Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 149

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Seven days later.

It was a dark and windy night.

Bending her waist like a cat, Huang Yue Li half lay on the edge of the slope. Attentively on surveying from above.

Waiting until the patrol guard had left, she revealed herself.

In accordance to her observations these last few days, the guards will switch shifts at midnight. During this process, this area will have a window of half an hour without any kind of supervision. It was the optimal chance for her.

The entire land of the treasury was covered with a protection formation.

But this could not pose any obstruction towards Huang Yue Li. Calmly, she walked into the range of the protective formation quietly without activating any alarms.

At the entrance of the Royal Treasury, there was a Spirit Profound Realm practitioner standing guard. This was obviously out of the possible entry routes.

Huang Yue Li chose a ventilation vent the only had two third levelled Defensive Profound Realm guards on duty.


The guard who was on duty was puzzled to see something flash by him not too far away. Unfortunately, before he could react, he felt an unusual cool sensation on his neck. In the next instant, his body froze while his eyes bulged open while looking forward.

While the other guard also responded too late. Before he knew it, a dagger had already slit his throat.

She wiped the blood on the guard’s clothes and murmured: “Careless! As expected of not possessing any profound qi. I nearly alerted others…”

Taking out a grappling claw, she threw it onto the wall. Then using her body’s propulsion force, she climbed up five metres up the wall and into the vent.

Landing lightly inside the treasury, Huang Yue Li looked around.

On the first floor was a variety of gold and silver treasures. Piles of jewelry, calligraphy, pearls the sizes of dragon eyes adorned the room. The sight simply bedazzled the eyes.

“Although South Yue is a small country, but it still seems to be quite rich! It should not be a problem for the Crown Prince to take out thirteen million gold! It is not enough to give him thoughts of denying the debt!”

As for the objects infront of her eyes, Huang Yue Li had no use for them. Furthermore, it would not be convenient for to carry around. Too lazy to look around further, she went upstairs.

On the second floor, were magic cores from various magical beasts from all attributes. The multitude of colours lay packed in all areas of the room.

This time, Huang Yue Li looked for a bit longer.

As the magical beasts absorbed the profound qi of the world, they condense to form the magic crystals or cores within their bodies. There is a whole range of uses for these cores. Not only could you absorb it into your body, it was greatly useful for Armament Masters as well. For profound armaments and cores that shared the same attributes, they would could be socketed to increase the overall ability of the armament.

South Yue is located at the southernmost tip of the Soaring Heavens Continent. And right next to it is the Dark Moon Forest.

The Dark Moon Forest is home to a variety of magical beasts. As a result many, countries including South Yue would have many adventures and mercenaries passing through. They all seek to to earn a profit from hunting in the Dark Moon Forest.

In turn, this resulted in the magic core storage of South Yue to be many times larger than several of the major powers within South Sky Region.

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But the levels of these magic cores are relatively low. The vast majority at the first and second tier. There was very few third tiers cores while fourth tiered numbered in the dozen or so.

As she passed by, Huang Yue Li conveniently took the fourth tiered magic cores and then went upstairs.

The third floor mainly housed low-grade materials, the fourth floor low grade profound armaments.

No holding any interest to any of these things, she went straight up to the fifth floor.

On the fifth floor was the deposit of the most precious and priceless items of South Yue. so the the entrance was filled elaborate defensive mechanisms and markings. As long as someone entered their range, it would immediately trigger the life-threatening traps. Killing without a doubt!

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Chapter 149