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Unable to marry such a talented woman such as Bai Ruoqi, the Third Prince already felt quite unlucky.

Unexpectedly an even worse outcome was presented to him. And that was to wed that wastrel!

The Third Prince frowned and looked to his handsome second elder brother. A light bulb lit up.

He patted Li Moying’s shoulder and said: “Second brother, why are you not trying your chance and marry Third Young Miss Bai? People like Third Young Miss Bai with status, beauty and dowry are rare! Handsome and beautiful, of all our brothers, you two make a perfect match!

The Third Prince shuffled to Li Moying’s side, seeming to whisper when in fact, his voice was audible and everyone could clearly his words.

His words held intentional sinister tones.

In fact, this was to remind the Emperor and Imperial Empress, there was a more suitable candidate for Huang Yueli. Quickly give Li Moying to her and prevent future detrimental after effects!

These words, on the surface it complimented the two people, while secretly implying both only possess a good looking face. Apart from this, they had nothing. So they suit each other the most!

What kind of person is Li Moying? How could he possibly miss that hint.

His pair of fierce eyes swept over the Third Prince without notice, inwardly sneering. Simply did not know the circumstances!

But the Third Prince said that he and the little fox were the perfect match!

In light of this comment, he will spare him today!

Li Moying’s beautifully shaped lips, along with his slender fingers gently knocked the table top. In a flat tone, he said: “Even if I am willing to marry, Third Young Miss Bai….may not be willing! ”

Although he spoke casually, his heart was secretly anticipating the result.

If these two could really establish a marriagement engagement…

Of course, this was his innermost wish…

Sure enough, when Huang Yueli heard this, she immediately interrupted him.

“Of course I do not want to! My daddy said that my agreement is with His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!

This little heartless little girl!

Li Moying almost gripped the chopsticks in his hands to be broken!

Although he also knew that Huang Yueli did not intentionally go against him, but to achieve her other motives.

However, to hear her disdain for him and refuse to consider the slightest possibility of a marriage with him but another man!

This feeling, it created unspeakable agony!

Only God knew in that instant, he had an illusion, secretly holding his breath in hopes that the little fox will smile bashfully while agreeing to marry him.

The Crown Prince’s pride was satisfied. Heart happy, he deliberately faced Li Moying and laughed: “Second brother, I am sorry. I did not hold intentions of stealing from you, truly did not expect, Third Young Miss Bai would be so persistent…….”

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Such a pretty little beauty, insistent of marrying him, and doing her utmost to go against her heaven given talented cousin…

The Crown Prince naturally misunderstood her intentions. He assumed Huang Yueli was quite dedicated towards him. He could not help but feel lucky.

But he also knew, if Huang Yueli must marry him, he could not disappoint either beauty. Presumably after giving her the position of First Side Concubine, she will be flattered to the point of tears…

Li Moying clenched his hands into a fist as his eyes coldly shone. He restrained the impulse to beat the Crown Prince up.

His little fox, was she someone that Li Mojun could hold any intentions towards to?

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Chapter 261