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In the Soaring Heavens Continent were the strong ruled the weak, if a ruler were too kind, then that country would have long disappeared in the annals of history.

But, if Bai Ruoqi believed she was already sitting in the seat of Imperial Consort, then she was much too naive.

The corners of Huang Yueli’s mouth gently hooked up.

Her trip today was to prevent Bai Ruoqi from becoming the Imperial Consort. How could could she possibly leave her satisfied? Coming to this juncture of the show, it was time for her to take the stage.

Deciding on this course, she retreated without a sound.

Bai Ruoqi misunderstood as she had finally realised her place. Thinking to herself, she recalled the countless times she had plotted against Huang Yueli. Finally she was able to gain the upperhand, letting out a breath of resentment!

Bai Ruoqi felt happy inside and turned to look proudly at her.

The Emperor returned to his seat and looked at the audience with complex expressions. He then gestured towards Eunuch Han behind to read out the Imperial Edict.

Eunuch Han stepped forward and slowly started to open the bright yellow silk decree to read aloud: “Accepting the heavenly mandate, the Emperor Imperial words…..Valiant Martial Manor Bai Liujing’s daughter Bai Ruoqi, with outstanding talent, appearance and virtue, gentle and generous, worthy of the name of model woman, a special bestowment of Prince Li Mojun, Imperial Consort…will be finalised! Acknowledge this.

The silence reigned in the banquet hall.”

Despite having guessed the end result, but when everyone saw such an arrogant and vicious Bai Ruoqi finally receiving the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort status, many young ladies felt indignant.

But who told her to have such powerful talent?

The more one thought, the madder they became!

Bai Ruoqi kneeled in the middle and reluctantly suppressed a smile. Respectfully she kowtow and took the imperial edict from Eunuch Han.

However, just as her fingers touched the bright yellow silk scroll, she heard a familiar voice: “Wait! I want to protest!”

No one expected in such a solemn setting, someone dared to interrupt.

And so unceremoniously!

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to the speaker’s direction. The next moment “wows——” echoed about.

“That’s……Bai Ruoli? ? ?”

“She dared to jump out to protest?”

“Hey, what will happen with her protest? The Emperor has already decided! Even if the date is not fixed, what qualifications does she have to compete with Bai Ruoqi?”

“Then you are the ignorant one. If you do not have the qualifications, you would not jump out right? From what I heard, Bai Liufeng left some letter for her?”

“Oh, in any case, this will be a good show to watch!”

Whispering amongst themselves, the various golden spooned daughters held many gloating faces.

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Although they did not believe Huang Yueli could really pose a threat to Bai Ruoqi, but who allowed Bai Ruoqi to be this eye-catching? To be able to give her some trouble, will make them very happy.

Bai Ruoqi wished to kill Huang Yueli with her eyes.

“Bai Ruoli! You again! What do you want to do? ?”

Huang Yue blinked pitifully, appearing like being severely bullied little white cabbage.

“Second sister, I … I did not want to do that? It should be me asking you what you want to do? You know I have a marriage agreement with the Crown Prince, how can you……how can steal other people’s love? Furthermore, it is your future brother-in-law! If this were to spread, others will think that our Bai Family lacks upbringing! ”

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Chapter 259