Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 248

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The Imperial Empress beamed with a smile.

She had, long in her heart selected Bai Ruoqi as her daughter-in-law. So she was afraid of Huang Yueli inserting herself into the mix.

The Imperial Empress was pretty upset of Bai Ruoqi’s crushing defeat at the showcase earlier and thought she lacked skills. She couldn’t even surpass that straw bag young sister of hers.

Unexpectedly only an half hour later, Bai Ruoqi gave her a big surprise!

Qi Profound Realm ninth level!

This was the Qi Profound Realm ninth level!

What did this mean for her to reach this stage at fifteen years?

Great importance was attached to cultivation. The faster one broke through in their early years, the greater heights they would reach in the future.

If Bai Ruoqi could successfully enter the Defensive Profound Realm next year, then she was likely to reach the height of the Imperial Tutor——fourth realm, Dan Profound Realm!

In the kingdom of South Yue, experts of this level could be counted!

The Crown Prince’s potential was already very good, so if this Imperial Consort could also reach this level, then who could threaten his position?

The Crown Prince himself was clearly aware of this point. His outlook towards Bai Ruoqi was completely different than before.

If the Crown Prince only considered marrying Liu Yiyi, then currently he could only see Bai Ruoqi in his vision!

Liu Yiyi, of course, was also very beautiful. More so, her personality was much more amicable than Bai Ruoqi’s!

However, who asked Bai Ruoqi’s to have such amazing cultivation? Power is the fundamental and crucial deciding factor! So, his Imperial Consort could only be…..Bai Ruoqi!

As for Liu Yiyi, she could only be a side concubine.

Only Empress Dowager had a gloomy expression. Her gaze towards Bai Ruoqi was not favourable. A pity, she could not say anything at all!

With the strength of Bai Ruoqi, even with her questionable character, it was nothing strange.

After all, in this world, the strong suppressed the weak!

Bai Ruoqi held the potential to become a first-class powerhouses, while Bai Ruoli was born a wastrel. To be bullied by her older sister, was due all due to her bad luck!

A trace of a smile hung on Bai Ruoqi’s face. She slowly looked at the audience, watching each and every person’s expression.

All these young ladies who were point fingers earlier in the event, now did not dare to even look at her. They feared she would come to them fore revenge.

Bai Ruoqi raised her chin slightly, feeling very happy inside!

Today at the Peach Blossom Banquet, the stifling breath she had been holding in her chest, could be finally released!

The Emperor was very happy. His appreciation of Bai Ruoqi raised greatly. He rewarded her with numerous cultivational pills and profound armaments. Even the Imperial Tutor viewed her in a positive light. Her called her to the front and carefully asked about her cultivation.

Finally, the Imperial Tutor’s face showed a satisfied smile, “Oh, this disciple, this old man will take it!”

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When Bai Ruoqi heard this, she quickly knelt down and immediately commenced the ritual master-disciple. She kowtowed three times and solidified their relationship.

Disciples who held the potential to reach the fourth realm were very rare. So the Imperial Tutor and Bai Ruoqi were all contented.

The Imperial Tutor smiled and looked his newly acknowledged disciple. He then looked at the Crown Prince and said to the Emperor: “Your Highness, since…since…..this old one has selected a disciple, then your affair, should not be decided already?”

The affair was naturally the issue of the Crown Prince’s spouse.

The Emperor heard this. He pondered for a long time but did not respond.

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Chapter 248