Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 162

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This strong and warm kiss, was filled with unusual suggestions. This caused her legs to soften and her brain also turned into paste.

Huang Yue Li simply could not believe that she would be…..turn into a lovestruck fool. A simple kiss from this man was able to change her completely out of character.

If the Golden Scaled Guards weren’t about to enter, then…

She let out a groaning sound and felt that her entire body was not feeling too well!

“You two! Hurry up and get out, hands on your head and stand over there!”

“Private affair, a violation of palace rules. You two male and female dogs, your courage is not small ah! You can say that your luck is quite bad today. Go to the Punishment Hall and report yourselves!”

The Golden Scaled Guard loudly berated them.

Several despicable gazes fell onto Huang Yue Li’s body, sizing her body from top to bottom. Afterwards, filthy comments spewed out from their mouths.

“Tsk tsk, speaking of which, this woman’s age seems very small ah. Hasn’t reached marriageable age? So small and already yearning for a man? Truly not a good thing eh?”

“Her looks however underdeveloped, are so tender. She must taste special…”

There was a more courageous guard who took a few steps forward and chuckled: “Little girl, with your fine skin and tender meat, if you were to fall into the hands of the Punishment Hall, I am afraid you life is over. Go to accompany our brothers to play and maybe……..if my brothers feel well, we’ll let you go.”

As he said this, the Golden Scaled Guards standing at the edge began to chuckle and laugh out.

A frosty gleam flashed through Huang Yue Li’s eyes. Such words, shameless to the extreme!

But her current priority was to leave. So unfortunately, she could not immediately attack. This account though, she will remember and settle it at a later date!

Her cold eyes swept through the bunch of arrogant Golden Scaled Guards, imprinting their faces firmly into her mind.

Afterwards, she immediately put on a delicate and charming look, instantly turning into a weak white lotus. Her eyes were tearful while her lips trembled.

“You….you do not….do not come…”

Seeing her act this, the group of people only laughed louder.

“Look at both of them holding each other, so reluctant to separate. They will not shed tears until they see their coffin!”

“Hurry up and come over here. Send two people, to escort them to the Punishment Hall!”

Pushing away the man in front of her, Huang Yue Li prepared to climb down from the Imperial Consort’s bed.

But who knew the man chest would be as rigid as iron walls, hard and solid, not shaking in the slightest.

She forcefully pushed a few more times, but was still unable to make him move!

Huang Yue Li’s face turned green. This man…what schemes was he up to this time! At a time like this, he was still dragging her hind leg?

“Hey you…” She looked up at him, and then turned blank.

The man’s cold lips were tightly pursed together, his jaw tight. Clearly displaying the unsuppressed rage within.

His body’s internal pressure instantly released itself and covered the entire room in his profound qi. Restless and with strong momentum, overwhelming everyone present.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

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The Golden Scaled Guards within the room immediately spewed out mouthfuls of blood while their legs soften. They all knelt to the ground.

But the man’s pressure still continued to increase. The Golden Scaled Guards felt the pressure within their minds become lower and lower as their knees buckled to the ground, their bodies constantly trembling.

The voice of the Lord Owner was like ice, like it had been transmitted from far far away.

“Dare to take liberties with this Seat’s woman! Courting death!”

In the next moment, the Golden Scaled Guard who had spoken impertinently to Huang Yue Li cried out in a blood curdling manner. His blood splashed out!

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Chapter 162