Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 642 – Get down (1)

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Chapter 642: Get down (1)

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Xia qingchen had always liked to grant people their wishes. He leaped down from the back of the West Ridge great demon and landed steadily on the deck.

Without waiting for Wuhua to say anything, Xia qingchen lifted the meat worm up with an expressionless face.

The flesh worm knew it was time to get to work without the need to pinch her. She let out a weak scream.

The two old men who were at the middle stage of the little moon realm held their heads and screamed in pain.

The flesh worm’s spiritual attack was not unlimited. It consumed a lot of energy each time it used it.

Therefore, he couldn’t kill them in one blow.

However, it did not matter!

Xia qingchen pulled out his Broken Sword and slashed it horizontally. Two heads flew up into the sky and then rolled to the ground at no flower’s feet.

No flower couldn’t help but shiver. He couldn’t believe it. Two powerful elders had been killed in an instant?

Xia qingchen had come down!

But how could he be happy?

Xia qingchen walked over with a sword in his hand, his expression as cold as ice. “You’re saying that you killed my wife? And she was trying to save you?”

He could imagine the despair in the White Lotus saintess ‘heart when she was betrayed by the person who had helped her.

He could imagine the White Lotus saintess’s determination to protect his innocence even at the cost of her own life.

A sharp pain spread from the bottom of his heart.

The White Lotus saintess had treated him as her husband, but had he ever truly treated her as his wife?

That day, he knew that the White Lotus saintess was depressed. Why didn’t he ask her to stay?

So much so that he met with an accident?

So much so that the words ” come back soon ” became the last farewell between them?

“I’m speaking nonsense!” No flower stepped back in fear.


With a loud sound, the cabin of the ship suddenly flew up into the air!

Surprised, no flower jumped up.

On the other hand, there was only one frame left on the ship, and it immediately sank!

It turned out that this ship was a Nirvana weapon unique to Yu Hualong’s family.

It could disguise itself as a ship, and at critical moments, it could eject the cabin to seek a way out.

No flower laughed, “”Xia qingchen! I’m the one who killed your wife. Come on, kill me!”

With this Nirvana artifact, so what if the great demons of West Ridge helped?

They couldn’t catch up to them at all!

Just as he was laughing!

Suddenly, someone appeared behind no flower and kicked him. “Get down!”

No flower was caught off guard. He screamed as he was kicked out of the cabin. He fell on the frame!

The one who kicked him was holding a cluster of crystals. The moment the cabin bounced off, he jumped down.

She was no one else but su Xin!

Although he was in the cabin, he could hear everything that was going on in the outside world very clearly. When he learned that the person he was looking after was actually Xia qingchen’s wife, he was extremely shocked.

Then, he heard the sequence of events and was extremely furious. He was actually helping the evildoer!

Furthermore, it would be disadvantageous to Xia qingchen, who had done him a favor!

Therefore, she made a prompt decision and escaped with the White Lotus saintess.

“You’re looking for death!” In the cabin, di guiyi was furious. He activated the cabin’s mechanism.

A sharp blade suddenly shot out, instantly piercing towards su Xin’s back.

At this moment, su Xin was in the process of falling and had no place to borrow strength from, so she had no way of dodging!


At that moment, a flying sword suddenly arrived and deflected the sharp blade.

At the same time, the flying sword’s momentum didn’t slow down and it suddenly stabbed toward the cabin.

The broken sword’s sharp edge was unparalleled in the world. It pierced through the cabin easily and brushed past di guiyi’s face.

Di guiyi touched his cheek, there was a trace of blood!

His eyes were gloomy as he said in a low voice,”Xia!” Light! Dust! Don’t step out of the sky moon Ridge for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you will die without an intact corpse!”

In the skymoon Ridge, Xia qingchen had the support of countless experts. It wouldn’t be easy to kill him.

However, after leaving the sky moon Ridge, the power of the Yu clan would make Xia qingchen feel despair!

Xia qingchen’s reply was a calm and cold voice. “One year later, we will pay a visit and annihilate the Yu clan.”

