Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 644 – finally seeing my sister (part two) _1

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Chapter 644: Chapter 643-finally seeing my sister (part two) _1

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Xia qingchen nodded. Since they were heading to the cool territory, they had to be prepared to fight against Yu Hualong’s forces.

He sent Xia Yuan and Xia Jie up and sincerely said, “”Father, be patient. Mother’s family will contact you sooner or later.”

Xia Yuan hugged Xia qingchen, his eyes moist. “Child, your father is worried about you! You must take care of yourself!”

Compared to his reunion with Huang yanran, he was more worried about Xia qingchen.

He was still a child, and should have grown up carefreely under the wings of his parents.

However, he was bearing unimaginable pressure as he advanced!

“Father, aunt, you are the ones. Take care of yourselves!” Xia qingchen gave them a deep hug and watched them leave.

He felt relieved.

Now that he had finished his business in the sky moon Ridge, he would head to the military Palace and unlock the White Lotus saintess’s demonic crystal as soon as possible.

He also greeted her-you’re back!

After bidding farewell to the three divine generals and the three great demons, Xia qingchen brought grudgy and Lian Xing with him and headed to the Liang royal residence.

“Hahaha! Good wine! Good wine!” The guest with the bamboo hat took a big gulp of wine and said heroically, ” one must be happy when one is proud of one’s life, don’t let the Golden cup face the moon empty … ‘Cough cough …’Ah, cough, cough, cough …”

Suddenly, he choked on the remaining wine in his mouth. His face turned red and he coughed so hard that he bent over!

Grudgy passed by, its dog eyes revealing the contempt of a King.”Acting tough failed, zero points!”

The guest with the bamboo hat raised his head, the eyes under the brim of the hat stared fiercely at grudgy. “Come, fight 300 rounds with this hero!”

He immediately stood up and stepped out.

Unexpectedly, his foot stepped on the mouthful of beef he had just coughed out.

Because it had already been chewed up, it was very smooth.

When he stepped on it, he instantly slipped!

“Ah!” The guest with the bamboo hat shrieked and immediately fell on his back. All the food and wine on the table were spilled on his side.

That scene was as embarrassing as it could get.

Grudgy painfully closed its eyes and shook its dog head, “”I can’t bear to look at it!”

Xia qingchen’s gaze flickered, and he said expressionlessly, “”Let’s go,” he said.

The group headed straight for the pier, preparing to use a ship to cross the sea and reach the Liang Prince’s residence.

They passed by a Mountain Trail that they had to pass through.

When he walked under a tree, several crisp green leaves rustled down. One of them fell on grudgy’s dog head.

It subconsciously looked up and widened its eyes.

The guest with the bamboo hat stood on a branch with one hand on his waist and the other pointing to the vast distance. He said heroically, “”The endless falling trees are rustling, and the endless Yangtze River is rolling! The young man under the tree, can you see the World In My Eyes?”

That attitude, tone, and tone were like a master on the shore, pointing out the world.

Without waiting for Xia qingchen to reply, he continued, “”You definitely can’t see that my eyes are filled with two words-the world!”

Grudgy’s mouth twitched,”isn’t that four words?”

The guest with the bamboo hat immediately coughed dryly and glared at grudgy in anger. “Don’t pay attention to these minor details! In short, I’m a man of great talent and strategy, unprecedented and unparalleled …”


The two crows flew side by side and pulled down two lumps of bird poop.

One fell on his finger, while the other fell beside his mouth.

“Ah! PEI PEI PEI! Slap Crow, damn Crow, I hate you …” The man in the bamboo hat trembled with anger.

Unexpectedly, when he stomped his feet, there was damp moss on the branches.

He stepped on it and slipped again.


This time, he had fallen from a tree that was several Zhang tall. The result was obvious.

His butt was the first to land on the ground, and coincidentally, he fell onto a hard rock!

What was inconceivable was that the area within ten Zhang of the tree was all soft soil.

There was only a stone the size of a human head protruding.

And he didn’t fall anywhere, but he fell accurately on the stone!

Xia qingchen’s eyelids twitched, and he faintly felt that even his buttocks were in pain.

“Ah!” Sure enough, the bamboo hat man let out a pig-like scream and rolled on the ground.

“Lord Chen, is this guy possessed by an unlucky spirit?” grudgy was speechless.

“If you know, why don’t you stay away from him?” Xia qingchen asked.

“Let’s go!” Lian Xing shuddered.

Who would want to be associated with such an unlucky person?

“Don’t leave!” The man in the bamboo hat covered his buttocks and got up. He was so angry that he threw the bamboo hat off his head.

Surprisingly, under the bamboo hat was the face of a ten-year-old girl!

Two lines of tears that had not yet been wiped off hung from her clear black and white eyes.

Chui Dan’s scary little face was filled with grievance and anger.

She swung her legs angrily and shook off the stilts that were tied to her feet.

No wonder she didn’t know how to wrestle. It turned out that in order to pretend to be an adult, she had installed this under her feet.

“You’re moon, right?” The little girl took out a chirping demonic insect.

A similar sound rang out from Xia qingchen’s sleeve.

He took out a similar demonic insect and said meaningfully, “”Your demonic insects should belong to Luo shuixian, right? How could it be with a little girl like you?”

It was the zimu chirping bug that Luo shuixian had given him, and the other one should be in Luo shuixian’s hands.

“You’re the little girl!” The little girl rubbed her still-painful buttocks and bared her fangs and brandished her claws. I’m ye Linglong, the invincible heroine who challenges the universal board!

Ye Linglong?

Xia qingchen had never heard of this name before, but this surname …

“You’re little sister ye moqiong?” Xia qingchen probed.

Ye moqiong had once said that his sister had also come to sky moon Ridge and tried to challenge the various experts.

Could it be that this little bean was his sister?

“Who’s his sister? I’m his nemesis!” cut the crap, ” ye Linglong said angrily. I’m going to challenge you today!

Grudgy couldn’t help but burst into laughter,”in front of me, dugu qiubai, you dare to say that you’re invincible?” Hahaha … Hahahaha!”

Ye Linglong blinked and said in surprise, “”You’re invincible? Really?”

“I’m sure!”

“Then I’ll challenge you!”

Grudgy patted its chest and said,”sure!”

grudgy? ” Xia qingchen had a smile that was not a smile. grudgy, you aren’t her match.

“Lord Chen, you’re underestimating your own dog. I’ve followed you until now, and I’ve never been defeated!” Grudgy was very dissatisfied.

Xia qingchen smiled. your strength is indeed above hers. However, you definitely won’t be able to win against her.

“I don’t believe it!” Grudgy stepped forward and shouted, ” little girl, I’ll let you see Lord dog’s mighty and extraordinary battle shadow …


Suddenly, a withered branch fell down without any warning and hit grudgy’s head.

It was smashed on the spot, and it said in a daze, “”Damn it, he really knows how to smash it!”

It was even angrier and said valiantly, “”Come on, little girl! Master dog, I …”


Grudgy tripped over a branch buried in the mud and fell into the mud on the spot.

“I … This is a great humiliation, my master dog …”


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A huge bird flew past above. A bag on it loosened and fell down, hitting grudgy’s head!

Grudgy was knocked unconscious on the spot. Its eyes rolled back and it spat white saliva.

Ye Linglong picked up her bamboo hat and blew on it lightly, looking like an expert. “You have lost.”

Zhang Lian Xing was dumbfounded,”Xia lang, this …” Isn’t this too unbelievable?”

Grudgy hadn’t even made a move and it was already so unlucky … He had lost!

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Chapter 644