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Just what background did this man come from?

And why did he come to the tiny kingdom of South Yue?

Ice cold, the Commander kneeled in trembling fright. He finally realised one thing, they have provoked a star of calamity. This affair…could not end well!

Heavily smashing his head on the ground, his voice wavered as he asked: “This subordinate has eyes but failed to see and offended this great Lord. This one begs for this Lord’s forgiveness.”

Sweeping his eyes over him, the Lord Owner replied with indifference: “Your actions of maintaining order within the Royal Palace although lacking, still displays your loyalty. This Seat does not hold any intentions of blame.”

Speaking those words, Huang Yue Li opened her eyes wide in shock. Sitting on his lap, she did not dare believe it.

Why is he joking around? Although these Golden Scaled Guards were completing their assigned work, the fact remained that they had still moved against the Lord Owner.

This man could not be considered a person with a good temper, nothing say about being a generous and forgiving person. Yet he actually said he did not blame them?

Did he change personalities? Eat the wrong medication today? Or could it be….he was plotting something?

Astonished by the turn of events, the Commander wholly did not expect such a fiendish Master would be so easy to talk to!

He quickly nodded his head a few times and then carefully said: “Thank you Great Lord, many thanks. May I dare…dare ask for your esteemed name? Your late night visit to South Yue, is there any need, any need for this one’s service?”

Silence ensued in the room.

Trembling with trepidation, he looked over. This quickly followed with great alarm.

In slow and unhurried movements, the man released his hold on Huang Yue Li. In front of everyone present, his slender arm then raised up towards his forehead to take off that silver mask from his face.

In a flash, an unmatched and handsome face revealed itself for all to see.

He possessed a pair of eyes that overflowed with light and colour. But those eyes which should be filled with warmth, were instead filled with an icy and awe inspiring chill. A light sweep from them, would cause the receiver to uncontrollably shiver.

While his skin was as smooth and pale as jade. His eyebrows like swords, the bridge of his nose stick out straight and this tender lips were like most perfect and beautiful work of art. You could not point out any flaw.

What was the most astonishing was that aura of innate respect he entire being eluded from his body.

Looking at that youthful face, he did not seem to be past twenty. Speaking reluctantly, he was only a youth. But through his simple action of sitting, his domineering aura already established the fact that he was an exceptional master. They could only follow behind to see the traces of this rider’s dust.

And that face, the Commander seemed to have some impression.

After the initial stage of shock had passed, the Commander kneeled down again in great reverence.

“Your…..Your Highness, you………when did you return to the Palace?”

“When this King returns, does he need to report to you?” The man frostily asked.

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“No……no no, this lowly does not have that meaning. It’s just, your return is large news for the Palace. If we were informed earlier of your return, the Emperor would definitely arrange for people to go and greet you. And this lowly one would not dare recklessly send people to trespass into your Clear Flower Palace….”

“So if this King is not here, you dare enter?”

“No no no……this lowly one…..lowly one does not dare!”

Smashing his head vigorously into the ground, the Commander did not even dare to breathe too loudly. He already felt that there were already hundreds of things he did wrong. Stammeringly for half the night, he nearly bit off his own tongue!

Never in his wildest dreams, did he think the owner, His Highness, of Clear Flower Palace would return tonight. Furthermore, he had personally dealt, so mercilessly, with the Golden Scaled Guards!

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Chapter 167