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They are but second grade talents, third grade garbage. How could they possibly compare to her. They really thought they would be able to win?

They were simply daydreaming!

Whether it was the opportunity to become the Imperial Tutor’s disciple or the position of Imperial Consort, they were all bound to be hers, Bai Ruoqi’s!

The Imperial Empress coughed and the noise immediately settled.

“Well then, this Royal will announce the rules. This is not an official martial gathering, but a Peach Blossom Banquet, so there are no strict rules. Everyone can freely pick their opponent. Of course, the challenger may refuse as it is all voluntarily. We can not force others to accept.”

In the Tian Ling Continent, the martial way is respected.

At banquets, a testing of the younger generation’s prowess has been a long time tradition.

But due it’s banquet setting, no formal assessments were in place. As a result, permission and voluntarism was a very important principle to abide by.

However, to be challenged yet refuse in such formal occasions like so, it will definitely be a very shameful thing to do.

After all as martial practitioners, to cultivate is already fighting against the heavens!

As a result, one can only move forward and never back down!

If you encounter a stronger opponent and dare not fight, not only will you gain the despise of others, in more serious cases, is could also affect your future convictions. This will then lead to stagnation.

Of course unless there are special reasons, generally no one would go and challenge those weaker than themselves.

This kind of pick soft persimmon behavior, even if one gained victory, they will be regarded as a scum and with ridicule wherever they go.

The Imperial Empress continued: “In addition, please be sure to pay attention, as this contest is a friendly trade. Be careful to not cause any casualties. After all, we are young ladies from South Yue’s noble houses. It would not serve well to break any good relationships.”

These the few routine explanations taking up a tea cup’s worth of time, the remainder was left for the displays for these young ladies.

After a moment, a petite round-faced girl stood out and bowed down deeply. She then said: “I am the daughter of the Minister of Revenue, Wen Shangshu, Wen Xiaowan. My cultivation is the Qi Profound Realm fourth level. I wish to challenge my cousin family, Xie Zhong Family’s Second Young Miss, Xie Ling.”

The Imperial Empress nodded her head.

Xiee Ling heard this and immediately stood up to begin the battle.

In the open ground in front of the Palace of Peace and Tranquility, an enclosed area had already been set up for the bouts of these golden spooned young ladies.

At the edge of the venue were numerous Golden Scaled Guards hidden along the sides, ready to rush in, in the event of uncontrolled circumstances. Stopping all battles immediately.

The two girls gave the courtesy pre-battle movements and began to move. You go I come, appearing to be very lively.

However, in the eyes of the audience, this sort of test was quite a bore.

Wen Xiaowan and Xie Ling are second grade talents, both at the Qi Profound Realm fourth level. And amongst these young ladies, they were ranked in the middle.

Moreover, the two had special or unique martial skills for everyone to watch. Their moves were also very cautious in fear of injuring the other side. This caused a complete lack of excitement.

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Soon, Wen Xiaowan gained the upper hand and earned her victory.

Below the stage, there was sparse applause.

However, the two girls also did not mind.

With their cultivation, they knew it would be impossible for them to catch the eye of the Imperial Tutor. And it is equally impossible to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort.

But there are so many other Princes who will select their Imperial Consorts!

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Chapter 244