Permanent Martial Arts Chapter 1955 – First Target, Orbital Holy Land!

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Chapter 1955: First Target, Orbital Holy Land!

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The seven holy lands actually had little secrets from each other.

After all, they had fought each other for countless years. They probably all had some internal arrangements, and knew the exact situation in the other holy lands like the back of their hands.

However, recently, the Principled Sword Sect had been making frequent moves. They had begun to summon almost all the disciples and elders of the Principled Sword Sect who were outside. Moreover, the Principled Sword Sect was frequently using some unconventional methods to investigate the specific situations of the other six holy lands.

The various abnormal actions of the Principled Sword Sect had already attracted the attention of the other six holy lands.

“What’s going on with the Principled Sword Sect?”

“The Principled Sword Sect has been making frequent moves recently. They seem to be gathering their strength. Could they be preparing to make a major move?”

“What major move can they make now? Could the Principled Sword Sect be preparing to expand?”

“There’s no aura of an eternal supreme treasure either. I wonder what the Principled Sword Sect is preparing?”

Many holy lands speculated about the frequent movements of the Principled Sword Sect, but no one knew the true goal of the Principled Sword Sect.

However, these holy lands did not leave it alone. Instead, they paid closer attention to every move of the Principled Sword Sect.

At this moment, in the forbidden place in the Principled Sword Sect…

Reverend Principled Sword, the other Reverend, and Tiandu were all gathered.

Recently, Tiandu had been comprehending the eternal supreme treasure. As the son of the universe, his talent was naturally top-notch. Hence, he really comprehended something, and his comprehension of the rule of space also advanced by leaps and bounds.

In fact, it would not take long for him to completely master the rule of space, and become an invincible entity!

After becoming an invincible entity and refining the eternal supreme treasure, he could immediately become a new Reverend!

The future ahead of Tiandu was bright. Even without Lin Feng, the Principled Sword Sect was already going to have a third Reverend. It could be considered very powerful.

However, all of this was now overshadowed by Lin Feng’s ambition and plan.

Lin Feng’s plan was already prepared. They were going to attack the other six holy lands, and destroy these holy lands with overwhelming force.

“Reverend Chaos, we’ve set our first target on the Orbital Alliance. What do you think?” Reverend Principled Sword asked cautiously.

Lin Feng was now “Reverend Chaos”. It could be considered a new identity arranged by the Principled Sword Sect. This operation was not conducted with Lin Feng’s identity alone, but in the name of the Principled Sword Sect.

As for why Lin Feng did this?

In reality, even the heavens did not know, and neither did Reverend Principled Sword.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “All right, this Orbital Alliance it is.”

In reality, which holy land to deal with first made no difference to Lin Feng at all. In any case, he had to deal with them all.

Once they began to take action, he believed that it would definitely affect the situation of the entire universe.

At that time, it would even cause some changes in the timeline. Then, Lin Feng would have a chance of finding the abnormal spacetime node.

Lin Feng’s goal was actually very simple. It was to find the Spacetime Heart. This was his only goal!

The Orbital Alliance was one of the seven holy lands.

The Orbital Alliance could not be considered the most ancient holy land, but it could be ranked in the top three among the seven holy lands!

The reason was very simple. There were a total of three Reverends in the Orbital Alliance!

Moreover, two of the three Reverends had comprehended the principle of spacetime. On top of that, their eternal supreme treasures were also very powerful. If not for their foundation being a little lacking, they would even develop the ambition to seize the throne of the first holy land.

Hence, no one dared to underestimate the Orbital Alliance.

At this moment, the hall of the Orbital Alliance was filled with people. It was very lively.

The three Reverends were actually all gathered. There were also many elders and core disciples of the Orbital Alliance.

“Is the Principled Sword Sect really advancing towards our Orbital Alliance?” One of the three Supreme Elders of the Orbital Alliance, the famous Reverend Orbital, said in a solemn tone. His gaze was sharp as a blade, and he even commanded authority naturally.

