Permanent Martial Arts Chapter 1954 – Controlling the Principled Sword Sect!

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Chapter 1954: Controlling the Principled Sword Sect!

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Reverend Principled Sword was very vigilant.

He was an esteemed Reverend. There were only so many Reverends in the entire universe, and they definitely would not conceal themselves. Reverend Principled Sword knew this very well.

However, Reverend Principled Sword was certain that the Lin Feng in front of him was definitely not any of the Reverends he had known before. In fact, he was not even from the seven holy lands.

In other words, this was a completely unfamiliar Reverend!

This was very frightening. Although the great universe was huge, Reverends stood at the peak of the entire universe. They could not appear casually. It was impossible for a completely unfamiliar Reverend to suddenly appear.

In fact, Reverend Principled Sword was very vigilant.

Being able to possess spacetime power meant that one had comprehended the principle of spacetime. Even among Reverends, such Reverends would be at the top.

Tiandu shook his head and replied, “Great Reverend, I don’t know who this senior is either. He suddenly appeared in my secret chamber, and… and he gave me an eternal supreme treasure!”

Tiandu had no intention of hiding it. In reality, he could not.

How dazzling was an eternal supreme treasure?

Actually, the moment Tiandu entered, Reverend Principled Sword already knew about the eternal supreme treasure on Tiandu. This was also because Tiandu had not refined it.

If he refined it, Reverend Principled Sword would not be able to sense it.

But now, Reverend Principled Sword had clearly sensed it.

It was only because Lin Feng made Reverend Principled Sword even more wary that he did not ask about the eternal treasure on Tiandu.

However, how could Reverend Principled Sword have expected that the eternal treasure on Tiandu was actually “given” by this mysterious Reverend in front of him? This had almost exceeded the imagination of Reverend Principled Sword.

Who would give an eternal supreme treasure?

Now that Lin Feng had seen Reverend Principled Sword, he did not intend to conceal himself anymore. Instead, he said directly, “Reverend Principled Sword, actually, I came here this time to destroy the Principled Sword Sect. However, after seeing Tiandu, I changed my mind. Perhaps controlling the Principled Sword Sect will be more conducive to the success of my plan than destroying it.”

“Destroy the Principled Sword Sect?”

Reverend Principled Sword was shocked. He even sent a message to the second Reverend of the Principled Sword Sect immediately.

“Sir, you certainly talk big!”

Reverend Principled Sword did not back down either. Even though he could not see through Lin Feng’s background, he was only a Reverend at most. How powerful was the foundation of the Principled Sword Sect? Reverend Principled Sword was one of the oldest Reverends. How could he be threatened by Lin Feng so easily?

Even if Lin Feng could casually take out an eternal supreme treasure, he would not really be able to make Reverend Principled Sword submit with just a few words.

“Is that so?”

Lin Feng gave a half-smile. He knew that if he wanted to completely control the Principled Sword Sect, this Reverend Principled Sword in front of him had to be subdued.

The simplest and most direct way to subdue a Reverend was to let the other party completely realize the difference between them, and even despair completely.


In the next moment, the medium chiliocosm power on Lin Feng’s body erupted wildly.

Right now, Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm power could even easily trap Void Overlords, who were Reverends in this universe.

Moreover, there was a faintly discernible River of Spacetime in the medium chiliocosm.

An extremely terrifying pressure pressed down hard on Reverend Principled Sword.

At the same time, another powerful aura appeared. It was the second Reverend of the Principled Sword Sect.

However, it was useless. As Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm descended, the entire Principled Sword Sect was enveloped by Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm.


Lin Feng did not move at all. He only allowed the medium chiliocosm to descend. The entire Principled Sword Sect, including the two Reverends, was firmly suppressed.

Even if Reverend Principled Sword wanted to use his eternal supreme treasure, he was actually unable to move under the heavy suppression of Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm power.


The next moment, there was also the mighty River of Spacetime.

Moreover, the spacetime prison in the River of Spacetime was faintly discernible. The aura it emitted made even Reverend Principled Sword sense danger.

That was the danger of death!

In other words, if he dared to make any abnormal moves again, Lin Feng would probably really be able to kill him completely!

At this thought, be it Reverend Principled Sword or the second Reverend, they were actually a little stunned. They had never thought that without even attacking yet, their opponent already intimidated them against acting and easily suppressed them.

Lin Feng’s expression was cold as he asked coldly, “Reverend Principled Sword, am I qualified now?”

Reverend Principled Sword was very aggrieved, but he knew very well that no matter how unwilling he was, it was useless.

Lin Feng could really kill them.

“Senior, please retract your divine ability. We will follow your instructions.” After a long while, Reverend Principled Sword said slowly, clearly expressing his submission.

So what if they did not submit?

Lin Feng’s strength was too strong. In fact, his comprehension of the principle of spacetime was far deeper than that of Reverend Principled Sword.

However, no matter how much Reverend Principled Sword racked his brains, he could not understand when such an unfamiliar and terrifying expert had appeared in the universe. Even the two of them were far from his match.

“Very good. You should know that submitting to me is your only path! All right, my goal is very simple. It is to use your Principled Sword Sect as the foundation to completely control the entire great universe!” Lin Feng stated his goal directly.

“Control the entire universe?”

Reverend Principled Sword was very shocked. He knew that Lin Feng had ambitions and goals, but he did not know that Lin Feng’s ambition was actually so great that he wanted to completely unify the great universe.

It had to be known that there were still six holy lands and more than a dozen Reverends!

Since ancient times, no one had ever completely taken over the entire universe.

“That’s right. You didn’t hear wrongly. I want to control the entire universe and completely destroy the other six holy lands. Well, as for my identity, I’ll take it that I’m the third Reverend hidden in your Principled Sword Sect, and the strongest Reverend!” Lin Feng said indifferently.

Reverend Principled Sword tried to say something, only to hesitate. However, when he thought of Lin Feng’s terrifying strength, it seemed like it was not impossible for him to destroy the other six holy lands. But even though he had personally witnessed Lin Feng’s strength, he still found the idea of destroying the six holy lands a little unbelievable.

However, Reverend Principled Sword was powerless to resist.

Since Reverend Principled Sword was powerless to resist, he calmed down and thought about it carefully. It did not seem to be entirely a bad thing. If Lin Feng succeeded, although Lin Feng would be the one to obtain benefits, the Principled Sword Sect would also obtain infinite benefits.

After all, on the surface, Lin Feng was the third Reverend secretly nurtured by the Principled Sword Sect!

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At that time, the orthodoxy of the Principled Sword Sect would also be saved, and it could even dominate the great universe. How grand was this?

Perhaps Reverend Principled Sword might also dream of seeing that day.

“Go and compile a list of enemies of your Principled Sword Sect. Mainly, for the other six holy lands, I’ll target whoever has the greatest grudge with your Principled Sword Sect first.”

With that, Lin Feng retracted the medium chiliocosm, and even lived in the forbidden area of the Principled Sword Sect openly.

As for the specific arrangements, Tiandu and Reverend Principled Sword were fully in charge!

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Chapter 1954