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Chapter 80: Reuse of Waste (1)

8-dan Cast Vein!

As the Myriad Ying Chakra Meridian was initially forged, it also meant that Zhu Wuwan’s strength had broken through a bottleneck and advanced to a new realm.

Zhu Wanhao could clearly feel that the speed of his hands had increased by a lot, far exceeding what it was before. In the future, when he performed the Nine Dragon Fist or practiced some sword techniques or saber techniques, his speed would definitely soar.

The power of the Saber Drawing Technique had also increased by a lot.

The eight Chakra Meridians in his body were like rivers, flowing with surging inner Qi. It was far superior to martial artists of the same level by several times, and its purity was also several times higher.

The powerful Chakra Meridians and abundant Inner Qi naturally brought greater pressure to Zhu Wuwan, which also allowed Zhu Wuwan’s body to obtain better tempering and hammering. Therefore, Zhu Wuwan’s physical fitness was also several times stronger than ordinary martial artists.

With just a raise of his hand, a force of hundreds of thousands of pounds surged along with it, and it could easily destroy houses and giant trees.

The tall buildings on Earth were like tofu in front of Zhu Wuyan. Zhu Wuyan only needed to punch a few times and might be able to collapse a building with dozens of floors.

Zhu Wuan’s overall strength at this moment was not inferior to an ordinary tenth stage Cast Vein martial artist. In other words, the current Zhu Wuan could be considered a quasi-first-rate expert in the martial arts world.

In just half a month or so, Zhu Wuyang had broken through from a powerless ordinary person to this point. It could only be said that Zhu Wuyang’s breakthrough speed was really too fast, so fast that other martial artists could not even see her shadow.

If the cultivation speed of ordinary martial artists was walking, then Zhu Wuyang’s cultivation speed was like riding a rocket.

“Congratulations to the host for breaking through to the eighth level of the Cast Vein for the first time in his life. You have obtained 800,000 breakthrough points…”

Zhu Wuwan was helpless. Another million breakthrough points were forcefully poured over. After absorbing this wave of breakthrough points, Zhu Wuwan’s strength completely stabilized at the eighth stage of the Cast Meridian Realm. Moreover, it had even increased slightly.

I don’t want to break through so quickly. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t allow it!

Zhu Wuan laughed dryly and prepared to choose a courtesan that suited his taste today.

Speaking of which, the number of beauties in the Crown Prince’s Palace had already exceeded 30. It was not a good idea to let them sit in the Crown Prince’s Palace and wait for summons every day. Why not make mahjong and teach them how to play mahjong?

Seeing his women being so bored, Zhu Wuwan couldn’t help but feel sorry for them.

While Zhu Wuan was busy comforting the next courtesan, the curtains of the Zhu royal family’s death competition this month came to an end. All the princes and princesses were on high alert.

Those with poor results were relieved, but those with good results were already thinking hard about ways to save their lives. The entire palace could be said to be turbulent.

One of the undercurrents was rushing towards Zhu Wuyang.

Although Zhu Wuan was already a ” completely crippled ” Crown Prince in everyone’s eyes, he was still a Crown Prince no matter how crippled he was. As long as something happened to him, it would always attract the attention of some people with ulterior motives.

Now that the death competition had just ended, Mad Emperor Zhu Zhenwu was eyeing him like a tiger watching its prey. He was considering which unlucky person to deal with. If he could divert his attention before this, perhaps Mad Emperor Zhu Zhenwu would change his mind.

Since Zhu Wuan, the crown prince, was already ” crippled “, he might as well make use of the trash again. At the very least, he could disrupt Mad Emperor Zhu Zhenwu’s rhythm and give them more time to save their lives.

As a result, seeing that no one paid attention to his good results, Zhu Wuyang, who had thought that he could rest easy, received news from the palace guards that the top ten martial arts masters of the Nine Zhao Country had come to visit him, hoping to join him and become his personal bodyguards.

As for the reason, Zhu Wuan was the Crown Prince of Jiuzhao Country and was likely to become the Emperor in the future. Although he was not popular because his martial arts future was ” ruined “, this was also an opportunity for those peerless experts in the martial arts world.

Once they could become Zhu Wuan’s personal guards and protect his safety, when Zhu Wuan inherited the throne, they would also follow the tide. People would climb to the top and water would flow to the bottom. The three top ten peerless experts in the martial arts world would come to visit Zhu Wuan.

When Zhu Wuwan learned of this news, she had just sent the two courtesans away. The smile on her face immediately disappeared. She waved her hand and said to the guard who came to report, “”No, tell them to scram!”

” But Your Highness, they’ve already arrived at the Crown Prince’s Palace. They’ll be coming in to meet Your Highness soon. ” The guard at the sixth tier of the Cast Vein Realm who came to report the news sneered. A strange expression flashed across his face. Without waiting for Zhu Wuyang to reply, he had already turned around and walked out.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Wuyang confirmed the speculation in her heart. She wanted to kill this arrogant guard, but when she thought about her current identity as an “idiot”, she suppressed her anger and immediately summoned Shi Yixi.

“Your Highness, is there anything you need from this servant? It’s not dark yet.” When Shi Yixi saw Zhu Wuyang, she immediately winked at him.

Zhu Wuwan could not be bothered to punish the seductive Shi Yixi and quickly said, “” I didn’t call you here for that kind of thing. Go to the Palace of Heavenly Purity immediately and tell my father that someone is plotting against me. Moreover, it’s one of the top ten experts in the Jianghu. Please send the experts of the palace to get rid of these people who have offended their superiors. ‘ “Ah…” Shi Yixi could not help but exclaim. ” In that case, Your Highness, why don’t you go to the Palace of Heavenly Purity with me? It’s too dangerous to stay here. ‘

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Zhu Wuan shook his head and pointed at his “sick” right leg. ‘”‘ With This King’s current situation, it’s too troublesome to move. Moreover, the other party doesn’t seem to have any intention of killing This King.

As he spoke, Zhu Wuyang told Shi Yixi about the current situation. Although Shi Yixi was a little silly, she also vaguely sensed something. She did not dare to delay any longer and immediately rushed towards the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

At the same time, in front of the main entrance of the Crown Prince Palace, the top ten peerless experts in the Jiuzhao Kingdom’s martial world, Kong Zhiwei, Kong Zhiwu, and the Blood Sea Scimitar, Gui Zhiya, slowly stepped into the Crown Prince Palace. There were guards around them, smiling as they accompanied them.

The Tibetan Twins and the Blood Sea Scimitar nodded slightly and strode towards Zhu Wuyang’s bedroom. Soon, they barged into the bedroom, looking down on everyone.

During this period, there were also palace maids loyal to Zhu Wuyan who tried to stop them, but they were scolded by the guards who led the way. They could only watch helplessly as the other party entered the Crown Prince’s bedroom..

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