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Mo Si’s beautiful eyebrows arched up. Incomparably respectful was his attitude towards her. It was almost the same type of treatment he gave towards his master.

“Third Young Miss Bai, just then…..why did you……..”

“You would like to ask why I spoke on behalf of the Crown Prince?” Huang Yue Li pricked up her eyebrows.

“Uh, yes. This subordinate is dull, so Third Young Miss please advise.”

“Stupid! Stupid back to your family!” Huang Yue Li ruthlessly reprimanded with great disdain.”Today, the only reason why this set of profound armor could sell for three million gold price, was all due to the Crown Prince’s stupidity. Given a change in occasion, how could it possibly sell for so much! Yet you wished to strap down the item, not selling it to the Crown Prince? Where do you expect me to go and find such a large sum of money?”

Mo Si replied in realization: “So it was like this….”

Mouth hooking into a curve, Huang Yue Li said: “Besides, how much will the Crown Prince thank me, just from me saying a few helping words ah? Did you not see his tears of joy? These kind of easy to obtain advantages, how can I not take it?”

Drawing out his lips, Mo Si’s heart suddenly held great amounts of sympathy for the Crown Prince.

What is called being sold by others yet still helping them count the money? The Crown Prince was a perfect embodiment of that….

Completing her explanation, Huang Yue Li cast him a glance, “Understood?”


“Anymore questions?”

“No more questions!”

“That being the case, why are you still following me for? You can go do what you need to do.” She waved her hand as she said this.

Mo Si bowed his head, “Under the orders of the master, this subordinate is to ensure your safety. I can not leave.”

Huang Yue Li faintly smiled and said: “To ensure my safety? I see, he is afraid I will run away. So he sent you to monitor me?”

A few drops of cold sweat ran down Mo Si’s face, “Third Young Miss Bai, you misunderstood…….”

“I did not misunderstand. But…….I want to find a place to change my clothes. Are you sure you want to follow me? If you see something you should not see, I do not need to make a move and your shop’s owner will chop you into eight pieces no?”

“Ah? What……what?”

The always calm and silent Mo Si, who was usually very adept at predicting the master’s mind, found his IQ to be very low today. In front of his future Mistress, he had repeatedly acted like an idiot; completely unable to keep up with her mindset.

After the time it took drink a cup of tea, Mo Si realised that Huang Yue Li was not playing with him.

Searching for a spare room, Huang Yue Li took out of a set of prepared clothes and a box. Very quickly she changed her appearance.

Shortly afterwards, she changed into the weak and thin appearance of the youth who had come to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to sell those profound armaments. She was preparing to go meet Manager Sun and collect her money.

Manager Sun did not know her true identity; she also did not intend to expose herself as that mysterious and legendary Armament Master. So this disguise was still necessary.

Inside the storeroom.

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Manager Sun had just taken a few medicinal pills and hot tea to calm himself before continuing to arranged delivery for the guests’ items.

“Manager Sun!” Huang Yue Li pushed open the door and entered.

Manager Sun was in the midst of receiving the Princess of the largest kingdom, South Chu.

She had bid for a third level lower grade Nine Part Whip. After accepting her goods, she was in the process of discussing the appropriate maintenance routine.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, the Princess looked back to see a surprisingly young boy with dark skin wearing a fluttering grey robe. She wrinkled her brow, reprimanding: “Who is that? Do you not see this Princess is currently talking with Manager Sun? Not even knocking on the door and audaciously entering on your own accord?”

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Chapter 144