Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 13

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South Yue Kingdom’s biggest store, Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Customers were streaming in and out continuously.

Although Huang Yue Li was the Manor’s Young Miss, due to her ordinary looking clothes, no one paid much attention to her.

After walking around the shop, she found that Thousand Treasure Pavilion truly deserved its name of being the number one shop in South Yue Kingdom. All the medicinal herbs on her list were available here. It was just…in regards to the price, it was equivalently heart wrenching.

For example, a stalk of Purple Basil Grass was worth ten silvers, while one flower bud of the Fire Sunflower was eight silvers….

And – these were only prices for the lowest grade of herbs. If one wanted a higher grade of herbs, the prices multiplied by a few fold.

Gritting her teeth and looking at the list given by the little phoenix, she needed at least one hundred of each. On top of the fact that they needed to all be high grade too. In all, if she wanted to obtain everything, she needed at least thirty thousand silvers.

Rubbing her money pouch wryly, Huang Yue Li felt that the reality was cold and harsh.

Before leaving, she had questioned the maid Cai Wei. Afterwards she was told how pitifully poor she really was.

Ever since the disappearance of Bai Liu Feng, her second uncle Bai Liu Jing had used various “excuses” to assume control over family finances.

Bai Ruo Li did not possess a single cent. Previously she had relied on pawning various antiques in order to survive the days.

The fifty silvers within her possession were only obtained yesterday after extorting Bai Ruo Yan. With them, she could only buy five stalks of Purple Basil Grass.

However, she did not pin any hope in purchasing many herbs from a measly fifty silvers. She had already long planned it out; She was not the continent’s number one Armament Refiner for nothing. Even though the current her was greatly weakened and could not absorb any Profound Qi, creating a few toys were beyond trifling. Through that, will she earn her money.

But after one lap, she tragically discovered something.

She wasn’t just ordinarily poor, she was miserably poor!

Turned out that even the lowest materials for refining exorbitantly priced! There was no way for the current her to afford it!

In her eyes, an extremely crappy, rotten iron low grade furnace already cost eight hundred silvers. Not to be mention the other items. It was basically highway robbery.

In actual fact, she didn’t know that the Armament Profession was built upon money.

The previous her, was born into a large family. Coupled with her genius innate talent, all kinds of precious materials were easily obtained. Naturally she couldn’t put these low grade products within her view scope. But in the South Yue Kingdom, these low grade materials were luxury products that only royalty and aristocracy could afford.

As Huang Yue Li was pondering the question of earning more money, a familiar voice sounded beside her.

“This profound weapon, how much is it?”

Turning her head, she saw that it was Bai Ruo Yan behind her.

This incidental meeting caused Huang Yue Lie to smile. Her luck seemed to be quite good. Just was she was thinking how she lacked money, someone came to deliver money to her.

By then, Bai Ruo Yan had also noticed her, and her facial expression immediately turned hostile.

“Bai Ruo Li! You cheap slut, why are you here??”

Huang Yue Li sneered and replied: “Did you lose your mind? You even need to ask why? The sole purpose in coming to a store is to purchase merchandise.”

Bai Ruo Yan sarcastically laughed too: “On what basis can you do that? Can you afford anything within Thousand Treasure Pavilion? You are so poor that you probably can’t even afford a single stalk right?”

Huang Yue Li smiled: “Whether or not I can afford it, does not seem to be related to you right? On the hand, I find it quite puzzling. Just yesterday……someone was involved in such a scandal yet dare to go out today. They really do have skin thicker than the city walls!”

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At the mention of yesterday’s events, Bai Ruo Yan couldn’t help but want to kill her: “You still dare to appear in front of me! Yesterday….yesterday’s affairs were orchestrated by you right? You dare to fool me like that, I will whip you to death, you slut!”

As she spoke, she pulled out her whip and lashed out.

Huang Yue Li had long predicted this. Stepping out, she dodged the strike.

Lashing out spitefully, Bai Ruo Yan couldn’t even touch a even a single thread on Huang Yue Li’s clothes.

Her anger was aroused further. Just thinking back to yesterday’s shame on the street when she was being ridiculed and pointed at. She was nearly kicked out too. All she wanted to do now, was to whip Huang Yue Li to death and relieve the hate and anger she harboured deep within her.

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Chapter 13