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Chapter 5470: Legend

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Great sins!

Those figures, they should be individuals from ancient times, practitioners who lost their way in this place.

Wanyan was momentarily stunned, then nodded.

Just as Jian Wushuang had speculated, it was indeed like this.

With others accompanying them, walking on this dim path, it finally didn’t feel as desolate.

Moreover, since he had saved Wanyan, his spiritual consciousness had undergone a tremendous improvement. His soul realm was already powerful, making it not easy for his consciousness to be destroyed.

“So that’s how it is!” Jian Wushuang realized and couldn’t help but think he had underestimated some of the ancient inheritances.

Such a subtle calculation was simply unprecedented; he had never heard of such a thing before.

This was still the first bridge.

Jian Wushuang, accompanied by Wanyan, continued on the journey. The dim path started to widen, and the two of them walked easily without any sense of fatigue.

Sure enough, less than an hour later, a bridge appeared in front of them. Similar to the first bridge they had encountered, there were hundreds of souls above.

“Absolutely do not do anything!” Jian Wushuang warned.

He had already shared his speculation with Wanyan. They couldn’t harm the souls upon reaching the bridge. First, they would use the power of the godstones to see if they could revive these souls.

Jian Wushuang carefully walked onto the bridge, and a soul stood before him.


Millions of godstones turned into a torrent approaching the soul. He wanted to test if his speculation was correct.

As the torrent approached the souls, they didn’t absorb the power but instead retreated a few steps.

Jian Wushuang was startled but relieved to find that the bridge did not collapse.

In this way, he, along with Wanyan, using the power of the god stones, dispersed the souls blocking their path.

There was still some deviation.

He dared not be careless at all. His steps were slow and steady, even though a hint of cold sweat appeared on his forehead as he looked down at the savage beasts under the bridge. However, he maintained his composure.

“Are we really going to cross like this?” Wanyan couldn’t believe it.

After crossing the first bridge, both of them breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a

sense of ease.

In the moment they crossed, the bridge collapsed again.

But this time, it was already behind them, and the collapse didn’t matter.

Before they could fully rejoice, their figures uncontrollably flew out, the space shifted, and when they appeared again, they were back at the starting point!

Jian Wushuang was a bit frustrated!

What was going on?

Were they being treated like fools?

Unable to save, unable to kill, and unable to proceed.

Wanyan was also somewhat overwhelmed; the trauma they suffered when they lost consciousness earlier was too great.

“It’s over, we’re trapped in a death loop!’

Wanyan’s face looked haggard. Since losing consciousness earlier, their bodies had inexplicably felt tired.

But there was no suppression here!

Jian Wushuang’s gaze was complicated as he said, “Try moving forward again. We can’t linger too long, or we might lose consciousness again. By that time, I might not be able to hold on.”

He had walked the Soul steps in the Western Sea, and his soul and mental strength were relatively powerful, allowing him to endure.

Wanyan, as a tier 5 Emperor of the Original Universe, although he had some significant opportunities, he wasn’t as well-rounded as Jian Wushuang. After hearing Jian Wushuangs words, Wanyan was startled, experiencing a sensation of losing consciousness that was terrifying, akin to the destruction of the soul, leaving only a disembodied spirit.

He didn’t want to get lost in this place.

“Oh right, the first one to enter this place should be Emperor Dongsheng, why isn’t he here?” Jian Wushuang thought of the Emperor who was the first to enter the Demon Sound Hall.

He almost forgot about him.

If he could encounter Wanyan, he should also encounter Dongsheng!

Did he pass through already?

Jian Wushuang found it hard to believe; after all, the Emperor wasn’t particularly special, just a spatial realm higher than him.

If they didn’t break through, and neither of them saw it, their fate would be uncertain by now.

Wanyan shook his head, thinking about the lava under the bridge and those savage beasts.

Considering Dongshengs personality, he might actually swim across.

If he couldn’t make it, he’d end up buried in the mouths of the savage beasts. If he swam across and got transported back, it would probably be even more frustrating.

“Regardless, since this method doesn’t work, let’s try another one!” Jian Wushuang gritted his teeth, a determined force surging.

Cultivators tread the path against the heavens; he refused to believe otherwise.

Since this was an inheritance ground, there must be a way to break through.

He had managed to defeat the Three Kings before; dealing with the perilous traps set by Divine General Moyin shouldn’t be beyond him.

The two of them advanced forward again, this time at an even faster pace.

Within less than an hour, they arrived at the bridge.

Seeing the bridge, both of them breathed a sigh of relief. They weren’t afraid to try; they were afraid of not having the opportunity to try. It would be troublesome if they couldn’t find the bridge. The oppressive feeling of walking an endless path was too much.

Arriving at the bridge, this time Jian Wushuang took out the godstones. In addition to the godstones, he also drew upon the power of his Origin Source.

Under the combination of origin and divine power, the wandering souls retreated instead of being absorbed.

Jian Wushuang decided not to cross the bridge this time and continued to try various methods.

Beside him, Wanyan also used all his tricks, almost kneeling down and kowtowing to these wandering souls, even burning incense.

“What’s wrong?” Jian Wushuang gradually stood on the riverbank, deep in thought.

The wandering souls are on the bridge!

What exactly do they want them to do?

“Soul Crossing!” Jian Wushuangs eye sockets suddenly contracted as he thought of a mundane legend.

However, this story was relatively common among the people.

Back when he was just a commoner, not even a Ruler.

This legend was definitely unrelated to this place, but it could serve as a reference.

The story goes that a scholar heading to the capital for the imperial examination got trapped on a desolate burial mound and wandered for days without finding a way out.

After running out of provisions, he became dizzy with hunger and started seeing unclean things, such as wandering souls and wild ghosts.

These wandering souls and wild ghosts all bowed to him, claiming he was the judge of the underworld sent to save them. They begged the scholar to ferry them across, and in a daze, the scholar actually guided these wandering souls to the underworld’s River Styx.

Freed from the entanglement of wandering souls and wild ghosts, the scholar finally left the burial mound and arrived in the capital on the last day of the imperial examination.

Originally, his knowledge was sufficient for him to be at least a top scholar, but when the results were announced, he unexpectedly became the top scholar.

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He later served as an official in a state, becoming a well-known senior historian in that dynasty. He gathered a group of experts to escort him, and before taking office, he wrote down his experiences.

Although there was a possibility of fabrication, his actions in the mortal realm were no different from the judge of the underworld—first ferrying lost souls, then judging the living.

Jian Wushuang contemplated this legend. The similarities between the two stories were intriguing, and the solution to the puzzle seemed to lie within.

Ferrying souls, that wasn’t his expertise.

However, if he wanted to ferry these wandering souls without using the bridge….

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