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Study of the Palace of Peace and Tranquility.

The Emperor, the Empress Dowager, the Imperial Tutor and the Imperial Empress were seated and discussing in hushed tones.

The Empress Dowager’s Face turned bad in an instant: “Emperor, there are some words that Ai Jia cannot say. This Bai Ruoqi…has bad character and is not suitable to become our Royal Family’s daughter-in-law!”

Not expecting such words, the Emperor was at a loss, “Royal Mother, what do you mean by these words?”

Immediately the Empress Dowager recounted the events that occurred earlier in the day clearly for the Emperor to judge.

No one expected that such events would pass at such a time. In an instant, everyone became dumbfounded.

Flabbergasted, the Emperor said: “Royal Mother, you……you are certain of this? How could this be? Qi’er is someone we watched grow up from young, always kind and virtuous. How could she possibly do such things?”

The Empress Dowager replied: “How is this not possible? One can know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature! Doctor Liu has already admitted to this, today’s affairs were something she brought upon herself. Who else could collude with Imperial Physician Liu? And who else could possibly advance to the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm so quietly!”

Hearing this, the Emperor also felt this was quite unusual. A resounding slap ringing on his face.

“Preposterous! Zhen had especially reminded Bai Liujing to carefully look after the daughter Bai Liujing left behind! He agreed readily and willingly. But indulged in the mistreatment of his niece!”

“How is this just mere indulging? Bai Liujing is the current master of the house, without his approval how could Bai Ruoqi and the others dare to act so atrociously?”

Reaching this point, the Empress Dowager recalled something else and appeared for indignant.

“That’s right, there’s that Concubine Shu! Previously I always regarded her a magnanimous lady, but to save her niece from those crimes, she dared to say anything. In front of Ai jia, she dared to spout killing all for silence! Humph, treating Ai jia as a retarded senior unable to see through anything?”

Furiously the Emperor exploded: “This ignorant and stupid woman, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, wasting the dotingly Zhen usually gives her! Zhen immediately orders her to enter the Cold Palace!”

When the Imperial Empress heard this, she turned blank. She felt both delight and worry.

Delight because Concubine Shu was currently the most doted on woman in the harem and had long been unable to bear this fox. Unfortunately, Concubine Shu always treaded very carefully, never making a mistake. Thus, she never could capture a weakness of hers!

But this time, Concubine took the initiative to offend the Empress Dowager. She had personally paved the path to her doom!

She estimated that she would lose all favour this time!

What made her worry, was the definitive tone of the Empress Dowager’s. Did that hint that she is insistent on Bai Ruoqi’s crime? Saying that she held no right to marry into the Royal Family?

The Imperial Empress did not think this way.

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Only someone powerful would be worthy of matching her Crown Prince. So what if her character is somewhat poorer? This conclusion is much better than being married to another Prince right?

When she thought of this point, the Imperial Empress quickly opened her mouth.

“Royal Mother, you are certain it is Qi’er who acted from behind the scenes? Did you not just say that the criminal is only Imperial Physician Liu this one person? And it is only because he was captured that he confessed. As for the evidence, it has yet to be found. To solidify Bai Ruoqi’s crimes now, isn’t this a bit too hasty?”

“What? You mean to say….Ai jia’s analysis is incorrect?” The Empress Dowager asked somewhat displeased.

Hurriedly the Imperial Empress responded: “No no, this concubine did not mean that! It is only, Bai Ruoqi’s current identity is somewhat special. Reaching the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm at fifteen years old, an extraordinary talent! If not even one trustworthy piece of evidence has been produced, but her crimes already pinned……if this were to spread out, would this not become the Emperor’s fault!”

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Chapter 250