Long Live The Emperor! Chapter 661 – 60. The Invaded Universe, the Truth of the World

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Chapter 661: 60. The Invaded Universe, the Truth of the World

“Two places,” Ya Zi replied.

“Why?” the black-robed Overgod asked.

Ya Zi said, ” Only Qiongqi and I have the greatest resentment in this land. ” He and I can only look at two places.”

“I can guard a place by myself. The area around the Twelve Men of Gold Mystic Formation happens to be the kingdom of my children,” the black-robed Supreme God said.

Seeing that the conversation was heading towards a stalemate, the Supreme God in the lead said, “” Let’s do as Ya Zi said and set two divine halls as traps. They can kill the ones outside. We’ll set these two places and kill them all at once. ”

A conspiracy came to an end.

The tip of the iceberg of the shocking secrets of the universe had been unraveled.

This conspiracy was the continuation of the alliance that had been formed in that instant.

The Heavenly Dao was brilliant, the universe was boundless, and it covered countless galaxies and star clusters. The human world was just the most special part of this boundless world, but it was not big.

Although the human world was not small, it was just a grain of sand by the sea in the eyes of the universe.

The battle between universes and the battle between Heavenly Dao was called the Dao War.

The Cultivation tournament had lasted for many years and involved many aspects. No one could escape from this battle.

Everyone was just a participant in this battle, and they were also unable to escape.

And the killing tribulation continued…

However, the Cultivation tournament had already brought about a disaster.

This was an unprecedented chaotic world.

No one could strategize. Those who were full of confidence were destined to be shattered into dust, while those who were careful would still die. This was a world that would not give you hope or the possibility of survival.

When a mortal dies, they enter the cycle of reincarnation, and their divine soul is crushed into a new soul.

After the talismans died, they turned into vengeful souls and became nutrients for the Blacktide.

The strongest person would fuse with the Heavenly Dao and become a meal for the Heavenly Dao.

People would always use false hope to numb themselves, thinking that as long as they did something, they could change something and get something. In fact…

It was all just a dream.

If the Heavenly Dao was the consciousness, then the universe was the body.

As nutrients in his body, why was he so confident?

But … Even so, he still had to do it.

Xia Ji closed the book.

He gathered his recent knowledge into a book and began to read it out. After that, he provided it for others to refer to and learn from.

The reason why he closed the book was because a woman dressed in nun clothes had come to the front of the mountain.

She was covered in a black silk dress that was almost transparent. Her long hair was tied up in a snow-white headscarf, and her eyes were charming, like spring water that could stir one’s heart.

This was ‘Black Fox King’ killing.

Since Sha Sheng was here, she naturally knew the identity of the man before her. She didn’t say anything more, put her palms together, and knelt down on Xia Ji’s knees.

Actually, Xia Ji had already heard about the situation from Madam Cheng Xue.

Back in Weizhou, the reason why there were still some demons who were close to the Human Sect was because of King White Fox.

The White Fox King was the nun Huixin of the Northern Fox Tribe.

However, King Black Fox had been in Yanzhou all this time and only came to meet him now.

“How many are there now?” Xia Ji asked.

” Spiritual Qi is abundant, ” King Black Fox said. ” I’ve never slacked off in my cultivation. I already have nine tails. However, the path of cultivation is endless. The path after that is still unknown.”

“Have you done evil in your daily life?” Xia Ji asked.

” I’ve been educated by you, ” King Black Fox said frankly. ” I’ve never committed any crimes. ”

Xia Ji pointed at the Saha Tree and said, “”Sit.”

Her words were like a warm spring breeze, and a light shone in the heart of Black Fox King. Back then, she had some other thoughts about this person in front of her, but they had long disappeared in the river of time. She had even found her own cultivation partner.

Therefore, King of Black Fox hesitated.

“If there’s anything else, just say it.” Xia Ji smiled.

King Black Fox said, ” I have a fellow daoist who is in the form of a mountain tiger. He has been cultivating for thousands of years. After hearing your name, he also wanted to come here to listen to your lecture…” May I?”

” This is the Wang Family Town, ” Xia Ji said. ” I’ll come back to listen to the lecture when I open the gates. ”

Just as he finished speaking, the members of the Wang clan by the side directly said,”Sir, this matter is fine. Since the Empress has returned, my Wang family is prepared to reappear in front of the world.”

