Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback Chapter 694 – The Bargaining Chip

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Chapter 694: The Bargaining Chip

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Even after ending the call, Yuan Silei was left with lingering trepidation.

The resentment she harbored before the phone call had now transformed into sheer panic. She hadn’t anticipated the ruthlessness of the other party, using the lives of her entire family as leverage.

She had no doubt that the other party was capable of such actions. The drugs they provided were evidence enough that they were no ordinary individuals.

If they could procure such potent substances, taking the lives of her family would be a simple task for them. Just a bit of poison from the other party, and her entire family would perish silently.

Her foremost concern now was the possibility that the other party knew she had disclosed everything to Ye Lengan. If that were the case, her family would be genuinely at risk. The other party wouldn’t spare them, and it wouldn’t merely result in the bankruptcy of their family enterprise; it might cost them their lives.

Absolutely not. She couldn’t let that woman find out that she had already confided everything to Ye Leng’an.

It seemed that she could no longer procrastinate. Tomorrow, she would seek out Ye Lengan. Firstly, she must ensure that Ye Lengan didn’t reveal the information she shared with that mysterious woman. Secondly, with her current ailment, only Ye Lengan could offer any assistance.

Therefore, regardless of the probable futility of this trip, she had to undertake it – for her family and for herself.

Even though she was well aware that this visit might only result in humiliation, having knelt before Ye Lengan last time without any effect, she anticipated a similar outcome this time.

Nevertheless, even in the face of potential failure, she had to proceed – for her family and, above all, for herself.

That night, Ye Leng’an expected difficulty falling asleep. Surprisingly, after getting into bed, she quickly slipped into a dreamless sleep, undisturbed until morning.

Upon waking up the next day, a sweet smile adorned her face. Glancing at the ring on her left index finger, a warm sensation filled her heart.

However, good moods were fragile.

As she descended the stairs after getting out of bed, Sister Li informed her that someone had come looking for her – the girl who visited her house two days ago.

Upon the girl’s arrival, Sister Li informed her that Ye Lengan was still sleeping and suggested she leave and return later. However, the girl insisted on waiting inside, and since she dared not grant unauthorized permission, she stood waiting at the doorstep.

Upon hearing Sister Li’s report, Ye Lengan surmised that the visitor was Yuan Silei. She furrowed her brows, uncertain why Yuan Silei sought her at this hour.

After all, they had only met two days ago, engaging in a particularly unpleasant altercation.

After some contemplation, Ye Lengan instructed, “Let her in!”

In no time, Sister Li led Yuan Silei into the living room.

Upon entering, Yuan Silei saw Ye Lengan reclining lazily on the sofa, radiating good health. Her already stunning face gained an extra touch of liveliness, presenting an overall vibrant appearance.

In contrast, Yuan Silei, originally possessing delicate features, now looked particularly worn out. Recent events had left her unable to savor meals and deprived of sleep, rendering her appearance several years older.

Observing Ye Leng’an’s flourishing state, Yuan Silei couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

“You better control your emotions.” Ye Leng’an’s indifferent voice echoed. “I know you envy me, but at least restrain your expression. It’s annoying to look at.”

“Lengan, what are you talking about?” Yuan Silei’s smile froze upon hearing this. “Why would I envy you? Although we can’t be considered friends now, I am genuinely happy to see you doing well.”

“Save the formalities,” Ye Lengan, unlike Yuan Silei, spoke directly. “Why don’t you directly state your purpose for coming today? No need to beat around the bush; I don’t have that much time.’

“l didn’t…

“Yuan Silei, no need to act here,” Ye Leng’an cut off Yuan Sile. “You caused a scene here just two days ago. It’s a short time, and you’re still young. You shouldn’t be so foolish as to forget what happened that day, right?”

Yuan Silei felt instantly awkward at the revelation.

Observing this, Sister Li promptly turned and left

In this situation, as a mere servant, her presence would be inappropriate. She understood her place and promptly withdrew.

Faced with Yuan Silei’s awkwardness, Ye Lengan had no intention of offering her a seat or resolving the discomfort. In fact, she had no intention of easing the tension. ‘Yuan Silei, to be blunt, if you have something to say, say it quickly. Otherwise, leave my house. I don’t have time to waste on idle chatter with you.”

If possible, Yuan Silei truly wished to turn around and leave immediately, sparing herself further humiliation. However, as she lifted her foot, she found herself unable to turn away.

It wasn’t that she lacked the will to stand her ground; the current circumstances simply left her powerless to do so.

After a considerable pause, she spoke again, “I’ve already undergone a medical examination, but all the doctors said my uterine damage is too severe, beyond any hope of recovery. Lengan, you’re my only hope for salvation now.”

“Hold on.” Ye Lengan felt exasperated. “I’ve said it before; 1 won’t help you. So, please leave! ”

Taking a deep breath, Yuan Silei raised her head and looked at Ye Lengan. “1 remember. However, Ye Leng’an, we can make a deal. What do you want for curing me? I’m willing to pay any price.”

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Since Ye Lengan wasn’t willing to assist her outright, they could engage in a fair transaction.

Hearing Yuan Silei’s confident words, Ye Lengan found it amusing. “Do you think there’s anything about you that I desire? You don’t even have any bargaining chips. What right do you have to negotiate with me?”

Furious, Yuan Silei held her ground. “It’s about Ye Xiyuan. As long as you’re willing to help me cure my illness, I’m willing to be the weapon in your hands, assisting you in dealing with Ye Xiyuan.’

This was the only bargaining chip she could think of that might sway Ye


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Chapter 694