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Chapter 432: Deng Huo, You Cannot Escape!

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“Swordsman…” Bone King, Xue Yang, and Beast were astonished and looked at him with widened eyes.

Before that, they had just hoped that Jian Wushuang could pin down Deng Huo, so that Lady Red would be able to deploy the Formation.

They had never expected anything else. But now… What had they seen?

Jian Wushuang was chasing Deng Huo!

Yes, he was chasing.

What’s more, whether Deng Huo could escape was unclear.

“Swordsman wants to kill Deng Huo?”

Even thinking of this possibility was breathtaking for everyone.

Deng Huo was a Heaven-defying expert. In the entire Flaming Battlefield, with no lord at present, he was definitely invincible. There had been so many battles at the Flaming Battlefield. When had a Heaven-defying expert been pursued?

Today’s pursuit was definitely the first time.

The Flaming Battlefield stretched across eight million kilometers and was very vast.

The Outer Area alone was incomparably vast. The experts from the two big camps, i.e. the groups formed by numerous experts of Stage Two, were fiercely fighting in the Outer Area.

At this moment, just in the vast void of the Outer Area, two small teams were fiercely battling.


“Send them to hell!”

Their battle was extremely intense.

At this moment, however, from the distant horizon, a huge Blood River was fast “floating” towards them.

“Deng Huo, you cannot escape!”

A cold voice resounded throughout the sky, making the two teams, who were in a fierce battle, stop fighting.

Many pairs of eyes began to look over at the Blood River.

“Deng Huo? Which Deng Huo?”

All the experts from the small team of the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp were somewhat astounded. However, very soon, they saw the white-robed elder, who was crazily fleeing in front of the Blood River. The aura sent out by the white-robed elder made everyone tremble.

The experts of the small team from the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp immediately recognized the white-robed elder.

“Master Deng Huo! That is Master Deng Huo! ”

“The invincible Master Deng Huo, one of the three Heaven-defying Level experts in our Pale Moon Marquis camp!”

One scream after another was heard, astonishing the experts of the small team from the Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp.

There were not very familiar with Deng Huo, but hearing “Heaven-defying Level” was enough to astonish them.

Yet, the scene in front of them shocked everyone.

“Master Deng Huo is being pursued?”

“How could this be possible? ”

“It’s impossible! ”

The experts of the small team from the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp gave one exclamation after another to express their shock.

“Hurry up! Let’s follow them.”

The expert team from the Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp were extremely excited. They stopped the battle at once. Both teams followed them simultaneously.

Actually, the commotion of Jian Wushuang chasing Deng Huo was very disruptive. He had been chasing for tens of thousands miles from the Jiushe Cave Mansion. The expert teams they had come across were far more than just these two. Yet, everyone was shocked by this scene.

Many teams wanted to follow, but unfortunately, they could not catch up with their speed.

In the midst of the Blood River, Deng Huo’s face was extremely gloomy. His aura had weakened a lot. There was no way out for him. Trapped in the Blood River, his speed was limited. However, Jian Wushuang and that Blood Puppet, who were originally very fast, were faster than him with the assistance of the Blood River, and caught up very quickly.

Every time after they caught up, he would try his best to fend them off, and then using the counterforce to generate some distance. Over and over, his wounds were adding up, and he could not repeat it anymore.

“With this Blood River, I can’t escape. If it continues like this, I’ll really die here. I have no other choice but can only use that.” Deng Huo grit his teeth tightly. In his eyes, there was a strong sense of unwillingness.

Suddenly, Deng Huo stopped and turned around.

“Stopped running away?”

Jian Wushang and the Blood Puppet also stopped. The former shot a glance at the latter, and nodded quietly.

From the start of the attack till now, a quarter of an hour had passed, but the Blood Puppet still had some residual strength.

“Consuming one Blood Gem can only support the Blood Puppet for half a quarter. Now, I have spent three Blood Gems, not only making it more powerful, but also making it last longer.” Jian Wushuang thought secretly.

In the Blood River, Deng Huo looked a mess and was staring at Jian Wushuang with beast-like eyes.

“Swordsman!” Deng Huo shouted.

Near the Blood River, a lot of expert teams from the two big camps had caught up, observing the scene. When they heard “Swordsman”, a commotion was raised.


“The man chasing Deng Huo is called Swordsman?”

“I know about this Swordsman. It’s heard that he has just arrived in the Inner Area recently. It’s said that he owns an extremely powerful Realm Technique, but his own strength is not very strong. But now, it seems the hearsay is wrong. His battle strength is terrifying!”

“The scarlet figure beside him should be a puppet fighter. It is so strong?”

“The Swordsman does not only possess powerful strength and Realm, but also has an awesome puppet fighter. He is so terrifying!”

“Master Deng Huo has stopped running. He knows he has nowhere to go and plans to wage a life-and-death battle?”

The followed experts nearby were discussing in low voices.

“Swordsman.” Deng Huo stared at Jian Wushang with killing intent flashing in his eyes. “I admit, I lose this time. Don’t be smug! What has happened today will be doubled upon you when we meet next time!”

“Next time?” Jian Wushuang slightly narrowed his eyes. This Deng Huo had been forced into such a position. He wanted “next time”?

“What? You really think you can kill me?” Deng Huo sneered scornfully, and then turned his hand upside down. A token appeared in his hand, with a strange wave in it.

That wave was very familiar to Jian Wushuang. It was similar to a wormhole.

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“That is…” Jian Wushang stared at the token in Deng Huo’s hand.

Deng Huo was also staring at the token in his hand, unwilling to give it up. “This Transfer Slip is the most valuable treasure I have after so many adventures in cave mansions. After so many years, no one has ever forced me to use this token, but you.”


“You are a nobody. I have never heard of you before. Today’s battle, however, will become your stepping stone. Very soon, your name will spread across the entire Flaming Battlefield. Yet, I’ll find you very quickly. And then, I’ll slaughter you by myself!”

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Chapter 432