Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 643 – chopped into nine pieces

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Chapter 643: Chapter 642-chopped into nine pieces

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“Speak!” Xia qingchen spoke coldly.

No flower’s eyes flickered. He used his finger to move Xia qingchen’s sword away and said, “”You have to promise that if I tell you, you won’t kill me!”

Now that things had come to this, he still wanted to live?

He was half responsible for the White Lotus saintess’s current situation!

If he didn’t kill him, how could he calm his killing intent?

“I promise you! As long as what you say is correct, I will not cut you into pieces!” He emphasized the last four words!

From this, one could see the hatred in Xia qingchen’s heart!

Su Xin sighed slightly. Xia qingchen was still too soft-hearted. How could she let a person like Wuhua go?

“And her! You’re not allowed to let her make a move.” No flower said.

Xia qingchen could choose not to kill him, but suxin could.

“Don’t worry, she won’t do anything.” Xia qingchen spoke.

Finally, no flower was relieved. He frowned and said, ” I heard from di guiyi that twenty years ago, the gate of hell opened and wiped out half of the experts in the cool realm, causing a great disaster.

“And what caused all this slaughter was the palm of a fiendgod! After that, the demonic palm was suppressed and taken away by a mysterious expert. There were ten drops of suspected divine blood left at the scene, and they were taken away by Prince Liang. Since then, their whereabouts have been unknown.”

Unknown whereabouts? You call this information?

however, one drop of it was placed in the military Palace. In twenty years, it was diluted into a blood spring and provided to those who had contributed. Perhaps it could melt the magic crystal.

Xia qingchen’s brows relaxed. Given how powerful divine blood was, even if it was just a diluted liquid, it would still be able to melt the demonic crystal.

However, compared to the divine blood of the origin, the effect of dilution would be much weaker. It would only increase the melting time.

“That’s all I have to say.” No flower stepped back. I’m sorry for what happened to the White Lotus saintess, ” he said. please save her.

alright. Xia qingchen nodded. go!

No flower heaved a sigh of relief. Xia qingchen had indeed kept his promise!

However, he wasn’t grateful at all. Instead, he felt cold.”I didn’t know you were so loyal! It seems that I was wrong.”

instead of taking revenge on you, I might as well kill your family and friends. It’s easy and can make you suffer!

He thought to himself and quickly came up with a series of plans.

Xia qingchen, Oh Xia qingchen. You will regret your pedantic behavior today for the rest of your life. No flower grinned and thought.

However, just as Xia qingchen said the words ‘go’. ..

The short sword in his hand suddenly flew into the air and cut across no flower’s neck.

A head with a smile flew up.

His smile faded, and his eyes were filled with confusion and puzzlement. Xia qingchen had clearly sworn that he would let him off!

The broken Sword didn’t stop there. It slashed four times in a row.

No flower had been cut into nine pieces.

Xia qingchen retracted his Broken Sword and said indifferently, ” I didn’t cut you into eight pieces, but nine!

The broken Sword trembled, and the tainted blood flew out. Xia qingchen took the White Lotus saintess ‘demonic crystal and returned to Xiahou divine gate.

Looking at the White Lotus saintess ‘current state, Xia Yuan clenched his fists after learning the sequence of events. He was incomparably furious. “Why is Yu clan still not willing to let us go!”

Even though the life and death agreement had ended, the Yu clan was still like a vengeful spirit that had been entangled till now, even implicating the innocent White Lotus saintess.

Xia qingchen’s expression was calm. it’s just the last revelry before the death of an ant! he replied.

He took out an identity token from the star cloud sacred land, and the words ‘Xia qingchen’ were engraved on it.

“Suxin, the divine Hall has been destroyed and you have betrayed di guiyi. From now on, follow me!” Xia qingchen spoke.

On the way back, su Xin already knew the details of the divine Hall. Hearing this, she only sighed and did not blame him, the Shen temple is a mess. I’ve been worried about whether I’ll be punished by God.

I didn’t expect it to be destroyed in your hands. It’s half fulfilled!

Xia qingchen calmly smiled. In truth, her words were completely true. The shrine had indeed suffered divine punishment from godking dustless!

