Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 273

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When the spectators saw Bai Ruoqi’s flamboyant attack, they had all perceived that Huang Yueli, who had only be dodging all this while, was on the verge of defeat!

However, the hard reality was the complete opposite. Bai Ruoqi was not only defeated in one stroke. By the looks of it, she was severely injured. Even the Golden Scaled Guards couldn’t save her in time!

Those that were of lower cultivation levels than the both of them simply could not see how Huang Yueli had attacked. All they saw was a blur and heard a shrill scream after!

Of course those that had higher cultivation levels such as the Imperial Tutor had seen what happened.

Only that those that saw what happened were in a greater state of shock than those who couldn’t.

Huang Yueli’s counter was exactly the same as Bai Ruoqi – Frost Thorns!

Not only was the skill the same, it was even more exquisite than the one demonstrated by Bai Ruoqi!

Where did this girl learn this from?

Moreover, the level of comprehension was more profound and the prowess displayed was several times higher!

The Emperor urged the Imperial Physicians, “How is she? How is the Bai Family’s Second Young Miss?”

The most senior of them replied: “Your Majesty, the Young Miss has been pierced by thousands of Frost Thorns. Although her wounds are each the size of a pin, she is bleeding severely as the number of wounds are innumerable. Fortunately, they are all just superficial wounds as they are all only on the surface. As Miss Bai is a martial cultivator, her innate physique is strong, so long her blood level is reinforced by some blood replenishment pills, she can still be cured. All she needs is ample rest and she cannot fight for three months.”

Listening to the diagnosis, her injuries weren’t that serious after all.

The Emperor heaved a sigh of relief.

The Imperial Physician tended to her wounds and used acupuncture to stop the bleeding and only after feeding her a myriad of pills only did Bai Ruoqi come to.

She opened her eyes but she she remained frozen for a moment, unable to recall anything.

Soon after, a sudden realization hit her and both hands immediately touched her face carefully.

She screamed out loud.

“My face! What happened to my face! Why is there so much blood?!!”

Under her fingers, it was not the smooth skin that she usually touched. It was uneven and covered with wet sticky blood.

When she saw that both her hands were covered in blood, the intense pain coupled with the panic and shame triggered another shrill scream and she almost fainted once again.

Huang Yueli strolled over and asked in a low voice, “Second Sister, are you alright?”


Bai Ruoqi trembled as she stared back at the beautiful face in front, her heart was filled with fear and hatred.

Her whole body felt as though it was on fire and the pain made her body tremble.

Her chest was stifled with rage, she wanted to lash out at the stupid girl in front of her like how she usually did in the past. However, after this match, she felt an uncontrollable fear towards her and her body was shivering non stop, she did not even dare utter a sound!

This match had undeniably proved that Huang Yueli was not one to be trifled with, she definitely wasn’t someone Bai Ruoqi could bully!

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With the flip of her hand, she could easily trample on her!

Huang Yueli’s cold voice seemed to have echoed from afar.

“Second Sister, as I’ve mentioned earlier, your Frost Thorns still have a long way to go, you still need lots of practice, have you seen my demonstration just now?”

When she heard those words, Bai Ruoqi almost vomited out blood!

Thinking back, the attacks she had suffered from were one and the same! They were the very Frost Thorns she had been so proud about!

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Chapter 273