Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 114

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“Fifth Rank or higher? Did I mishear?”

“God! How is this possible? This kind of Armament Master is a person from legends!”

“If these were profound armaments refined by a Fifth Rank Armament Master, then they would definitely be stronger than ordinary third levelled armaments!”

“I really didn’t come in vain today! I could actually witness a Fifth Rank Armament Master’s works. Even if I cannot successfully bid for one, viewing one is already the accumulation of three lifetimes worth of fortune!”

As the guests below rose in an uproar, their eye sparkled with excitement.

Even the ever gloomy faced Crown Prince’s spirit were raised from the news. He raised his head with great movement, heart beating rapidly.

Today….He still didn’t come in vain!

The auctioned profound armaments from Thousand Treasure Pavilion, truly surpassed his expectations this time!

Even within Heavenly Body College, a Fifth Rank Armament Master’s work was a treasure that few people would be able to hold!

Although he had been wiped to the floor by Bai Ruo Li and the mysterious male beside her, if he was able to obtain that complete set of profound armour, then everything would have been worth it!

Seeing as the atmosphere was once again set ablaze, the smile on Manager Sun’s became wider.

“Then I will no longer wait on everyone’s appetites. We shall began to bid for the first third levelled profound armament.”

In one swift movement, Manager Sun whipped open the red sandalwood chest.

The silver blade that lay within immediately started to glow with a dazzling light.

As Manager Sun took out the silver sword for all to see, he also introduced it: “This blade is named the Autumn Water Sword! Just from its outer appearance, I am sure that everyone is able to tell it is a profound weapon with formidable offensive capabilities! That’s right, this blade is a third levelled upper grade profound weapon and can amplify attacks by six fold!”

Anyone who heard this, all drew in their breaths.

“Third levelled upper grade? ?”

“Amplification of six fold!”

“And this is the first time for me to ever see a third levelled profound weapon! Truly deserves it reputation!”

“Not just well deserved reputation! I once heard that a third levelled upper grade profound weapon is capable of amplifying attack prowess by three folds, four for good ones. Whereas this blade has actually reached six fold? This is something difficult to achieve even for fourth levelled upper grade profound weapons! Was it me who misheard, or Thousand Treasure Pavilion who spoke incorrectly?”

Hearing the discussion and misgivings of the crowd below, Manager Sun smiled with great satisfaction.

“Today’s profound armaments have all been personally verified by the Armament Guild’s Vice President, guaranteeing its grade and abilities. There is no possibility of being incorrect! However, to convince my honoured guests, we have specially hired a practitioner to test it.”

As he said this, a few practitioners clothed in black, light armour walked onto the stage.

Manager sun began to introduce: “These bodyguards are commanders of our Thousand Treasure Pavilion defense force. They are third stage Spirit Profound Realm cultivators. For the next act, it shall be them who will test the profound armament for all to see.”

As his words fell, restlessness coursed below.

Within South Yue, Spirit Profound Realm practitioners were very rare and could all become lords. The Emperor himself would also have to take the initiative to win them over.

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While Thousand Treasure Pavilion actually Spirit Profound Realm practitioners as bodyguards!

Not even the Emperor would be this extravagant. How deep did Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s power run?

All the while, the Crown Prince was staring at the stage rigidly, face pale.

He had recognized the face. That bodyguard was the exact guard who had blocked his steps at the entrance!

No wonder that bodyguard was not afraid of him, the Crown Prince. It was all because his cultivation was far above his; he didn’t put him in his eyes!

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Chapter 114