Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 19

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Startled, Shopkeeper Sun asked: “Young Miss Bai…are you perhaps preparing to begin refining?”

Huang Yue Li causally nodded her head.

Shopkeeper Sun then exclaimed: “You must think this over carefully! Is refining armaments such an easy task? You do not possess fire and metal attributes, nor third grade or higher talent, or refining techniques. Wasting materials is just a little issue, but you could be burned by explosions. Even deaths have occurred before!”

Hearing those words, Huang Yue Li was shocked.

“You could even burn yourself from refining armaments?”

The lower the grade the armaments were, the lower amount of spirit force needed. Thus there were even lower chances of actually getting burned.

Under Huang Yue Li’s analysis, the chance of being injured from refining a first rank armament was close to zero.

But in Shopkeeper Sun’s perspective, when he saw Huang Yue Li’s attitude, he misinterpreted it as she did not believe him. Inwardly, he could only shake his head.

These young masters and misses were so simple minded and innocent. Without any understanding, they would buy a furnace in the heat of a moment and act like learned scholars in an attempt to refine.

Aren’t they overestimating themselves too much?

If armament refining was such a simple task, would Armament Refiners possess such grand status’?

Not only would them be unable to refine a proper tool, they might even end their life in the process!

Shopkeeper Sun spoke up again: “Young Miss Bai, I am not trying to scare you. While there are chance of explosions while refining, there is also the possibility of releasing toxic gasses if you put the materials in the wrong sequence…”

Huang Yue Li interrupted him there: “Shopkeeper, I know all of these things that you are saying. I will inconvenience you and ask you to wrap up all the materials that I just listed!”

Seeing her stubbornness, Shopkeeper Sun didn’t bother to persuade her further. He swiftly beckoned an assistant to retrieve her desired materials.

“Wait a moment!” All of a sudden, Huang Yue Li called out.

Both Shopkeeper Sun and the assistant turned around to look at her.

Feeling the near empty purse of hers, she said with some regret: “I don’t have enough money. Give me the lowest grade materials…..”

Everyone was thoroughly convinced.

“No money? If you don’t have enough money, why spend so much to buy that furnace? Must you try your hand at refining?”

“This weak and good-for-nothing girl who has never learned how to refine and is using such low grade materials. If she really were to successfully refine something, then ghosts would really exist!”

“Ai, don’t talk about it. What can you do if her family has money. Her, headstrong? When she gets burned, that will be her time to cry!”

Huang Yue Li turned a blind eye to all present, and exchanged all of her money for low grade materials. Carrying various large and small packages, she left Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

On the large street, it was bustling with people.

A horse cart was conveniently parked outside Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Who knows how long it had parked there for.

Huang Yue Li couldn’t help but turn and look twice.

This horse carriage was just too eye catching.

The entire carriage was made from black gold sandalwood. A single cun (inch) would cost more than ten thousand silvers!

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Harnessed at the front were also eight, black horses. They were rank five demonic beasts, Flowing Cloud Colts. They were the favourite mounts of the six major martial cities. But now, they looked like ordinary horses whose use was to pull carts only.

Others were only exclaiming about the carriage owner’s extravagance. But Huang Yue Li was truly shocked.

That was because she could see that this horse carriage was an extremely high grade armament. Furthermore, both offense and defense were integrated together, very powerful.

Just by relying on this armament alone, you would be able to easily defeat a peak level Sky Profound Realm expert!

The horse carriage owner’s status was definitely extraordinary!

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Chapter 19