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Chapter 1325: Departure

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Then, he saw that the soldiers of the Titan Gods’ vassal races were getting weaker and weaker. Some soldiers had even begun to give up on fighting and retreat to the side to surrender.

As for the tens of billions of Titan God Race soldiers, they had no intention of surrendering at all and were still fighting with all their might.

When Zhou Fight saw this, even “He”, who was an enemy, could not help but praise “Him” in his heart.

These Titan God Race soldiers were indeed good soldiers!

At the same time, Terrence and the other six Master God-Tiers did not stay idle after Dis died. They immediately rushed towards the other eight enemy Master God-Tiers.

The first target they chose was the Master God of the Divine Wings Race, a subsidiary race of the Titan God Race-Six Heavenly Mystic Wings Master Gods!

When this Master God-Tier of the people of foreign races saw Terrence actually charging towards him, he was immediately terrified.

“He” was just a Master God-Tier Elementary Grade God Spirit. Among those of the same level, “His” combat strength was even inferior to the Titan God Race’s Master God-Tier Elementary Grade.

How could he defeat this Master God-Tier, Your Excellency Terrence, who killed Master Gods like they were dogs?!

“Your Excellency, I surrender!”

God Lord Six Heavenly Mysterious Wings hurriedly begged for mercy.

“In the name of the supreme will, join the Blazing Sun Empire and become the Worshiped Master God of the Blazing Sun Empire!”

War Master God Terrence stopped and said calmly to “Him”.

God Lord Six Heavenly Mysterious Wings immediately followed the War Master God’s instructions.

After “He” finished speaking, the expression on Terrence’s face eased a little. Then, he said solemnly,

Come with us to deal with the other Master God-Tier!”

“Yes, Your Excellency!”

God Lord Six Heavenly Mysterious Wings did not resist this matter.

After all, the Master God-Tier of the Titan God Race was no longer capable of dealing with the Master God-Tier of the Blazing Sun Empire.

There was only one possibility of “He” winning if “He” fought with Terrence and the others.

“He” just had to be careful in the next battle and not accidentally die.

Then, the six Heavenly Mystic Wings God Lords followed Terrence and the others to deal with the other Master God-Tiers.

The first person they chose was Overlord Sacrifice To God, the Deputy Patriarch of the Titan God Race.

“Sacrifice Gauntlet.”

Terrence said, “You can’t win against us. Surrender.”

“I’ve seen your combat heroism. Your potential is not bad. You might be able to become a Supreme God Realm expert in the future.”

“Follow us.”

“The Titan God Race might create unprecedented glory under the lead of the Common People’s Regal.”

“It would be a pity if you died at our hands.”

Overlord Sacrifice To God looked at them and said after a long time, “The Titan God Race only has Master God-Tier who died in battle. No Master Gods surrendered!”

With that, “He” immediately held his Master God-Tier Elementary Grade divine artifact and charged at the War Master God.

“You guys go deal with the other Master Gods.”

“Leave it to me.”

Terrence said to Tritis and the other Master God-Tiers before fighting Overlord Sacrifice To God.

Tritis and the others did not say anything and went to look for the other Master God-Tiers.

By killing a Master God-Tier, they could use “His” corpse to exchange for a Master God divine artifact that they needed from Zhou Zhou. They naturally did not forget this matter.

Now was the best time to obtain the Master God-Tier Divine Artifact!

A moment later…

Terrence held the Yellow Gold-Tier dual axes and quietly looked at the corpse of Overlord Sacrifice To God in front of him.

“He” raised his hand and saw a Yellow Gold-Tier array appear in “His” hand. Then, this Yellow Gold-Tier array covered Overlord Sacrifice To God’s corpse. Under the cover of the Yellow Gold-Tier Array, the Overlord Sacrifice To God’s corpse emitted an increasingly dazzling Yellow Gold-Tier light.

A moment later…

The Overlord Sacrifice To God’s entire corpse turned golden, looking like a Yellow Gold-Tier statue.

Immediately after, Overlord Sacrifice To God’s fingers moved slightly. Then, “He” slowly opened a pair of Yellow Gold-Tier eyes.

“He” suddenly stood up and respectfully said to Terrence,

“Greetings, Your Excellency.”

“From now on, you are the 15th Divine Kingdom soldier type-Yellow Gold Divine General under me!” Terrence said indifferently.

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Overlord Sacrifice To God said calmly.

Terrence said in satisfaction.

