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Furthermore, the current room was filled with the stench of blood. The injured Golden Scaled Guards’ groans were still as faint as before while the rest of the guards continued to kneel in silence!

In this atmosphere, he could continue to kiss?

Against all odds, reality showed that he really dared!

Clasping her waist, he stopped all her struggles and resistance as he wantonly kissed her.

As their lips intertwined, he man repeatedly bit her tongue as punishment. And in her brief moments of pain, he also lick her to soothe her wounds.

Almost out of breath by the kiss, Huang Yue Li still managed to retain a bit of her consciousness. Knowing what she needed do, she mercilessly threw him off!

To no avail, she did not have enough power…..

At this point, cries travelled from the entrance of the palace

“Where is he? How come there is no report from Clear Flower Palace?”

“Weren’t the Third Squadron sent to search there? Where did they wander off to fish?”

“Third Squadron Captain, hurry up and to report to your commanding officer!”

Hearing those bellows, Huang Yue Li attempt to push him away again.

“Un un….un!!”

Let me go! Your random lustful pig!

The man still continued to kiss her as if they were the only two people.

Kneeling at the door, those Golden Scaled Guards shivered. Although they were determined to escape to their Commander for help, no one dared to move.

The harsh reality would be losing their little lives before that he could even reach their Commander!

The Captain was drenched in cold sweat.

Now the only life-saving possibility lay in their Commander. That he would send for others to find them if they failed to report to him. Otherwise…….they would die at the hands of this demon tonight!

Even if they could save themselves, for such a situation to occur they most definitely would have to take responsibility regardless of the end result. In short, they were in deep ****.

Fortunately their prayers were heard.

Receiving no reply, the Golden Scaled Guards Commander frowned.

“What’s going on? Where did they all go? Go, take a few people and see what the Third Squadron is doing!”

Five Golden Scaled Guards marched into Clear Flower Palace.

Waiting side by side, the Commander’s heart burned more and more ragefully as time lapsed on.

Today they really met with a ghost! The normally impregnable Royal Treasury had been breached today!

Furthermore, that thief was so cunning. Even the Imperial Tutor had personally stepped out to help, but still failed to capture him. After that, he had sneaked into the Royal Palace!

With the Imperial Tutor and Golden Scaled Guards working in cooperation, they were certain of smoking out that heaven-reaching courageous thief! Grinding his bones to dust!

The Commander did not feel that this task would be too difficult. Since the target was within the confines of the Royal Palace, they would not be able to find him?

However, after searching all the palaces, pavilions and rooms, the result was still nothing! Instead, they had captured quite a few secret lovers within the Palace and people acting as the dog to steal the chicken type things.

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If this went on, how were they going to explain to the Imperial Tutor!

While the Third Squadron was even better! They had disregarded his commands and gone off to god knows where to fish!

Once he found that bastard, he would used martial law to deal with them. This would serve as a warning for others in the future!

Pacing about, the Commander waited a bit more at the door. After a while, he realised that something was not quite right.

The five guards he had sent in, also disappeared without a sound into Clear Flower Palace. Devoid of any noise, it appeared to be as quiet and tranquil as any other night.

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Chapter 164