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A little fox brimming with vitality. Her angry appearance was especially cute.

Facing her fierce eyes, a touch of an evil smile appeared on the man’s face.

“Little thing, do not wrongly accuse this Seat. First of all, that was not a forced kiss because you also enjoyed it. Secondly, this Seat is not a pervert. Towards this one’s future wife, it is reasonable and legitimate. If you slander this seat, he does not mind using your own methods to teach you how to properly speak to her man. Understood?”

Damn it! Really shameless!

Although Huang Yue Li was stunned by his shameless, rage soon rose within her heart!

What she found most annoying was this kind of self-righteousness. Because he was a man, did he believe that he held the qualifications to take of possession of her? Who did he think he was?

The reason as to why she had been unable to accept Mu Cheng Ying in her past life, was all due to his hateful and overbearing style.

She did not expect to meet such a tyrannical and arrogant man, so shortly after her rebirth!

Huang Yue Li frostily looked away from his eyes, “I’ll say it again, let me go!”

Before the man felt enough satisfaction from his teasings, he was unexpectedly faced with this little thing’s sudden gloominess. As if she truly been angered this time.

His heart shivering, the man thought of what to say to appease her. Suddenly sensing danger, he intuitively backed away!

Taking the moment of temporary lapse in attention, Huang Yue Li took the chance to attack out!

A flying dagger flew closely by his face and embedded itself firmly into the wall behind him.

A little closer and his handsome face would have been ruined.

Stroking his almost sliced chin, the man helplessly shook his head.

This little fox really is too rebellious. In front of her, he could not lower his guard in the slightest. Just a little bit of careless and he would be assaulted. Being together with her, was…..just a bit too stimulating!

Although she can not hurt the man, but she broke free from his shackles, restoring her freedom.

Walking back a few steps and hands clutching her chest, she coldly stared at the man.

“I said, do not touch me!”

“Ok, ok, ok. Not touching, not touching.” He raised his hands in surrender, “You do not have to be so fierce. Your request, this Seat will promise….”

If she was not fierce, this man pull her nose from place to place!

Still as cold as before, Huang Yue Li questioned, “I ask you, why are you here? Are you trailing me?”

The man sat on the side of the soft couch. His collar was in disorder, but he did not hold any intention to fix up his clothing.

He said lazily: “You have the nerve to say that. After the auction, this Seat told you to obediently wait for me. How could you slip away by yourself?”

Huang Yue Li retorted: “Wait for you to do what? Lord Owner, you were very busy that so I did not wish to disturb you. Since I knew the way home, I did not bother you further!”

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Those word were full of opposition. Listening to her response, the man felt sour.

“Must you so distantly refuse someone?”

“Towards bad and villainous males, this has always been the attitude I show!” Lifting her chin, Huang Yue Li replied to him.

“Oh!” He blatantly chuckled, “Do not confuse this Seat with those scheming men. After all….you have no allure…..”

“You!” Huang Yue Li nearly from anger again. Harshly she glared at him, “What is your intention? Since you are not scheming, what is your aim from following me?”

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Chapter 156