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Bai Ruo Yan attempted to stand up straight. Although she wanted to stand up, she found that she was unable to move even a single finger!

As she glared at the female infront of her, her eyes seemed to lack just that little bit more before it would start to shoot out fire.

“Bai Ruo Li! What witchcraft did you use? Just why can’t I move? ?”

“Second Sister, just how are you speaking? How come this little sister of yours, cannot understand what you are saying?” On her face, Huang Yue Li displayed her incomprehension, “You cannot move, how is this related to me in any way? Just then…wasn’t it you who wanted to strike me? I was far too scared, so I was wholly unaware at what had happened. I only thought of hiding……”

Clamping her teeth, Bai Ruo Qi sent Huang Yue Li a seething and poisonous glare.

She truly felt that her Third Sister was playing tricks, but it was just as she said. It was her who had struck out first, while Huang Yue Li was too preoccupied in hiding, losing her head in fear. In the end, she held her head with both hands and squatted down.

While Bai Quo Qi had ruthlessly kicked out. Internally she was thinking that even if this kick didn’t kill this little slut, it should at least make her vomit blood.

As a result, her kick really made the receiver go flying. Furthermore they as spit out blood as well, but the one who spat blood was her?

How could that be? Wasn’t that too cursed?

At that moment, Huang Yue Li cried out like she had suddenly remembered something: “Ah! Second Sister, when you went flying earlier, your cry was very loud. Did you hurt or break any part of your body? No wonder you’re not moving! Hurry and let me see!”

Immediately after speaking, she knelt down and starting feeling Bai Ruo Qi’s back.

Suddenly,Bai Ruo Qi felt pain coursing throughout her entire body, as if every single bone her body had shattered. She was in so much pain that she let out bloodcurdling screams of agony.

“Ah—-! So painful——–! Ah, ah———!”

Because her cries were far too mournful, everyone felt cold sweat form on their bodies.

Due to their exchange being far too fast, the old topknot maid Bai Ruo Qi bought could not react. She would never think that a young miss of the Bai Family would lose to that good-for-nothing, so she could not respond fast enough. It was only now that she regained herself.

“You…you what did you do to Second Young Miss?”

“Aren’t your guts too big? What trickery did you play? Hurry and cure Second Young Miss, or there you will regret it!”

“That’s right, not even thinking about what your status is? Just a piece of trash, yet dare to offend our Young Miss? Just wait for our Young Miss to teach you a lesson!”

Huang Yue Li chuckled out loud: “Are you guys fools? You clearly know that if I cure her, she will teach me a lesson, then why should I cure her?”

Shrieking in pain, Bai Ruo Qi spoke up: “Hurry! Hurry up and capture that little slut! Fiercely beat her up!”

Those servants were just waiting for those words as they leapt into action.

But these servants were all normal citizens who did not cultivate, at most they would use a little bit more effort. In front of Huang Yue Li, they could not survive a single strike from her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was merely a span of a few breaths, these maids were all knocked out and fell to the floor.

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Startled, Bai Ruo Qi’s eye nearly fell out of their sockets. As things escalated to this degree, she saw that her Third Younger Sister was completely different from before!

But was clear that her body didn’t possess or emit any profound qi, so how could she…..beat down that many servants?

Furthermore, she had used some unknown technique to seal up her points. She could not move at all.

Bai Ruo Qi attempted all types of methods, like striking at her meridians directly, yet none of these methods worked.

Huang Yue Li sashayed to her. Blinking her eyes, she meekly said: “Second Sister, why are you lying on the ground and not getting up? What happened?”

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Chapter 27