Xia Ji looked at Black Fox King. ” Let it come then. But if it comes to me, I will kill it. ”

King Black Fox bowed respectfully again. ” Thank you…” Old …”

She was a little frightened and couldn’t make a sound. She looked up at the man.

Xia Ji smiled and nodded.

Only then did Black Fox King finish his sentence, “”Thank you, teacher.”

She was once transformed by Xia Ji and would be educated by Xia Ji in the future, so it was natural for her to call him teacher.

As time passed, Xia Ji awakened the intelligence of many mountain spirit foxes. Other than ants, spiders, and foxes…

Thus, Xia Ji found a quiet place outside Wang Family Town and built a thatched cottage to preach.

Gradually, all kinds of demons came.

Now, Xia Ji was extremely sensitive to good and evil. If it was a person who had committed a heinous crime, he could almost see through it with a single glance and kill him casually. The knowledge he taught naturally contained his understanding of good and evil. To a certain extent, any demon who had benefited from him in the future would share some of the good and evil with him.

On this day, in late autumn, Xia Ji was preaching his Dao as usual, spreading his karma and accumulating his karma.

Suddenly, Madam Xue’s expression changed.

Seeing Madam Xue’s expression change, Xia Ji knew that something had happened.

He stopped preaching and closed his eyes.

With a thought, he followed Madam Xue’s gaze and looked thousands of miles away.

His expression changed.

To be more precise, the boundary was beyond Madam Xue’s observation range. It was the limit, and the area was covered in gray, so she couldn’t see what was going on.

However, at Madam Xue’s level, even if she couldn’t see it, she had a strong premonition that something bad was happening in the gray area.

Xia Ji felt it too.

This area was where Little Su, Miao Miao, and Bai Zhu had stepped into.

From the outside, one could see long blades of grass that stretched ten miles into the sky. In the center was an Earth Boundary Stele.

On the Earth Boundary Stele, it was carved: Luo King City.

The three words were like blood. In the distance, the dark clouds were heavy and the wind was howling. It seemed to indicate that something ominous was happening.

” That’s all for today’s sermon, ” Xia Ji said. ” You can leave now. ”

The group of demons and the cultivators who were listening knew that their teacher must have something to do, so they left respectfully.

Xia Ji knocked on the ground.

The distant Saha Tree understood and extended a root to Xia Ji’s feet. Madam Xue’s primordial spirit returned to her body and extended a root.

“Does Qi Jue know what happened in Luo King City?” Xia Ji asked.

Qi Jue was the name that the Saha Tree Demon had invited him to.

“I can’t see clearly.” The old tree demon waved his hand.

Xia Ji’s thoughts were flying as he said, “”Send Nian Ying three hundred miles outside Luo King City.”

“Yes,” Qi Jue said.

“Nian Ying, stay 300 miles away and monitor the surroundings.”

“Yes, teacher,” said Madam Xue.

With that, she disappeared from where she was.

“Can you send me directly into the fog?” Xia Ji asked again.

“That gray aura hides an unknown terrifying power…” Qi Jue said.

“Can the roots go in?” Xia Ji asked.

Qi Jue’s roots, which were rooted under the ground, began to probe. Soon, he replied,”No, that aura has isolated us from detection and all kinds of approaches.”

“How close can we get?” Xia Ji asked.

“Ten miles, I can airdrop Buddha into the city from ten miles away,” Qi Jue said. My airdrop will be very fast. It will only take an instant for me to cover a distance of ten miles.”

“How long will the Ten Thousand Mile Earth Evasion take?” Xia Ji asked.

“Three seconds,” Qi Jue said.

Xia Ji calculated silently in his heart…

It would take about four seconds from where he was standing to when he crashed into the gray Luo King City.

“When I say we’re leaving, you’ll bring me into the earth and then throw me into the city,” he said.

“Yes…” Qi Jue said.

After saying this, Xia Ji’s expression was calm. He waved his hands, and the world changed colors.

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The Wheel of Yin Yang Karmic Book, which emitted a great pressure, lay across the sky and covered the brilliance of the scorching sun in the autumn frosty sky.

Xia Ji turned his hands, and Yin and Yang rotated. They condensed and became smaller until they turned into a light wheel the size of a water tank and floated behind him.

He raised his right hand and took out the Underworld Blade.

He moved his left hand and put the Sea Calming Pearl on his neck.

After doing all this, he said to the dumbfounded Qi Jue, “”Let’s go

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Chapter 661