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Which of these women deserved him!

Also, since the Emperor spoke, this qin could no longer be refused. Or she risked enraging the Emperor. If that happens, how can she continue to cause trouble for Bai Ruoqi and the Crown Prince?

She could only accept it, then find an opportunity to return it to Li Moying after the banquet.

Huang Yueli thanked the Emperor. Holding the qin, she returned to her seat.

Bai Ruoqi looked at the qin in her hands, with her eyes almost shooting flames out!

This is Empress Ming Fei’s qin ah! Which girl who played the qin, did not dream about it?

Why did it fall into her most disgraceful and hateful third sister’s hands!

Bai Ruoqi stared at Huang Yueli full of jealousy.

“Third sister, you hid it really well! But, do not think that by simply playing the qin will allow you to fly and become a phoenix. Compared to the real martial geniuses, you are just an insignificant talent!”

Huang Yue careful put the down and smiled: “My qin skills, of course cannot be compared with second sister. I am waiting for second sister’s show, for you will certainly perform better than me. I will definitely applaud you later from the audience position!”

White Ruoqi froze a moment, her face falling.

If not for Huang Yueli’s reminder, she almost forgot that she would be the second one to perform!

Originally, such a talent show was her favorite.

As long as she stood on the stage and played a song, she could easily obtain a full house of applause. The limelight for her only; no one could compare to her.

Today, Bai Ruoqi has Empress Shu on her side, so she knew from long ago that there would be a talent show that banquet.

Well prepared, she carefully focused her attention on “Water from High Mountains”, constantly practising at home. To ensure her best display at the Peach Blossom Banquet and capture the eyes of the Emperor, Empress Dowager and Crown Prince. Although she wished to become the Imperial Consort, she must still rely on her own martial talent. But her performance will had bonus points for her.

Who was she to know that her third sister would perform so well with her an ancient melody “Silent Orchids” and mesmerising all present. So skillful that not even she could compare!

Emperor also gave her Empress Ming Fei’s ice jade qin!

With Huang Yueli past musical experiences and talents, Bai Ruoqi’s displays with the qin, turned far inferior. Truly too shameful!

Bai Ruoqi but had always been renowned for playing the qin. But now, her joke of a sister revealed her true talent. What a big joke it all became!

Moreover, when one compared the performances, the contrast is too strong.

Even if Bai Ruoqi played well, everyone’s memory still lingered on Huang Yueli’s magical performance. Any piece followed, would only birth feelings of boredom. They would sound terribly bad.

What should she do next?

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Not giving Bai Ruoqi time to think of an alternative, the Imperial Empress spoke up.

“The second performer is Wu Wei Manor’s Second Young Miss Bai, Bai Ruoqi. What do want to showcase?”

“Replying to the Imperial Empress, Qi’er……”

Murmuring, Bai Ruoqi’s mind whirled in a frenzy. Knowing she could not play the qin, she lamented on what to perform!

She naturally learned poetry and painting, but since becoming the number one qin player in South Yue, she did not focus as much on other subjects.

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Chapter 240