned of taking Bai Ruoli as his direct disciple and even letting her succeed him, this immediately caused a sensation!

Having a master like the Imperial Tutor to give pointers was akin to a dream of almost everyone. To even succeed him and obtain all his inheritance was simply a pie falling from the sky!

Although he was a little awkward and embarrassed, no one said a thing.

Bai Ruoli has proven to them that she was way ahead the competition and everyone was ashamed that she did have what it took to have the Imperial Tutor treat her specially.

After all that the Imperial Tutor has said, everyone thought that she would be too ecstatic and would immediately kneel down on the floor to acknowledge this Master.

Who knew that she would just look at him without saying anything? All she had was a smile and seemed to be considering something.

He frowned slightly and said, “What are you waiting for? How are you still hesitating? Well this old man here promises to impart all my knowledge and skills to you. That includes all the cultivation techniques, martial skills, pills and armaments that I have collected all over the years. You can stand beside me and enjoy the same prestige and privileges as this old man!”

“Hey, is this true?”

“Wow! The Imperial Tutor is really very generous to Bai Ruoli!”

“Oh my god! I really envy her to death!”

All kinds of praises and sighs clamoured all around them.

Yet, Huang Yueli had yet to say a single thing.

The Imperial Tutor was all smile and looked at her in anticipation, however, there was still a trace of chill behind that smile. Somehow, his heart felt a little uneasy; she wouldn’t see through him, would she?

She shouldn’t, right? No matter what, she was only fourteen and have never left South Yue before. Moreover Bai Liufeng has been missing for over a decade, she should not be able to see through his facade, right?

He coughed lightly and said, “Li girl, isn’t it time for you to kneel down and acknowledge me as your master?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up as she sneered at him with a provoking gaze: “Thank you for your kind intentions… but… you can forget about having me as your disciple!”


He really had not expected that she would refuse him so outrightly.

“Little girl, why did you reject me? Do you think that Bai Liufeng has left you some martial skills and that’s why you don’t need any master? Do you think he has anything that’s of worth? Let me tell you this! Such martial skills are not something that a little girl like you is able to comprehend by simply reading through a couple of manuals!”

Huang Yueli laughed and replied, “There’s no need for you to bother, I have my own ways.”

The Imperial Tutor was displeased and his smile crumbled in an instant.

“Little girl, his old man can tell you that if you do not acknowledge me as your master today, in the future, even if you beg and cry for me to take you in as a disciple, I will not take you in. This is your last chance!”

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When he spoke, he released his profound qi.

In an instant, a stifling pressure immediately stretched outwards and surrounded the entire hall.

The faces of the people went pale and those who had much lower cultivation levels, especially those noble ladies who were raised with a silver spoon clutched their chest tightly. The oppressive pressure forced them to clenched their teeth, as they tried their hardest to keep themselves conscious!

However, Huang Yueli just stood there completely unaffected and as if there was no abnormality at all! She looked at the Imperial Tutor with a smile filled with mirth.

The Imperial Tutor’s brows furrowed, how could she be totally unaffected by his profound qi?!

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Chapter 277