He handed the token to su Xin. take it. From today onwards, you will follow me!

If someone else had said this, su Xin would have only scoffed at it. No matter how homeless she was, she was still a peak major astral figure who could change the weather by hiding in the sky moon Ridge.

Which of the Saint sovereigns wouldn’t be scared witless?

Which of the four great aristocratic families wouldn’t be shocked?

However, she had no way to reject Xia qingchen’s words. Xia qingchen was the one who had picked up her life.

“Alright,” he said. Su Xin smiled helplessly.

Xia qingchen spoke calmly. take my command token and go to the five treasures Hall. You’ll know that following me isn’t a wrong decision.

Five treasures Hall?

Su Xin was incomparably shocked. The five treasures Hall was a new power that had experienced a surge in strength. It had accumulated a great wealth by selling all kinds of secret medicines and had gathered experts from all over the world.

The divine Hall had always been paying attention. The hall master had expressed his concerns several times and conservatively estimated that the five treasures Hall was secretly recruiting troops and their power was likely to exceed the four great families combined.

“Give this letter to the five heads of the five treasures Hall. They know what to do.” Xia qingchen spoke.

Su Xin didn’t understand what he meant. Although Xia qingchen’s reputation was great now, it was very unrealistic for him to command the head of the five treasures Hall, right?

“Oh, I’ll go now?” Su Xin kept the letter.

“As soon as possible!” Xia qingchen replied.

“If they give you anything, just accept it, don’t stand on ceremony,” he added after a pause.

Su Xin had a confused look on her face. What could the other party give her for a Messenger job?

It’s just a little tea fee, right?

Who cares!

After she left, Xia qingchen glanced at Xia Yuan and Xia Jie, feeling uneasy. “Father, aunt, please come with me to the Liang Prince’s residence.”

The Yu clan’s power was so great that they could even control the divine Hall of sky moon Ridge.

If the other party had the intention to harm Xia Yuan and Xia Jie, there was no power in the sky moon Ridge that could stop them.

It might be safer to keep it with him.

“Young master Xia, why don’t I bring them back to the princess” residence? No matter how powerful Yu Hualong is, it’s impossible for him to break into the princess’s mansion to ask for her, right?” The middle-aged woman suggested.

She already knew that Xia qingchen was preparing to head to the military Palace, one of the ten palaces, and not the princess ‘Hall of extraordinary people.

“If young master Xia gets what he wants, it won’t be too late for him to return.” The middle-aged woman’s purpose for doing this was very simple. She wanted to tie Xia qingchen to the princess ‘side.

To speak the truth, Xia qingchen wasn’t too willing to get too close to Princess yanyu.

The matter of the heaven flame infant was a hidden danger.

However, currently speaking, she was the only one who could protect Xia Yuan and Xia Jie without any mishaps.

“Sure. Also, tell Princess yanyu that if my father and aunt are unharmed, I’ll give her a surprise.” Xia qingchen spoke with a deeper meaning.

The middle-aged woman’s frost poison was most likely from that Princess yanyu.

It was far more effective than the heavenly fire baby, and it could offset everything.

“Good!” The middle-aged woman nodded. After thinking for a moment, she took out a letter and hesitantly said, “”The status of the ten palaces of the cool realm is transcendent, and the princess’s son can’t control them at all.”

“Even the princess herself may not be able to interfere. So, you have to rely on yourself to get the qualification to the blood spring! What I can do is to help you write a letter of recommendation, which will allow you to enter the military Palace smoothly.”

“But the princess and I couldn’t do anything after that.”

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Xia qingchen took the letter of recommendation. this letter has already saved me a lot of trouble. Many thanks!

The Prince of Liang had too many sons. If his sons were allowed to control the ten palaces, the Prince of Liang’s rule would have long since been in chaos.

Thus, the Prince of Liang forbade his descendants from interfering with the ten palaces.

Xia qingchen knew their difficulties and didn’t ask for too much. On the contrary, he felt grateful.

also, the forces in the military Palace are complicated, and there are Yu Hualong’s men among them. You must be careful. The middle-aged woman said as she summoned a huge bird.

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Chapter 643