The moment Reverend Orbital received the information, he almost could not believe that the Principle Sword Sect actually dared to attack the Orbital Alliance.

Even now, after confirming the ambition of the Principled Sword Sect, Reverend Orbital still found it unbelievable.

How could the Principled Sword Sect dare to attack the Orbital Alliance?

No matter how one compared it, the strength of the Orbital Alliance was stronger than the Principled Sword Sect.

“Supreme Elders, our current intelligence has confirmed that the Principled Sword Sect has already taken action, and they’ve practically mobilized all their forces. Led by two Reverends and many elders and core disciples, they’re advancing towards our Orbital Alliance aggressively. They’re clearly targeting our Orbital Alliance.” Someone from the intelligence department reported cautiously.

This news was too shocking.

Even the people of the Orbital Alliance could not quite believe it.

There were many dirty dealings between the seven holy lands, and the relationship between the Orbital Alliance and the Principled Sword Sect was indeed not good. They had once been at each other’s throats.

However, no matter how despicable the seven holy lands were in the dark, they would not make it public, let alone mobilize even the Reverends and insist on fighting to the death.

There must be some secret behind this.

“They’re coming!”

Suddenly, Reverend Orbital’s expression darkened as he stared at the void.

At this moment, outside the cosmic wonder, the people from the Principled Sword Sect were already approaching aggressively, led by the two Reverends.

“It’s not easy to break the cosmic wonder, but two Reverends like us are enough!” Reverend Principled Sword said in a low voice.

Having arrived outside the Orbital Alliance and already knew that it was impossible for the two parties to reconcile. In that case, they no longer held any hope of getting lucky, and even took the initiative to attack.


As the two Reverends attacked, at once, the powerful cosmic wonder failed to withstand the power of the two Reverends. Soon, a huge crack was torn open, revealing the headquarters of the Orbital Alliance inside.

“How dare you! Reverend Principled Sword, your Principled Sword Sect actually dares to invade our Orbital Alliance. Are you trying to start a war in the holy land?”

Suddenly, Reverend Orbital’s voice sounded from the Orbital Alliance.

At the same time, hundreds of figures had already appeared outside the cosmic crack. They were the three Reverends of the Orbital Alliance. They led the core forces of the Orbital Alliance and rushed over in time.

“Oh? Reverend Orbital, so what if it’s a war in the holy land?”

Reverend Principled Sword glanced at Lin Feng, and calmed down instead.

Normally, almost all the Reverends would not dare to start a battle in the holy lands.

However, that might not be the case now. With Lin Feng’s appearance, everything would change. In fact, the holy lands would even be destroyed!

Reverend Orbital was furious. His gaze swept across Reverend Principled Sword and Tiandu, before landing on Lin Feng.

Gradually, Reverend Orbital’s gaze became bewildered. In the end, his gaze even gradually sharpened, and monstrous waves surged in the depths of his heart.

“A Reverend, a new Reverend! Who exactly are you?”

Reverend Orbital clearly discovered Lin Feng’s uniqueness.

“Heh, there’s no need to ask. This is a hidden Supreme Elder of our Principled Sword Sect!” Reverend Principled Sword sneered.

“Is this what your Principled Sword Sect is relying on?”

Reverend Orbital drew a deep breath and gave Lin Feng a long look. A huge sense of danger arose in his heart. At this moment, he felt that the Principled Sword Sect had really concealed itself deeply.

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There were actually three Reverends hidden!

Moreover, he could also tell that there was even an eternal supreme treasure in Tiandu’s body. In other words, Tiandu was almost ready to become a Reverend. In the future, there would be four Reverends in the Principled Sword Sect.

How explosive was this news?

“Principled Sword Sect, you should never have attacked us at this time. If you wait until Tiandu becomes a Reverend, when the time comes, with the power of four Reverends, your Principled Sword Sect might really be able to severely injure our Orbital Holy Land. But now? You’re still a little lacking!”

Reverend Orbital waved his hand. Immediately, the three Reverends in the holy land all released their auras. A terrifying aura soared into the sky like a volcanic eruption.

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Chapter 1955