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Chapter 5472: Dao Marks

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He watched with envy.

The true body of this Dao Form should be a supreme-peak expert, at least at the level of Wu Zuo.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a black hole in the Spatial Origin Source; the space had already reached the level of the universe.

After sitting cross-legged on the cushion beside him, Wanyan glanced at the Dao Form and understood why Jian Wushuang had asked him.

“So many Dao Marks!”

Among them, there were dark Dao Marks, with tens of thousands of them, indicating that this Emperor had succeeded in merging with the Origin Source Dao of Darkness.

The Origin Source of Space had also reached the level of the universe.

Wanyan looked at it with longing; this was the peak-level he was pursuing!

When would he be able to reach this level of strength and fear nothing in the river of time?

In his current space, he mainly cultivated the Dao Marks of the Shadow Dao, but there were barely a hundred, pitifully few. There was no condensation of a black hole, only a few stars connected in a line.

Compared to Wanyan, Jian Wushuang had more Dao Marks on his body, but these Dao Marks were not visible.

When he became an Emperor one day, the Dao Marks would erupt, and he might even reach the tier 6 Emperor.

The two stayed here for a long time, comprehending every thing they could from the Dao Form, gaining significant improvement.

Inside Jian Wushuang’s Origin Source Sea, some suspended debris turned into seawater again.

Only a small part remained.

“Perhaps I don’t need to reach the level of a black hole; my Extreme Dao Origin Source can reach its peak!” Jian Wushuang speculated to himself.

The realm of the black hole was too difficult.

Originally, he thought he was getting close, but he discovered that those peak-level tier 5 Emperors were much stronger than him. The black hole condensed by 99 percent couldn’t be broken through.

He could only control 80 percent of the power of the black hole now, which was far from enough.

If he waited for a breakthrough in the realm of the black hole, it might take who knows how long. Even with time acceleration, he had been practicing for almost an epoch, and he still looked like this.

The later it got, the harder it became. Combined with his slow comprehension without the Dao Merge, breaking through the realm of the black hole before reaching the foundation of ten epochs would be challenging.

Time left for him was limited. The longer he delayed, the greater the gap with the other inheritors of the same batch.

He couldn’t afford to procrastinate.

This time, when he came out of seclusion, he heard that Si Tian had reached tier 5.

This couldn’t go on; if he delayed any longer, it wouldn’t be him seizing the Beast God Weapon from Si Tian but Si Tian coming to trouble him.

After all, it hadn’t been long since Si Tian had grown to this level. Who knew if, in a few epochs, the other party would explode, reaching the tier 6 directly, or even the supreme-peak.

Si Tian’s talent was indeed average, but his luck was good. Being able to obtain the components of the Beast God Weapon in the Original Universe was definitely a person with great luck.

This guy, relying on luck, could reach this level. Jian Wushuang hadn’t expected it. Back on the Original Star star of Alpha Nine, Si Tian was the least promising.

The ones with real potential were Hu Qing and Ji Chaoyang.

Apart from the Ultimate Dao, another noteworthy figure was Wan Xing.

Wan Xing’s potential was good; when they met in the Western Sea, he was already a peak-level tier 4. With the gains from the Western Sea over the years, reaching the tier 5 wasn’t difficult.

But Si Tian didn’t have any significant opportunities!

Just that in Elder Palace, he found a backer and could break through so quickly.

This time, he must find a way to deal with Si Tian.

The Beast God Weapon was becoming less and less helpful to him. He needed to enhance the power of the Beast God Weapon.

“Let’s go!” After circling around again and finding nothing missed, the two left the Dao Arena.

The arrangement of this place was peculiar. If not in a hurry, spending some time practicing here would actually be beneficial.

After leaving the Dao Arena, this time there was no dark and narrow path ahead, but a broad and majestic avenue.

On both sides of the road stood grand white jade walls, and the road surface was paved with white stone bricks.

“It’s a bit strange!” Wanyan’s voice was somewhat nervous. A peculiar force emanated from the front, making people uneasy.

It was the smell of blood.

Jian Wushuang also sensed it. Feeling this aura, Jian Wushuang, on the contrary, breathed a sigh of relief. As long as there were no twists and turns, it was fine.

Combat, he preferred it!

Because it was simple!

After walking for a while, the aura became clearer and closer. Indeed, something suspicious was discovered.

Dark red blood flowed under Jian Wushuang’s feet through the gaps in the bricks.

The power of that blood was peculiar, not the blood of cultivators.

Jian Wushuang took out a bottle and collected some of it.

Upon closer inspection, the particles in the blood were distinct, each one a miniature world.

This indicated that the owner of the blood had a powerful physical body, at least not inferior to his own.

It should be a transcendent physique beyond the seventh refinement.

It was like gaining an advance understanding of the opponent’s strength. This scene made Wanyan secretly admire. As a tier 5 peak-level Emperor who had lived countless years, he was surprisingly not as cautious as a junior.

“Be careful; the opponent’s strength is not weak!” Jian Wushuang’s voice was heavy. The trials outside the Demon Sound Hall were guarded by tier 6 Emperors.

Who knew what kind of monsters they might encounter here?

The inheritance of the Demon Sound Hall was not easy to obtain.

Speaking of treasures obtained, there weren’t many, actually. The most valuable thing he gained after crossing the first bridge was 10,000 universe source stones.

As for the owner of this Dao Arena, he wasn’t even a Universe Master.

The harvest was not significant; it merely provided a clearer understanding of oneself during the contemplation of the Dao Form.

On the yet-to-be-seen second bridge, strange occurrences befell Jian

Wushuang, causing a moment of unease.

The two proceeded cautiously, slowing their steps.

Ahead, the amount of blood increased, and the stench of blood grew more intense.

As they walked, Jian Wushuang even faintly heard a gasping sound. However, this gasping sound, elusive and persistent, continued forward. Despite the increasing blood, the source of the gasping remained unseen.

The blood was so thick that there was almost no place to step, and the two proceeded carefully, avoiding any unnecessary trampling.

Looking ahead, they could only traverse the air because the blood had enveloped the entire passage.

In the front, there was no space left for them to enter. The wide road was blocked by the blood.

Just as Jian Wushuang hesitated on whether to force their way forward, Wanyan’s body suddenly burst, startling him.

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“Not good!”

Wanyan felt a hot and spicy breath blowing toward the back of his neck, frightening him to the point that cold sweat broke out. He quickly dodged and turned to look behind.

The sight that met his eyes shocked him. Jian Wushuang, slower to react, also turned his head to where Wanyan was staring in amazement.

There was a peculiar creature with nine heads, each different. Some were male and some female. They sneered at the two, sharp teeth protruding from their mouths, and the blood flowing out of them.

Or rather, the blood was their true form.

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Chapter 5472