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Could it be food poisoning?

However, from morning till now, she had only eaten a few snacks from the Palace. Could it be the Palace food that was unclean?

At this moment, a loud exclamation could be heard.

“Ah! ! Blood, a lot of blood!”

“My God, Second Young Miss Bai is bleeding! Bleeding quite a lot ah!”

“This is horrible! Quickly go and fetch for the Imperial Doctor!”

The various young ladies screamed and panicked.

Blankly Bai Ruo Qi lowered her head, only to see her lower body covered in a glaring pool of red blood. Realizing that she was not only bleeding, but in large amounts too. Her entire skirt was drenched in blood as the pungent taste of blood lingered in the air.

Eyes turning black, she only felt the world turn white and fainted.

Witnessing this scene, even Huang Yue Li was shocked.

She did not think, the result of Bai Ruo Qi’s drug would be bleeding from the lower abdomen!

To achieve this effect was very easy. From Huang Yue Li’s knowledge, there are several herbs that could easily obtain this effect; making a woman bleed excessively, if the dosage is large enough, it would be just like the menstrual period.

This medicine is very vicious; because to woman, this was very harming on the body.

If one is pregnant, then they will certainly lose the child once they took this medicine. Even if they are not pregnant, they will still suffer heavy injuries. Worse case scenario, it may lead to infertility.

Of course, this is for common people. Towards cultivators, the impact is much smaller. For it will be easy to recover from their cultivation, nursing back to full health.

However, why did Bai Ruo Qi give her this medicine……

Hearing the screams of the young girls, the female officers who were overlooking them came to investigate. Immediately they sent someone to fetch the court doctor.

Bai Ruo Qi was carried to the side.

This unexpected accident caused quite a stir.

Thinking, Huang Yue Li thoughtfully moved to the side.hearing quite a few whisperings in the process.

“What has happened to Second Miss Bai? Not even knowing it was her own period time? For it to even occur in the Palace, such a joke. But fortunately it is not at the Empress Dowager’s banquet, otherwise….She still dreams of becoming the Imperial Consort? ”

“Period? I think it’s not that simple!”


“Whose period would occur in such large amounts when it begins? Did you not see, the red stain on her skirt was such a big one! And she actually fainted, still to awaken! For a talented cultivator, how can she so delicate?

“What do you mean? Do you mean……what’s inside……is er, unspeakable?”

“Hey, I said nothing……everyone should be aware…..”

All kinds of gloating tones spewed forth came.

Huang Yue Li’s face revealed a trace of color.

So it was like this…

Bai Ruo Qi’s was aiming for such an outcome!

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Her powder, was merely a blood stimulating medicine. Once you drink the mix, not only will you lower body begin to bleed, but you will also faint on the spot.

For an unmarried girl to suddenly start bleeding without cause, but also faint? It will be easy to think something was, tarnishing their reputation.

Since Bai Ruo Qi had spread the rumor of her eloping with a man in private a month earlier, the two situation will make a perfect combination. To anyone, they would guess that she had lost her virginity long ago and falling pregnant too!

This kind of scandal, is already quite deplorable during ordinary times.

But now, it occurred in the Empress Dowager’s Peach Blossom Banquet!

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Chapter 199