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The little woman he liked, of course, she would be a peerless genius. And of course, she could easily breakthrough, and of course she could illogically crush all opponents.

As for why this was the case? Li Moying also did not understand. But he felt there was no need to understand.

Deep in his heart, there seemed to be a voice ——that told him things should be like this, and for the many years to come, it will always be the case.

Very soon, the audience discovered a key point.

“If I remember correctly, Bai Ruoli…..she is only 14 years old!”

“Yeah, if you’re a year younger than Bai Ruoqi!”

“So to say…..a fourteen year old qi profound realm ninth level practitioner? ?”

Once this remark was made, everyone drew in a cold breath!

Just now, news of Bai Ruoqi reaching the ninth level at fifteen years is already regarded as an unsurpassed genius, sought after in every possible way. Even the Emperor and the Imperial Tutor would consider whether she would go to neighboring countries and the consequences that would ensue..

Then what about now?

Huang Yueli was only 14 years old!

What concept was this?

From the start of the cultivation path, every year was very precious. Let alone the thought breaking through earlier. Just one month, one day earlier would display a very obvious advantage over their peers. You can also say that you must seize every second, every moment!

To achieve a cultivation of the ninth level of the qi profound realm at the age of fifteen, generally only fifth grade talents would be able to achieve this. If Bai Ruoqi did not eat that bottle of precious pills, there is no possibility of her attaining such heights.

As for a fourteen-year-old ninth level qi profound realm cultivator….that required a talent of at least the sixth level!

Moreover, over time, at least you could reach the sixth realm, there is hope to advance to the seventh realm!

The seventh realm… the entire South Sky Region, is considered monstrous. Able to exterminate South Yue with a single wave of their hand!

That Third Young Miss Bai, South Yue’s most famous waste materials, a big idiot, she….how could she be a sixth grade talent? ?

And when exactly did she transform from a waste to a genius?

The Emperor looked at Huang Yueli’s beautiful face, his face showing a trace of appreciation as he exclaimed: “Li girl is really not simple! Obviously having a sixth grade talent, but to quietly practice for so many years. Ignoring all gossip from the outside and finally astonishing everyone today! With such a heart…..your future will definitely be grand!”

The Empress Dowager also happily said: “Ai Jia knows that the daughter of Bai Liufeng…..will surely inherit his talent too. How could she be a waste?”

While the Imperial Empress’, Imperial Tutor and the Crown Prince’s face were very ugly indeed.

Of course, they would not be happy. After all, they put all attention on Bai Ruoqi, while neglecting the true treasure!

It seems that Bai Ruoqi is by no means a genius; everyone had been too hasty. While in actuality, it is the always inconspicuous Third Young Miss Bai!

Just why did they reject the marriage between the Bai Family’s Third Young Miss!

Only then were they regretful.

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The crowd discussed this discovery with vigor, all of them voicing their exclamations and praises towards Huang Yueli.

However, what they did not know was Huang Yueli did not painstaking cultivate for a few years for such a surprise today. She spent only half an hour to directly rise from the the ranks of an ordinary person ito the peak of the qi profound realm!

If this was revealed, words would not stop at “heaven shocking genius”!

However, Huang Yueli would not announce such things out.

She is not a young girl, naturally she knows that some truths must be hidden.

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Chapter 267