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At that point, the Crown Prince truly began to feel fear.

Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s power had reached such a frightening degree. They were so strong that if they wished to squash him, it would be as simple as squashing an ant.

But how could this be? Why would such a large power settle in such a small country like South Yue? And host an auction here?

Out of all possibilities, the Crown Prince would not guess that the reason behind the purchase for that mysterious expert did it all to simply gain the affections of his beloved little fox.

Mo Si continued to speak expressionlessly: “Secondly…..what right do you have to speak fairness with Thousand Treasure Pavilion? You say we are scamming you? Where is the evidence? Who can hold witness for you?”


The Crown Prince was unable to reply. If it were in more normal situations, he would have definitely replied with “this Prince’s words are evidence!” But in the face of such a dominating expert, he did not have the courage to be so daring.

Furthermore, with Manager Sun’s earlier words of confirming the crowd had heard his words, he was unable to find any witness!

Wait, there was one person!

The Crown Prince suddenly turned around. His line of sight falling onto Bai Ruo Qi’s body.

“Second Young Miss Bai can bear witness for this Prince!”

During their exchange, Bai Ruo Qi constantly withdrew her body and presence in order to not be noticed. She did not expect the Crown Prince to still call her out after so much expended effort!

Cold sweat ran down her forehead and pale face.

Mo Si coldly said: “Oh? Second Young Miss Bai, you can be a witness? What kind of evidence do you have to prove that Thousand Treasure Pavilion scammed you?”


Bai Ruo Qi glanced at the Crown Prince, then at Mo Si. Both men returned her glances with icy ones. They focused their attention all to her, causing her to feel panicked and frightened. She really wished she could vanish at that instant!

If she were to speak out for the Crown Prince, those fiend like bodyguards might lash out at her. With such strength, they would be able to completely disregard her status as some young lady from a Marquis household. Who knows what they will do to her.

But if she did not help the Crown Prince, the Crown Prince would not let her and Wu Wei Manor off!

This was what you call being unable to advance or retreat.

The longer Bai Ruo Qi refused to speak, the colder the Crown Prince’s gaze became.

Mo Si sorrowfully spoke: “Your Highness, looks like this lady companion cannot bear witness to your claims! Your claims of scam towards this shop, and your disturbance raising actions that affected the reputation of this shop; not to mention your intentions to go back on your debt in order to snatch away the goods! For such actions, this shop and the Chamber of Commerce shall not deal with this leniently! Today’s affairs……cannot end like this!”

His gaze lifeless, the Crown Prince was devoid of any fighting spirit.

Bai Ruo Qi’s refusal to speak only served to confirm that he was framing Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Not only was he speaking conceited nonsense, he was also caught in the act of snatching away treasures today!

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It was due a moment’s mistake. He did not properly investigate Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s powerful background first!

Head lowered, the Crown Prince bowed slightly and said in a respectful tone: “This Great Lord, is……I have eyes but failed to see Mount Tai. I have angered your family’s master…..I ask you to please placate your anger. If there is anything I can do, please feel free to speak out. I will do my utmost to compensate you….”

In the face of such power, the Crown Prince wholeheartedly acknowledged his defeat.

The corners of Huang Yue Li rose up.

This show was quite enjoyable to watch she thought. And the conclusion was just how she imagined it to be!

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Chapter 140