He didn’t make any bold and heroic words, much less impassioned.

He was just informing them.

He was informed that a year later, he, Xia qingchen, would pay a visit to exterminate Yu Hualong’s bloodline.

The heart of the great demon from West Ridge trembled. For some reason, when it looked at Xia qingchen’s young body, it felt as though it was facing a Supreme King.

In fact, he even firmly believed in it.

A year later, Xia qingchen would really annihilate Yu Hualong’s bloodline!

Unfortunately, the cabin was already far away. Di guiyi could feel that he and his family were already labeled as dead.

He regained his calm expression and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. “Forget it. She will be mine sooner or later. No one can take her away.”

Xia qingchen’s heart was concerned about the White Lotus saintess, and he didn’t have the time to pursue her.

Looking at the magical crystal in su Xin’s arms, his pained heart immediately eased a lot, and he even showed a rare smile of joy.”That’s great!”

How could he not see that the White Lotus saintess was not dead?

He had only fallen into a sealed state of suspended animation.

“I can’t believe that the seven heaven-defying magic techniques still exist in the human world! Demon master boundless, should I thank you or blame you?” Xia qingchen murmured.

Demon master boundless was the peerless demon god he had killed in the past.

A peak ancient God who had intimidated everyone for countless years.

He had created a secret technique that shocked the world-the heaven-defying seven magic techniques!

After cultivation, seven times of demonic possession and seven times of demonic emergence would allow one to achieve a Supreme demonic body and become the demonic master who ruled the world.

However, every time he joined the devil, he had a slim chance of survival.

Since ancient times, the only person who could last seven times was demon master boundless.

Unexpectedly, even though he had died, the heaven-defying seven magic techniques had spread to the mortal world and were cultivated by the White Lotus saintess.

Without this technique, the White Lotus saintess would have died long ago.

However, it was precisely because of this technique that the White Lotus saintess would not live long.

Once this technique was learned, it could no longer be stopped, or else one would die from the demonic power flooding into their body.

he really has cultivated a troublesome secret technique. Xia qingchen furrowed his brows.

Su Xin sent him into Xia qingchen’s arms and said with concern, “”Can your wife be saved?”

“Yes, but it’s a little troublesome.” Xia qingchen narrowed his eyes. I need some things. I’m sure you won’t be able to find them in the heavenly moon Ridge. In fact, you might not even be able to find them in the cool realm.

“What is it?” su Xin was surprised.

The cool realm was vast and could be said to have everything.

“I want … God’s blood.” Xia qingchen spoke.

The magic crystal of the heaven-defying seven magic techniques can only be melted by divine blood.

However, God’s blood was extremely rare.

How could it exist in the mortal world?

Suxin’s expression turned unsightly. I’ve read about the divine Hall before. Gods don’t fall to the mortal world. After they die, their bodies will return to the nine Heavens. It’s impossible for the mortal world to find God’s blood.

Su Xin looked at Xia qingchen cautiously, sighing silently in her heart.

Nothing in the world was more tragic than watching your wife die in front of you.

the White Lotus saintess is such a righteous and just woman. It’s rare in the world. Why would someone be so cruel to harm her? ” Su Xin said with hatred.

She had also heard of the rumors about the White Lotus saintess.

It was said that she was one of the few chivalrous women who dedicated herself to upholding justice, and was not inferior to men.

Unexpectedly, she was framed.

Xia qingchen felt a piercing pain in his heart, and his gaze turned to the other side of the ship frame.

No flower was diving into the water, ready to run.

Xia qingchen didn’t hesitate. He raised his hand and beckoned, pulling it back.

“Young master Xia!” No flower knelt down and said, “”I was blinded by greed. It was a mistake. Please forgive me, young master Xia!”

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Xia qingchen was expressionless, but his voice was low. “If I forgive you, who will forgive my Senior Sister?”


The broken Sword pointed at no flower’s forehead.

At the critical moment, he said in a panic,”wait!” I know where to find God’s blood! On the way here, di guiyi had said it!”

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Chapter 642