Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 26

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Even if this was the case, she couldn’t allow this cheap slut off easily.

She coldly chuckled: “Even if she did bump into something bad, the cause was because you, cheap slut! You unlucky person! I long said that you were bearer of bad luck. Making your father die wasn’t enough, now you even want to strike out at your cousin! Why don’t you do us a favour and die already?”

Blinking her eyes, Huang Yue Li replied: “Second Sister, look at what you’re saying. Aren’t you alive, living just fine? In the entire Manor, it is only you who frequents here the most. You have yet to die, so how am I able to curse others to their deaths?”

“What’s your meaning?” Taken back by her words, Bai Ruo Qi paused before reacting again, “Little slut, are cursing for my death?”

On Huang Yue Li’s face, she wore her sweetest smile.

“Second Sister, how could speak like that? We are blood related cousins, while also being Young Miss’ of Wu Wei Manor. If I am a little slut, then what would you be Second Sister? A big slut? Then what about Second Aunty? The universe’s unequalled-super-ultra-awesome-big-slut?”

Never would Bai Ruo Qi think that the always yes-man and cowardly Third Sister would dare to utter such words today.

Not only did she dare to provoke her, she also dragged in her own mother to scold. She was overturning the heavens!

Red faced she retorted: “Good, good! It looks like you truly are shameless. Not getting beaten for one day, you would forgot who and what you are? Today I will help you recall it. I will let you know that trash is trash, you will never be able to turn over a new leaf!”

As she shouted this, Bai Ruo Qi advanced in large strides and threw out a slap towards Huang Yue Li’s face.

Face paling instantly, Cai Wei cried out: “Third Young Miss!”

The Second Young Miss was at the seventh level of the Profound Qi Realm. Within that slap were clear traces of profound qi that would definitely cause the receiver to spit out mouthfuls of blood.

It was only the other day that Third Young Miss had been carried home. Her health had yet to fully recover, how could she possibly suffer that slap?

She was fully devoted to protecting her master and really wanted to block that slap for her Third Young Miss. But that was a slap from a seventh level Profound Qi cultivator, most definitely was not her opponent. Before she could even react, Bai Ruo Qi’s delicate jade hand had already arrived and was about to land on Huang Yue Li’s face!

In dismay, Cai Wei shut her eyes as she couldn’t bear to watch what would happen afterwards.

She only heard Huang Yue Li cry out an ‘ah’ sound.

“Save me! Please don’t! Don’t come over!”

Following it, a ‘pa’ sound crisply rang. Then suddenly a ‘thump’ sound, like a weight had been dropped onto the ground.

Peeking her eyes open, Cai Wei saw a slender figure heavily land on the ground.

Pu——–! A mouthful of bloody mist sprayed out into the immediate area in the back courtyard.

“Third Young Miss—-! !”

Extremely panicked, she jumped up. Uncontrollably, her tears rained down.

That sound was very loud, and her fall wasn’t light. It was unknown whether or not her Third Young Miss was alive or not. Her Young Miss is really living a harsh life!

She was clearly borne of a high-social family, golden branches and jade leaves. Yet how did her father and mother die, whilst also being bullied from young? How did this happen?

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Kneeling on the ground, Cai Wei looked on intently, before her eyes turned blank.

Her-her-her….eyes didn’t hallucinate right? That female who had fallen to ground and was struggling up…why did it look like Second Young Miss?

Rubbing her eyes, Cai Wei then looked again.

Only hearing Huang Yue Li speak up from behind her: “Ah….Second…..Second Sister, what happened to you? Are you alright? Why did you…why did you suddenly….suddenly fly up? What mighty martial technique was that?”

Dazed, Cai Wei turned her head around, to see her Third Young Miss clutching herself with misty eyes. With a confused expression on her face, her white robes started to flutter in the wind, making her seem like a delicate white lotus.

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Chapter 26