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Listening to their conversation, the Emperor’s head swelled up twice its size.

In fact, he felt that allowing Huang Yueli to wed Prince Yu, would the best possible option for her. Everyone else felt so too. He really did not understand why Huang Yueli would disagree.

Moreover, is there a problem with her brain, challenging Bai Ruoqi like that!

Did she know what she was doing?

For ordinary people like her, they could not even poke Bai Ruoqi!

“Li girl, you really do not have to be so impulsive. Although the Crown Prince is very good, but there are other Princes who are dragon amongst men! You do not like Moying? It does not matter! There is still Third Prince Mohan, Mohan is also a fourth grade talent and looks very handsome…..”

With the Emperor’s vigorous marketing, the Third Prince Li Mohan’s face turned more and more ugly.

In fact, he also wanted to take the talent Bai Ruoqi as his Imperial Consort. But he is far lacking compared to his brother!

Fortunately, Huang Yueli soon refused: “Thank you Your Majesty, but Li’er must challenge second sister and properly fight with her!”

“Hu-” Li Mohan drew cold breath.

That was the same as being rejected. Compared to his previously mood, Li Mohan became more angry and depressed. Li Mohan’s entire expression was like he was fleeing for his life.

The Emperor had no choice but to make some concessions: “Well, if you must fight, it is not impossible. You will first exchange a few blows. However, your strikes must remain light, or it will affect relationships and feelings…..”

The Emperor was afraid that Huang Yueli would suffer serious damage. So he specifically stressed for Ba Ruoqi to show mercy.

Bai Ruoqi immediately showed a look of embarrassment, “Your majesty, in a bout, there are many uncontrollable things. If any unexpected occurs, Qi’er can not afford this responsibility ah!”

Bai Ruo Qi words could be considered reasonable.

In any match, it is impossible to ensure that both sides remain uninjured.

The Emperor could only say: “Just be as careful as you can.”

Bai Ruoqi courtesy answered “yes”, but she quietly smirked.

This so-called sword without eyes, with the gap between the two so big, to seriously injure that girl accidentally would be quite fair and reasonable!

They slowly walked to the ring, causing the site to erupt in a ruckus.

Everyone present had been too shocked from all the excitement and stir from the banquet to properly conduct themselves in front of the Emperor.

“My God, is this true? Bai Ruoli that waste will really challenge Bai Ruoqi! ! !”

“How can such a thing happen? Did water fill Bai Ruoli’s head?”

“My lord, can she overestimate herself anymore? She is looking for death!”

Everyone felt that Huang Yueli had definitely gone crazy.

Not a single person believe that her current actions stated she held the ability to defeat Bai Ruoqi!

With the results of this competition, everyone’s opinion was the same. There will be no suspense. After all, the gap is just far too big too!

As the audience discussed amongst themselves, two girls stood on the stage facing each other.

The Imperial Empress opened her mouth and said: “This is a competition, Valiant Martial Manor’s Third Young Miss Bai Ruoli challenges Valiant Martial Manor’s Second Young Miss Bai Ruoqi, both of you have decided?”

“I have thought it over, I wish to challenge Bai Ruoqi!”

“I accept the challenge!”

Both of them answered without hesitation.

This the Imperial Empress replied: “In that case, let the competition officially start!”

In accordance with the friendly competition etiquette, the both sides need to exchange names, and politely pay their respect to the opponent.

Bai Ruoqi smiled casually and spoke first.

“I am Valiant Martial Manor’s Bai Ruoqi, cultivation at the qi profound realm ninth level, please enlighten me!”

Finishing her words, she contemptuously looked at Huang Yueli, waiting to see how this shamelessly thing will introduce herself.

Huang Yueli returned her look with a cold smile. Lips gently openly, her voice is extremely cold and clear.

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“Valiant Martial Manor Bai Ruoli, cultivation….”

She paused.

Everyone’s eyes fell on her, while some people felt embarrassed for her.

Under the watchful eyes, to introduce yourself is a waste, what kind of spirit did she have!

“…..cultivation at the qi profound realm ninth level, please enlighten me!

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Chapter 265