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Huang Yueli smirked in response: “Ai, Second Sister look quickly! Liu Yiyi’s dancing sure is superb. Beautiful but not bewitching, colourful but not gaudy. Truly a young lady from Dingguo Government House ah! This is quality! I also heard that her cultivation talent isn’t bad at all, I really respect her!”

Bai Ruoqi was angered to the point of her liver hurting.

Completing her dance, Liu Yiyi was filled with radiant happiness. She even sent a provocative smile to Bai Ruoqi

Afterwards, Zhenguo General Manor’s Qi Tang’er, Military Family Jing’s young mistress, went on stage one after the other.

A blaze of colours, each holding its own merits.

Due to Bai Ruoqi’s first performance, they did not choose the taboo qin. Instead, they prepared other forms of entertainment.

This would allow them to escape Huang Yueli’s world astounding performance. The only one to show a dreg-like performance ended being Bai Ruoqi only!

As Bai Ruoqi turned angrier and angrier, she consoled to herself that this talent show was but a charade. It meant nothing.

No matter how talented one was in this aspect, it was still strength that spoke waves!

Finally, the talent show concluded.

Not only Bai Ruoqi, even the Imperial Empress felt relieved.

This really is a miscalculation. Huang Yueli’s limelight was too big! She had to suppress down her glory!

Fortunately, the next event was the martial talent competition. It was here that she would utter pummel this trash. There will be no mistake!

Regardless of what heavenly skills she possessed, it would be impossible for her to stand back up!

As the Palace ladies replaced the dishes, everyone drank a few glasses of wine. gradually, discussions about talent show subsided.

The Imperial Empress wasted no time to say: “This Royal has heard tall of these young ladies are renowned martial experts. Several which are nationally famous female geniuses. Unfortunately, because this Royal resides in the Royal Palace, she has no chance to see. ”

Turning her head, the Imperial Empress smiled at the Emperor.

“The Imperial Empress wishes to experience this, what difficulty does this pose? The Imperial Tutor is also present, so we shall invite these young ladies to execute a move or two whilst also receiving the pointers of the Imperial Tutor. Imperial Tutor, how does this sound?”

The Imperial Tutor stroked his beard while laughing: “This old man is also interested. If one has enough talent, this old one might consider taking them as his disciple!”

Eyes bright with happiness, the Emperor said: “That is too good!

The Imperial Empress immediately laughed, “The Imperial Tutor is our South Yue’s fourth realm expert and his fighting experiences are the most abundant. Usually he resides in the palace and only my son the Crown Prince can receive his guidance. To the young ladies present, do not squander this chance!”

His remark made the entire audience excited.

Unexpectedly,not only was it the Imperial Consort selecting banquet, the Imperial Tutor is even considering to take a female disciple!

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As one of the most influential experts South Yue’s countable fourth realm experts, the Imperial Tutor has always been highly respected. There are only a handful of disciples under his tutelage. Apart from the Crown Princes still residing the the Palace, the two disciples he took years before had already left South Yue for many years already.

That being said, the Imperial Tutor dearly doted on his disciple the Crown Prince. His action of accepting a female disciple is clearly for the Crown Prince. This would aid him and ensure his can firmly plant down his influence. Truly used all his consideration and heart.

As for the young ladies present, there were very few who could see through to this level.

But this does not hinder their eagerness. Set on this notion, the competition flurried!

As Bai Ruoqi watched them one by one with her indescribable look, she could not help but sneer.

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Chapter 243