“He” was quite happy.

On this trip, “Hr” actually encountered such a seedling suitable to transform into his Divine Kingdom soldier type.

“He” had another general under “Him”!

Even though “He” would miss a Master God-Tier Divine Artifact like this, it didn’t matter.

Then, “He” immediately went to find other hostile Master God-Tiers to fight. Zhou Win was not idle either.

Seeing that there was no great enemy on the battlefield that could threaten him, “He” simply used “King” and directly borrowed the power of the Blood Moon Son, Kidotali, and the six Heavenly Mysterious Wings Divine Lords.

The power of these three Master God-Tier Elementary Grade God Spirits enhanced his body. Coupled with the power of the other Subjects, Zhou Win’s strength instantly broke through the Master God-Tier Elementary Grade and reached Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade.

In addition, “He” was currently equipped with a Master God-Tier Divine Artifact. Even if it was an ordinary Master God-Tier Advance Grade expert, Zhou Win felt that he had the confidence to win!

As for the 10 Master God-Tiers, if he did not use his trump cards at the Supreme God Realm, Zhou Win was confident that he could exchange a few moves with them now!

Sensing his confidence, a smile appeared on Zhou Win’s face.

Then, “He” swept his gaze around and quickly saw a Titan Master God-Tier who was a Master God-Tier Advance Grade. He immediately turned into a nine-colored stream of light and flew over to fight the other party.

In less than a moment, Zhou Win killed the other party.

As for “He” himself, he was unharmed.

At this moment, Terrence and the other Master God-Tiers looked at Zhou Win in unison. Sensing the Divine Spirit level on him, as well as the faint sense of threat, Terrence and the other Master God-Tiers did not say anything on the surface, but they were actually shocked.

“Our future emperor really hid it well.”

Terrence’s eyes were filled with deep meaning.

Who would have thought that the God Spirit in front of him who emitted the aura of a God-Tier Intermediate Grade was actually not even a True God-Tier and was only a High-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade God Spirit?

A Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade faction, in addition to the Master God-Tier treasures and Supreme God Realm treasures that “He” had auctioned at the mysterious auction.

At this moment, even Terrence, who was publicly acknowledged as the leader of the 10 Master God-Tiers, had to admit that he did not have 100% confidence in defeating this Common People’s Regal.

There was even a high chance of defeat.

However, Terrence did not mind at all. He was even very happy.

It was better to be strong!

In this world, only by being powerful could one have the value of being followed!

“Common People’s Regal.”

“I approve of you.”

Terrence said to Zhou Win in his heart before going to fight the other hostile Master God-Tiers.

Half an hour later, four of the remaining six Master Gods had died, leaving only two Master Gods of the people of foreign races. They could not defeat them or escape. In the end, they could only choose to surrender.

Terrence and the other Master Gods brought these surrendered Master Gods and their corpses to Zhou Win.

“Your Excellency Regal.”

“The rules haven’t changed, have they?”

Terrence smiled faintly.

“Of course it hasn’t changed.”

“A Master God-Tier corpse for a Master God Divine Artifact.”

Zhou Win smiled.

Terrence and the other Master God-Tier’s eyes lit up, and they immediately took out their spoils of war.

Terrence, Totberth, Zero, and Tritis each took out a Master God-Tier corpse to trade. As for the Blood Moon Son and Kidotali, they regrettably did not obtain any corpses.

There was nothing the two of them could do.

Who asked Terrence and the others to be too strong?

The battle ended before they could attack.

Zhou Win saw the four Master God-Tier corpses, he did not delay and directly took out four Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts that were suitable for them and handed them to them after all.

After obtaining the Master God-Tier Divine Artifact, the smiles on Terrence and the others’ faces increased.

“We’ve already helped you deal with a threat at the Master God-Tier level.”

“We shouldn’t be needed for the rest.”

“We’re leaving.” Terrence said.

“Thank you, everyone.”

Zhou Win nodded.

“This is a contract. There’s no need to stand on the ceremony, Your Excellency.”

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Tritis smiled faintly and left with Terrence and the others.

“Your Excellency.”

Before Terrence left, he suddenly turned to look at Zhou Win. “When can you establish the Blazing Sun Divine Kingdom?”

“Soon.” A smile appeared on Zhou Win’s face.

Terrence received the answer “He” wanted and left with a laugh. When Tritis and the other Master Gods heard that, they also looked at Zhou Win with smiles and left one after another..

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Chapter 1325