Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 263

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In the entire kingdom of South Yue’s history, less than one hundred fourth realm experts were recorded!

However, that the spectators just remembered, this little girl, was the daughter of Bai Liufeng. While alive, he was rumored to have reached the seventh realm.

With such an outstanding father, not being able to put a fourth realm expert in her eyes, seemed….seemed, maybe, probably…..quite logical?

But the problem is, she herself was a good for nothing wastrel ah!

“Shut up!”

Seeing the face of the Imperial Tutor, Bai Ruoqi quickly jumped out, blocking the Imperial Tutor.

“Bai Ruoli, you are mental! In order to marry the Crown Prince, you have the audacity to just say anything! My master has already explained to you how the marriage engagement was established. So for me to become the Crown Prince’s fiancee is completely justifiable! Yet you dare speak so brazenly and rudely. Is it fun?”

Seeing this, the Imperial Empress also chimed in.

“Enough, do not bicker. This Royal understands the dissatisfaction, but for the Emperor to act this, is also out of consideration to you. With your cultivation, even if married into the Crown Prince’s Palace, it is impossible for you to compete against the other side concubines.”

She paused, then said: “Besides, the engagement that year, this Royal was also present. The Emperor, Empress Dowager, were also present. They can all testify for the Imperial Tutor. Would so many people lie to you?”

Looking at the hypocritical smile, Huang Yueli slowly raised the corners of her mouth.

“Since even the Imperial Empress claimed it is a misunderstanding, then it must be!”

Believing she was persuaded, the Imperial Empress’ heart let out a breath, “You understand!

Huang Yueli continued: “In other words, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince fiancee, should be South Yue’s most talented young lady. Is that correct?”

The Imperial Empress did not understand why she would repeat the Imperial Tutor’s words. However, those were true so the Imperial Empress nodded.

“That’s right!”

Smiling ironically, Huang Yueli turned around and looked at Bai Ruoqi.

“In that case, I find it weird. If Bai Ruoqi is not the most powerful in South Yue, nor is she the most gifted. Why can she become the Imperial Consort?”

Bai Ruoqi angrily shouted: “What do you mean? I am the most powerful in South Yue and the most talented! Just then we all saw that had reached the qi profound realm ninth level at only fifteen years old. I also used one move to defeat Liu Yiyi! Who else is my opponent?”

“So what if you defeat Liu Yiyi?”

Huang Yue discontentedly said: “Is it only Liu Yiyi the only female cultivator? Maybe there some people waiting to challenge you!”

Bai Ruoqi exaggerated “ha”-ed out, “It’s not waiting to challenge me, but they dare not to! Afterall, none of them are my opponents! If you do not believe me, I would like to ask everyone if they are better than me. If they are not satisfied with me becoming the Imperial Consort, they are free to challenge me! Who is going to come?”

Her glance circled around the young ladies seated in the audience.

They all avoided her gaze. Let alone words, no one dared to step out.

Was she joking. They were not here to suffer abuse.

Bai Ruoqi was at the qi profound realm ninth level, ninth level!

Let alone a move, they were not able to contend at all!

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Seeing no one dared to answer, her expression became brighter.

She cast a sidelong glance to Huang Yueli and said: “Did you see? No one dared to challenge me, therefore I am the strongest!”

“No, there’s still someone here to challenge you.”

“Who? Who else is there?”

Huang Yueli stared straight into her eyes and carefully articulated each word: “There! Is! Still! Me!”

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Chapter 263